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  1. Mother of God !

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    2. Barry Ten

      Barry Ten

      and the wee donkey.

    3. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      Must be scary if we're getting to hear about him!

    4. woodenhead


      Mother of Dragons

  2. What's the age definition for being middle aged then.

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    2. truffy


      "When your dancing has become an embarassment to your kids."


      Hrmph! My dancing was an embarrassment to my kids years before they were even born.

    3. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      By this definition, I'm never likely to become "middle aged".


      By the way, I've never had kids. (Since I'm now in my mid 50s, I'm never likely to, either ... .)



    4. bgman


      3' 6"

  3. Great Western green, lovely jubbly.

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    2. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      A proper colour scheme for locos.


      (Some people might add that other, lesser, colour schemes were also available in certain areas of the UK.)

    3. Captain Kernow
    4. Harlequin
  4. The Hachette 1/18th scale Spitfire looks mouth watering in the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain year, What a cost to complete it though.:o

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    2. gwrrob


      120 in total but it's 100 to actually finish the model.

    3. truffy


      So 100 issues, at ca. £9.99 each. Ouch!


      That's probably related to the unnecessary gimmicks 'incredible functions' that they've added.

    4. bgman


      Go O Gauge its much more fun !

      AND....More Bang for your Pound

  5. The trailer for the new Top Gun movie being released next year looks impressive. Tom Cruise doesn't look any older.

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    2. Dr Gerbil-Fritters

      Dr Gerbil-Fritters

      No F14s though.  pffft.

    3. 57xx


      Amazing what years of plastic surgery can do.

    4. rogerzilla


      "Just let me put my bifocals on...I can't quite see the altimeter"

  6. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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    2. ian


      Or given his reputation he wants to have Kate and Edith...

    3. Boris


      Not to be confused with the worlds most famous signalman

    4. Mallard60022


      Well at least the signalman mostly knows what he is doing...……………...:swoon:


  7. That's the most realistic profile photo I've seen .

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    2. jcm@gwr

      [email protected]

      Considering that makes you 95, I think you have

      every right to look confused!

    3. Ian J.

      Ian J.

      What scale was the ModelU you printed at?

    4. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      That was a 10mm one Ian. 

  8. Nice to hear of a new model shop opening albeit with a familiar name. Kernow Models in Guildford.

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    2. bgman


      My Spit will not fire beyond the Exe I'm sorry to disappoint you and I am unable to comment upon my fellow Westcountry amigos.

      Is Guilford anywhere near Stockleigh English ?

    3. Barry Ten

      Barry Ten

      I'm quite fond of Guildford (bloody nice Thai restaurant there the last few times I've been) so this will be an extra incentive to return.

    4. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      Ah, so the news has now gone public - great stuff and a good initiative by Chris so I hope it will be a great success.  As good as the D6XX i saw running ona layout at the Basingstoke show today (only trouble was that it was blue and had headcode boxes but that apart it looked very nice indeed and ran beautifully).

  9. Flushable wet wipes. Whatever next.....

    1. Hroth


      Perhaps they'll actually disintegrate and cause less fatbergs...

    2. Rods_of_Revolution


      I want to know who's flushing all this fat down the toilet. I've never seen a block of lard bobbing in a toilet bowl.

  10. Bachmann must be praised for their latest GWR green, possibly the best shade done so far on a GWR rtr model.

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    2. gwrrob


      I'm always smiling.

    3. 46444


      Are you going to splash the cash Rob?

    4. 46444


      Whoops! Just noticed you have! :-D

  11. What have I missed then.....

    1. Hroth
    2. Mallard60022


      Andy having a breakdown...…


    3. Harlequin


      Silly rumours about HTTPS...

  12. Are iconic and legend the two most overused words in the English dictionary ?

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    2. sem34090


      All of the above. There are too many things that are allegedly 'Iconic' or 'Legendary' and certainly too many people. Mind you, I'm sometimes guilty of referring to London Transport 1938 tube stock as 'Iconic'.

    3. Kylestrome


      Awesome and cool.

    4. 60159



  13. Anyone tried the new Greggs vegan sausage roll yet.

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    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      If the shop assistants in Greggs couldn't pick up the 'sausage' rolls 'because they didn't have the right tongs', then they could have asked me and I'd have picked them up for the punters, in exchange for a nice pasty. And if they didn't have a nice pasty, as Mr Stationmaster clearly implies, then they can give me a gift voucher for Philps in Camborne instead.

    3. Tony Davis

      Tony Davis

      I will as soon as I visit Peterborough, they aren't stocking them in Wisbech nor March.

  14. Happy New Year to all who sail in the good ship RMweb.

  15. Has discovered the delightful Wingnut kits.

    1. toboldlygo


      I wonder who from ;)

  16. Happy Birthday Scrooge, 175 years old today, bah humbug.

    1. Hroth


      Its a pity he turned to the good at the end!

    2. KDG


      Gawd bless us all

    3. Tim Hall

      Tim Hall

      I've stopped buying humbugs, too expensive.

  17. An £18million pay off for being a failure, nice work if you can get it.

    1. pheaton


      he is the special one.....after all

    2. adb968008


      Where next, I bet not inthis country.

    3. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Is this another story from the obscure and mysterious world of sport?

  18. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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    2. Hroth


      We're all up the smelly creek, minus any means of propulsion...

    3. DonB


      Is this Boss#2, #3, or #4 ??

    4. Barry Ten

      Barry Ten

      Can she come up with a Bargain?

  19. Is it too early to put the sprouts on yet......

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    2. Hroth


      Dunno - I don't let them over the threshold!

    3. BoD


      Hello everyone. My name is Bod and I am an ….. er….. I mean I.... er…. I like sprouts.

    4. AndyB


      I take it you mean for Xmas 2019.

  20. I've always thought Jimmy Greaves was England's greatest goalscorer. ....

    1. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      jumpers for goal posts

    2. St Enodoc

      St Enodoc

      Quite right. And Alan Gilzean was Scotland's...

    3. KDG


      He also drove a Ford Escort Mexico

  21. Form an orderly queue, the Spice Girls have reformed and are touring. No Posh though, there's a surprise.

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    2. gwrrob


      Spice up your life Grahame.

    3. Northroader


      I’ll tell you want they want, what they really, really want..

    4. DougN


      Sorry can't go back to the end of school and first years of Uni. Let those sleeping dogs lie...

  22. Nice to see the bosses layout at the top of the page.

    1. Mallard60022


      Brownie points....................may come in handy when the thread gets a bit risky?

    2. Ryde-on-time


      It looks stunning in this months mag

  23. Snooker loopy nuts are we, Me and him and them and me.

    1. Richie Kynaston

      Richie Kynaston

      Yes remember that well! Sad news today.

    2. Liam


      Love the spoof England World Cup song that appeared on Dead Ringers myself!

    3. Horsetan


      There Ain't No Pleasin' You

  24. Anyone watching Battle of Britain Model Squadron on ch.4

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    2. KDG


      Shocking types

    3. The Fatadder

      The Fatadder

      Now set to download...

    4. No Decorum

      No Decorum

      Thank you for telling me about it. Excellent stuff.

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