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  1. The lecture starts at 7.30pm, but doors open at 6.30. Our licenced bar has a range of beers, wine, spirts and soft drinks plus snacks. Guests are welcome, there is no need to book, but please note that there are stairs to the lecture room, and anyone with concerns about accessibility should contact us in advance. There is a voluntary collection, with a suggestion of £3 for non members. Full details are here
  2. The funeral is on Tuesday 17th August at 11am. However Covid restrictions have seriously limited the number of people who can attend and unless you have had a personal confirmation from the family that there is a space for you please do not attempt to attend the service in person as it is at capacity. However the service will be available to view on-line, the live stream link should be as follows: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC0N1KmY3tiXID0cHu9fCsWQ/live Or if that does not work, please go onto the St. Peter’s in Chains website at http://stpeterinchains.com And scroll down to ‘service times’. In this section there is a link for Richard Reidy’s funeral live stream.
  3. Only because it doesn't fit in the van! It fills a Luton pretty much entirely. The upside - you can tell if you've forgotten something if there is a space for an overnight bag in the back....
  4. until
    An exclusive change to get up close and personal with one of the UK’s most popular exhibition layouts – The Model Railway Club’s 2mm scale “Copenhagen Fields“. Spend around 45 minutes meeting the team who have created the layout, hear about the journey over the last 4 decades and get a chance to look at the suburb modelling close up, go behind the scenes and drive the trains. It can be really difficult to get close enough to see the details on Copenhagen Fields at an exhibition; it’s all rather frustrating for visitors to shows. The MRC is therefore offering an opportunity for a small number of people to get a personal viewing of the layout fully up and running under exhibition conditions at Keen House. There will be no front barriers and you will be able to get behind the scenes, even under them, to find out how the layout is built and see parts if it that are never visible under normal show conditions. There could even be opportunities to drive the Flying Scotsman through Belle Isle, Copenhagen tunnel and the Holloway Bank on the journey north to Edinburgh, or carefully bring the Silver Jubilee into the Cross. The public also never see the best view from the operating panels at each end, looking along the length of the layout. Many new features have been added over the last twelve months; notably, York Road tube station and the Kings Cross goods sheds. Visitors observing the big scene will also hear about the area’s history and the tricks, tips and tales of layout construction and exhibiting will be explained – effectively 45 minute guided tours by Tim Watson and the CF team who will do their best to answer any questions arising in our small group discussions. Book your place today. Please note – the event is subject to Covid restrictions in place at the time. Safety of everyone attending is a priority and should restrictions remain in place we reserve the right change the date. We will offer full refunds should anyone not be able to make any change of date due to Covid. Keen House is Covid safe, and we will ensure appropriate ventilation and cleaning takes place through each day. Attendees are required to follow any guidance that may be in place, including the wearing of face coverings to protect all of those attending including our members. If you are exempt, please let us know in advance. The same rate applies for all attendees – however if you have children under 12 who you would like to bring, please contact us in advance through the Contact page. If you wish to cancel for any reason, we will endeavour to resell your place in which case we will give a refund less 20% to cover processing costs. We are unable to offer refunds if we can’t resell the place. Keen House is partially accessible – there is wheelchair access to the layout room and our reception. However there are 2 flights of stairs to the toilets, and anyone with accessibility needs should take this into consideration before booking. Please advise us in advance so we can ensure ramps are deployed.
  5. The mugs have been going fast over the last 4 days, and we're into our last carton of them. Saturday is pretty full for the behind the Scenes tours - a few tickets left in the afternoon. Still a few places though on Sunday when parking nearby is free.
