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  1. 100% code 75 Paul and you won't regret it. If you really must run that old Lima stock then re-wheel by all means but the track will always look better in my opinion.
  2. What about BR crimson , I’m asking for a friend who has a fruit D.....
  3. Perhaps you could use your influence there to get me a running sample to photograph and load test before they're released.
  4. Well remembered Mark but it's not the one you're thinking of as that's still in the queue for painting. The one by the goods shed is awaiting a pair of screw link couplings. Here's the van you're thinking of. I think I read that you used panzer grey on one of your GWR vans.
  5. Some nice prototype photos and article on the fitting of the fire iron rack on the Bachmann WD Austerity here. http://www.hall-royd-junction.co.uk/Hall_Royd_Model/layout_39.html
  6. A few leftovers featuring WD 77294 on the van train. As someone who struggles to remember what he did yesterday a post it note or two remind me what vans I've built recently before they're finished. Does anyone else find it annoying having to use a courier to deliver tinlets of paint nowadays. The likes of Precision want an arm or leg to deliver their products.
  7. Thanks Ian , all credit to the art and yes it is art, of weathering applied by @toboldlygo. A few more as she rounds the curve.
  8. It's a filthy day outside but as promised we have a few more of 77294 on a down H class freight with an eclectic mix of vans heading to Tavistock Junction. Although the model dates back twenty years the wealth of detail is superb and has the usual weightiness of a Bachmann model, akin to my 9F workhorse. A splendid accompaniment to the LMS 8F purchased earlier this year.
  9. Well back at the end of May a few seeds were sown and now it's come to fruition. Inspired by another Norman Lockett photo, we now have a Laira based Austerity in the shape of 77294. This was an eBay purchase and given to @toboldlygoto expertly renumber and weather. It also has the 247 etched trinket for the use of his fire irons fitted too. I need to get a driver from Modelu with his right hand on the regulator and apparently Alan can do mirror image figures using his GWR drivers. More tomorrow.
  10. gwrrob

    A Pannier

    I don’t like it Mick, I love it.
  11. There was one on eBay last year that sold for £35 when they were currently out of stock everywhere CK but if you're patient I'm sure H & A Models will get them back in stock shortly. An email to Harry would let you know.
  12. If he has a large ballroom then Mrs @2ManySpams is a very lucky lady.
  13. I'm looking forward to seeing the Kernow railmotor on here personally but of course if you want an authentic location you know where I live Muz.
  14. That's a shame as he's missed N class 1848 on an up service to Exeter SD.
  15. Good old @2ManySpams, not a peep from him for weeks on end and then bang, he lobs a hand grenade in and scarpers back to his bunker.
  16. Grange class 6822 Manton Grange passes Tigley Junction with a workmanlike freight including a warwell .
  17. Something more useful would be the Siphon J he also does as a print.
  18. A heads up on a new ,to me anyway, GWR Bullion Van kit to the diagram M17, being produced by SRMW. Not a cheap build when you add up all the components but maybe a simpler job than the alternative brass kit from Frogmore via Dart Castings. Remember bogies, roof, buffers and underframe are extras to this body. https://www.shapeways.com/product/HPKJQQHN2/gwr-dia-m17-bullion-van-part-2-body?optionId=58880911
  19. Has that modified Hall had the Brassmaster front end etch fitted James.
  20. It's been rather quiet on here photo wise and is something I will address with something new to shew next weekend. In the meantime , talking Hornby models, I've found a Star class from the archive in the shape of 4019 Knight Templar.
  21. I think this page needs an update as I have information that it might now have a detailed interior and tiled roof now young Jedi.
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