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  1. I'm also excellent at spending other peoples hard earned folding.
  2. More chance of @Captain Kernow getting one for his Bethesda Sidings.
  3. I know the price of everything but the value of nothing. I've just heard the Dapol mogul is on the high seas and will be with retailers by mid November.
  4. In some quarters I was criticised for saying the recent Hornby prairie looked plasticky and was lightweight , leading me to be disappointed with Hornby. Today @AY Mod has posted a photo of the new Bachmann 1P in LMS livery. What a contrast indeed. Not in the market for one but what a beautiful model indeed. I hope they sell by the bucket load.
  5. I've currently got five wagons awaiting the paint shop in various liveries including LMS grey/bauxite and GWR grey. Here's three here with the LMS van in the middle. This has used the Dapol unpainted body married to the Parkside PA16 kit chassis [LMS J hangers] with vents and buffers from Dave Franks. Having primed it in Halfords grey I should have used their oxide instead. Cheap and cheerful, just like me.
  6. I'd actually forgot that Trevor had taken that video footage and apparently the show premieres tonight at 8pm on You Tube. Of course the layout has better scenics and engine shed now, not to mention a more appropriate livery on the Hall that was featured.
  7. A show that I would have normally attended this weekend, would be the Hornby Magazine Great Electric Train Show. The magazine is doing a virtual show and I'm delighted and surprised the layout is featured with footage and photos taken by Trevor Jones for Hornby Magazine a few years back now as seen in some features and rolling stock used. https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/nod-brent-1940s-gwr-oo-gauge
  8. A little I think, after speaking to a very agitated and abrupt woman on the phone this afternoon. It seems my order was posted in late July and must have got lost as I didn't pay for signed for delivery.
  9. In other news and seen on Farcebook today, a prairie 4160 has arrived at Buckfastleigh on the SDR for restoration. It will be easy to add a crew there @john dew
  10. Further research and discussion with another follower of this thread has this info gleaned from Bob Essery and Mike King. Now to the Southern built LMS Diagram 2078 Goods vans. The Southern Railway built 400 Covered Goods Wagons for the LMS in two lots as well as 650 of the same design for the Great Western Railway. The first LMS lot for 150 vehicles was built before the Great Western vans in 1942. The Great Western vans have been identified as being painted grey. somewhat lighter than the normal GW livery. The LMS livery is not known.
  11. How are you planning to add a crew please John ?
  12. Is it true that @gwrrob is sponsoring the weathering booth for it.
  13. Talking with @BenL about the LMS version and wondering if this van really should be bauxite and not grey at all. Another thread was found that discussed this van here :
  14. A revisit to this old thread with the imminent release of the fourth numbered version of this van. https://railsofsheffield.com/products/35084/Bachmann-38-080c-oo-gauge-12-ton-southern-2-2-planked-ventilated-van-lms-grey Just wondering if Bachmann have this wagon correct and it should have been bauxite all these years.
  15. It's still available in small lettered SR brown livery too. https://www.footplate.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=38_90_91&products_id=2181
  16. Probably won't deliver on his promises either.
  17. Bill Bedford ( Mousa Models) used to do the sides for the C83 I think. Not listed on his website now I'm afraid.
  18. Bachmann lamp irons are chunkier than Hornby's and can be a pain. It will be interesting to see what Dapol et al come up with on theirs.
  19. Inspired again by @KNP and his recent Manor shots had me delving into the archive for some of 7804 Baydon Manor on an up stopping service.
  20. Good job there's not a well jealous button then.
  21. I was thinking more of the Kernow Models 1361 class 1363.
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