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  1. I hope you don't mind me tweaking your photo Chris, as mine hasn't arrived yet and I wanted to see the cab detail better, so I gave it some light.
  2. Was going to suggest Railmatch roof grey but their aerosols are prone to clogging after initial use. Doing them all in one visit might work. Humbrol tank grey might be an option if you want the spray to work properly.
  3. Did he now then, well when you've finished with them you know where to shout.
  4. Have a look at the BlackSquare decals site as I had some for a Royal Mail van myself. He does bespoke ones too if you have an image of your requirements. https://blacksquaredecals.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=royal mail
  5. Also getting there is their LMS long low wagon, now painted in Railmatch LMS grey. The floor was done in my usual way using Lifecolor and AK products.
  6. I'd better sort some stock out for 1957 sets and shewn before but apt as the kit has recently been re-released by Five 79 https://five79.co.uk/RC416/. Built and painted my yours truly but weathered by @mattingleycustom a few years ago now. Not too bad to a blind man on a galloping horse, it will look great running with my Hornby subs.
  7. Perfect for Canute Road Quay.
  8. As of 17.30 pm my Rail's order from November 2019 has been put from pending to in progress and payment taken if this is of any help.
  9. Dated photos on the Colour Rail website help too. https://colourrail.co.uk/gallery/steam
  10. Which one will take centre stage in The First Class Pannier Lounge.
  11. The Bachmann 94xx has arrived in the country, stand by for action in the First Class Pannier Lounge.
  12. Yes but which bauxite. The Dapol body used is a BR model [ diagonal bracing] and wasn't spotted till now I've painted it.
  13. I've had an email from Harry at H & A Models with a heads up on the supply of Alan Gibson wagon wheels. I'm sure other suppliers have them but I've had excellent service from these particularly during lockdown and will wait. We have been in contact with Colin from Alan Gibson and he tells us that he & his wife contracted Covid the week before Christmas & although they had a relatively mild experience, it still laid them low & he is not up to full speed as yet. Colin has told us that he plans to to catch up on retail orders over the next 4-6 weeks. Based on this in
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