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  1. It might a standard Amazon parcel with lots of packaging material in it.
  2. I'm rather hoping they have the provision to do the 93xx as well.
  3. A very rare photo of Southern Railcar No1 sat at Brent station sometime in the late 40s.
  4. The WD was popular so here she is again on a return empty parcels to Bristol West Depot. Not only does it give me a chance to shew the other side of 77294 and @toboldlygo excellent weathering, it also sees the fruit D's back in service.
  5. Plenty now in stock with H & A. https://www.hamodels.net/cambrian-models-gwr/br-herring-ballast-hopper.html Well there was when I posted this.
  6. Indeed and baffling us with bull****
  7. Much rumour and talk elsewhere of Bachmann announcing a Manor on Tuesday to steal any thunder on Dapol. Here we see 7804 Baydon Manor on an up service. Research will be needed on which one to model with any possible new version.
  8. Look out for the set produced by Lifecolor , they are excellent.
  9. That was my reading of it too and with the unprecedented year we've all having it wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  10. A long time friend and follower @The Stationmaster has posted an interesting comment about gazumping in the Bachmann announcement thread . I'm not one to gossip as you'll know but has he let slip something his usual ambiguous self wouldn't normally do.
  11. Are they bringing out more houses then Mike. Who'd be an estate agent.
  12. As it's Halloween tomorrow I thought of giving you all a trick or treat.
  13. Challenge accepted and here we see a very rare photo of a Southern railcar on a stopping service to Plymouth.
  14. Short safely valves started appearing from 1926 according to RCTS. Gibson does a brass replacement (713).
  15. Thanks for your support but it appears all the testing etc has already been carried out. They are about to go into production.
  16. Let's hope the model is better received on release shortly then. I have high hopes for it even though it's Heljan's factory doing it.
  17. 100% code 75 Paul and you won't regret it. If you really must run that old Lima stock then re-wheel by all means but the track will always look better in my opinion.
  18. What about BR crimson , I’m asking for a friend who has a fruit D.....
  19. Perhaps you could use your influence there to get me a running sample to photograph and load test before they're released.
  20. Well remembered Mark but it's not the one you're thinking of as that's still in the queue for painting. The one by the goods shed is awaiting a pair of screw link couplings. Here's the van you're thinking of. I think I read that you used panzer grey on one of your GWR vans.
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