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  1. You're all quite lucky as this train has a very rare beast in a choc/cream BG. According to coach guru @chrisf BR only had a handful of these so seeing one here is a novelty. A nice contrast to the crimson/maroon and green on the other vehicles. More anon.
  2. Seen before we have a Hornby full brake Hawksworth and a Bachmann BG mark one. Although the pipe coupling is a great idea on paper, it's a faff to fit them to several vehicles as you have to turn them upside down to fit them. Kadee 19's are now my preferred option.
  3. I fought the law and the law won.

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    2. Tim Dubya

      Tim Dubya

      did you need money but had none?

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      Is the jury still out on this or would you like a re-trial by the RMweb Parish Court ?

    4. ruggedpeak


      "I am the law"

  4. A heads up from @alanbuttler to say he has plans to speak to the guys at Didcot to do a bespoke crew for 18000 on similar lines to what he's done for the Heljan railcar.
  5. Knowing how discerning you are Tim may I suggest you having a look at this range as they look rather nice. Etched Cast Signs.pdf
  6. My two pennies suggests that Rail's should have made more of the need for generous curves from the outset but would that have hindered sales I wonder. Mine runs superbly over all of the layout, haulage is great too and is probably the best gas turbine I've ever owned.
  7. It's the summer of '57 as Western Region gas turbine 18000 heads west with the Royal Duchy.
  8. One for @Ian Hargrave who currently has health problems but I know he likes a sepia photo.
  9. Front detail now added although no lamps as yet , here we see 18000 on the down Royal Duchy. More anon.
  10. Had mine running this morning on the down Royal Duchy. I too found the holes tight, probably paint, but when cleared with a small drill in a pin chuck they fitted ok. Will fit the steps after more running in.
  11. Very nice too @bubbles2 can you tell us the source of your figures please.
  12. A sneak preview of the stead for the weekend's shoot [Royal Duchy] . Relief all round as it was happy with the curves on the down line
  13. You still get the pop up video with gold membership. At least I do.
  14. Thanks @TrevorP1 and if it goes t*t's up I can always run a proper Castle instead. Your running on tighter curves has cheered me up though.
  15. Thanks Graham and made easier with the quality of scenic products available to the modeller these days.
  16. I had planned to run my Mk 1s with something else but that didn't materialise so Castle class 5049 Earl of Plymouth does the honours instead.
  17. There hangs a tale as Minnie was last seen sitting on a luggage trolley reading what could have been some timetables. Plenty of luggage but is it hers or George Rouncewell's sat there all innocently with his hands in his pockets. The airman also has a story or two having flown Typhoon's from Salcombe airfield during the war.
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