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  1. gwrrob
    The floor of the warflat is just enticing for a weathering and using my previous experience on the TMC double bolsters I set to tackle this in a similar way albeit longer.I'm a big fan of Lifecolor acrylics [weathered wood set] and used them here. I painted the base colour with a normal round brush but the dry-brushing was done with two different size shader type.
    Two coats of 713 warm dark shade were applied. Followed by dry-brushing 714 wood warm base all over the deck. Then I used 716 wood warm light, 717 wood cool base and 718 wood cool light shade in different amounts to taste applied with the small shader type brush. The photos below shew it stage by stage.Keep doing it till you get the effect you want.
    A friend will be giving it a blow over with his airbrush which will blend everything in before I think about adding a load for them.

  2. gwrrob
    I was really taken with the work of this forum member and he kindly painted a couple of figures for my down station building. I thought a couple of Dart Casting WAAFs might fit the bill standing looking out of the large windows of the waiting room.MLV23 were used and Rob changed one slightly to make it different as I didn't want identical twins.Inspired by Maggie Garvey she waits with here comrade for the train to Plymouth.Putting them on bases makes the fitting to the floor easier.The building although painted by me was built by David Amias.Whilst it's off the layout various castings like ticket machines and fire buckets can be added.




  3. gwrrob
    Its been absolutely ages since I posted anything on my blog so I thought I'd add one with Christmas approaching.Minnie and Flora are both lost for words with this unexpected visitor to the down platform at Brent.

    I better put him back on the tree before swmbo notices he's gone.Happy Christmas.
  4. gwrrob
    It's been a while since I added anything to my blog.So here we find where the 'infamous' Finching sisters,Minnie and Flora reside on Station Approach,Tigley Junction.
    These row of bayed terraced houses are from the Hornby Skaledale range with much added detail and doors repainted.Quite how the postman delivers is a mystery with no door numbers. This scene was quite a straight forward project.


  5. gwrrob
    On my layout A Nod To Brent is an embankment that goes over a short arch bridge.Alongside is a farmhouse where this lady lives.Her name is Mrs Honeyman.She's a bit of a village gossip and knows all the ins and outs of the South Hams.A bit well to do if you ask me.A keen gardener and is carrying a trug.Many years ago,she shared a love interest over the same man with Minnie Finching.They've hardly spoke since.The man was an old railwayman who joined the Midland at Bristol.

    A Dart Castings figure.

  6. gwrrob
    Another figure to be found in the village is this guy.Another unnamed casting from Dart MSV5 which they call a railway worker but I've made him into a painter and decorator for this scene.I've used Hornby's Skaledale's terraced houses and here's a garage behind him.Repainted to give some individuality to the products.The pavement is from Metcalfe card kits.


  7. gwrrob
    Modellers today are spoiled for choice with various buildings either rtp like Skaledale or card kits from several suppliers.Another cottage supplier are Townstreet.Here I've used their corner shop on the end of a row of terrace houses.The kit is plaster castings that glue together using pva .The fun bit is the painting where one can really go to town.I've fitted an interior using castings from Langley models grocers shop.The window castings come with the kit.Tiny Signs adverts adorn the outside.Not a cheap project but very satisfying none the less.
    Here we see George and Mary Rouncewell out shopping but George is more interested in his racing paper than Joseph Aulds wares.


  8. gwrrob
    I recently stumbled across an unused figure of mine that was stored away in a parts box that we all have somewhere.
    I'm pretty sure he came from Aidan's range http://www.aidan-campbell.co.uk/76catalogue.htm#Mid%2020th%20century%20Civilians number 008
    He's sitting here with his new best friends but needs a name.Can anyone help.I might suggest he's not short of a bob or two as he seems to be reading one of the broadsheet newspapers of the day.

  9. gwrrob
    Those of you who follow my layout thread will be familiar with these two ladies who reside in South Devon.However the majority of people on here won't have a clue so let me introduce them to the wider world.
    I'm a big fan of Mikkels blog http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/user/738-mikkel/
    He uses character names from Dickens usually and I thought I would do the same.So I chose Minnie and Flora Finching.Minnie is the one with the pearl necklace and is always on the left in photos.A bit like Ant & Dec !
    As my model is set in 1947 and they are about 60 years old I reckon they were born in 1887.They have a few stories to tell and spend a lot of their time on the platforms of Brent.Both have never married but one was thought to have had a child with Augustus Snodgrass, the ganger on the branch after a wild night out at the Packhorse Inn.
    Recently they both went missing for a while.It turned out they got charmed by some cad of the Eastern persuasion who drives an A4 or some weird looking engine for the LNER.They drive on the wrong side it was said and they soon returned to Devon.

    Here they are with Zach Plunkett on their return home from Grantham.Teary eyed but relieved to back on familiar ground.

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