  6. A recording of the evening is available via our website here The Model Railway Club along with the previous event with Steve Flint. Our next presentation is from the NRM's Anthony Coulls - Senior Curator of Rail Transport and Technology at the National Railway Museum on their exhibition of 100 years of model locomotives "Brass, Steel and Fire" on Thursday 8th April 2021. Guests are welcome, details are here
  7. Pete Waterman joins us live via Zoom for an 'in discussion' presentation at 7.30pm on Thursday 11th March. He'll be showing us his latest progress on the O gauge 'Leamington Spa', plus giving us a preview of his latest project - a OO gauge model representing the West Coast Mainline which is being displayed at Chester Cathedral later this year. The Zoom event is open to members and non members, but pre-registration is required HERE The event is free, but we would ask for a donation of a "coffee" or two at https://ko-fi.com/themodelrailwayclub instead of our normal meeting collection / purchase of a drink at the bar. We hope to have part of the presentation on our website after the event.
  8. Hi Mark and Steve - from our Centenary magazine: The Club Logo The idea of a Club badge was first raised in 1923. Thoughts centred on an engine front….or was that to put on an engine front? In 1926 a design by a member of the staff of Basset-Lowke was accepted. It represented a formalised line drawing of the Greek God Hermes (or Mercury for Roman mythologists) depicted looking to the left examining a locomotive pointing towards the viewer held in his upturned hands. This very Art Deco design with its silver outline on maroon remains to this day a very effective symbol. Known universally throughout The MRC as ‘Percy’ (G Percy Keen again - though christened irreverently by the members at large) it has long since been registered as a trade mark. Incidentally Hermes is also god of medicine, transport, thieves and robbers….take your pick. Tom
  9. Yes - most home / loft layouts are almost impossible to remove without causing substantial damage, let alone get through the loft hatch, and then very difficult to resurrect. This is one of the best we've seen from that perspective. We suspect it might have at some time been designed to be portable, with trestles. Although I'm sure it's much happier on a firm frame as it is now. We've already had some interest from people who do want to preserve and use it - hopefully some good news soon.
  10. Partly for interest but also because it's looking for a good home, The MRC has been asked to find a buyer for this layout: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/75-year-old-model-railway-for-sale Vintage O gauge layout for sale - The Model Railway Club - for details
  11. This may be a silly question, but what colour were the window bars on the 501s in green and blue days? Most colour photos I can find are 3/4 shots and whilst I think they are metallic, it could be light reflecting off painted bars. Thanks in anticipation. Tom
  12. After reading the guidelines, and undertaking a risk assessment, we've reopened Keen House (for members only at this stage) on Thursday evenings, with strict pre-booking to control numbers. Details have been sent to members - we hope to expand from Club nights to other meetings shortly.
  13. We've restarted Thursday Club nights at Keen House, after undertaking a risk assessment and setting limits for the maximum number of people in Keen House overall, and in each part of the building. To help, we're using Doodle to enable members to "book" - so they know they will be allowed in before travelling. It also gives us a handy record for T&T should it be needed. We've got a polycarbonate screen around the bar, and sanitiser and wipes readily available. Next stage is to follow the same process for our layout groups, and other groups who use our building.
  14. We've added more functionality to the website for visitors and members alike. There's a comments section now in the blogs. We'd welcome feedback from anyone on RMWeb... Primarily for members, but some of it is visible to guests, is our own mini forum. Nothing to compare with or rival RMWeb, but a chance for our layout groups and members to have virtual discussions along the lines they might in Keen House. There are some interesting threads on home layouts... Finally, and for everyone, we've listed some of the stock we would have sold at Alexandra Palace on a new e-shop It's like all Club exhibition stalls - what we've been given and selling on behalf of members, so a slightly odd mix. But you can search and sort by scale etc. We've sold a fair amount already, and adding more as we go.
  15. Even with a relatively short drive, loading the car up at silly o'clock in the morning (layout not insured in an unattended vehicle), drive to venue, unload with everyone else who arrives at the time the halls open for set up, set up in a couple of hours, operate all day, then pack up and drive home to unload and return the hire van. That's a long day for me, possibly even longer for the team. It's OK split over two days as you only have the set up or breakdown each day, and Friday set ups are even better as Saturday is just fun. Time will tell, and I'm sure we'll adjust to whatever the new norm is.
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