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  1. A steed for the weekend's shoot in the shape of a pannier. A wartime, 1944 build and in GWR black 4679 was at Laira at this time. Thanks to @BenL for helping me narrow down a criteria choice for renumbering here. Another work of art in weathering from @toboldlygo More anon.
  2. Also finished is this SR built van painted in GW grey [Railmatch ] , transfers and weathering as before. This is the Dapol unpainted body married to the Peco/Parkside chassis inspired by a similar build by @46444.
  3. A few months back I completed the build and painting [Railmatch LMS enamel] of the Five79 kit of the LMS Long Low wagon. Here it is after transfers and weathering by @toboldlygoof this parish. The load will be fitted over the weekend.
  4. Hall class 5998 Trevor Hall and still in wartime black, does the honours on an up parcels service featuring the Hornby GBL. Now Hornby/ Bachmann et al can we have a GWR vehicle to this standard please.
  5. A lovely model and here's a nice comparison with their LNER full brake in my inter-regional parcels. Does anyone do the paper corridor connectors for these two models.
  6. It's great to see the preserved railways open again after restrictions. Here we see an unusual visitor to the P & D line in the shape of a S160 class Omaha 2253 leaving Goodrington. What a beast.
  7. Mother of God !

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      and the wee donkey.

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      Must be scary if we're getting to hear about him!

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  8. Having been turned and had the luggage van removed we do indeed see 1848 on the up return journey.
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