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  1. This will be no surprise, but we have suspended all meetings at Keen House until further notice. This includes club nights, layout groups and those other groups that normally meet in our building. London doesn't need unnecessary trips by public transport or car at the moment, and it would be tricky to say that any of the meetings at Keen House are necessary.
  2. Just to add the MRC's perspective, everything Andy says is true for us too. I'd like to especially thank the messages of support we've had from layout owners and teams. Doing something is of course difficult and would require a lot of discussion with a whole host of organisations and people - most exhibitions are organised a year or more in advance and given this decision to not hold the event is only hours old, we need some time.
  3. 4 simple rules I find work to avoid me looking like a twit as much as possible: Read back to the last time your were on a thread to see whether anyone else has said the same If you haven't been on the thread before, check the first page and the last couple so you at least have an idea of what's being said Check whether what I'm saying actually adds any value Be nice. I fear I might have failed my own point 3....
  4. This latest development is being reported widely this evening, and although it sounds like it's got foundation we'll need to wait for the announcement. As soon as anything is decided it will be posted here, on social media and the world-of-railways and MRC websites, noting that the weekend might slightly slow that formal process down.
  5. Thanks Andy. At the moment we have over 30 really good layouts attending, many of which don't often appear in the south east. The list Andy links to plus our own web page has the current list. https://www.themodelrailwayclub.org/layouts-confirmed-for-london-festival-of-railway-modelling-2020/
  6. Hi Terry - thought we'd covered this one off. The venue is in the LEZ (Low Emission Zone) which only applies to large vehicles like trucks and buses- and it's got to be pretty old to not comply with that at the moment (it gets tougher in October, but that's for 2021). The ULEZ is new, but only affects a small part of central London well away from Alexandra Palace. Even if you are coming from for example Croydon, there are a multitude of ways to avoid it. So I'd be surprised if anyone has to pay the charges. Parking is free on site, and the W3 bus provides an excellent service from Finsbury Park, Alexandra Palace and Wood Green. Tom
  7. I and my team (John and Ian) are very happy to discuss the genuine concerns that some exhibitors (ie layouts and society stands) may have based on their specific circumstances, but I would rather do it by email and phone than in a public way on this forum - our details are readily available in all correspondence. It's a tricky situation, and we are all guided by the best and latest advice from Public Health England - and we will respect the decisions that individuals and groups make based on that advice and their personal circumstances. We (The MRC and Warners) will update via this forum and any other channels should there be changes to the publicised attendees. Tom - MRC Exhibitions Manager
  8. The layout previews continue on social media - check out: Twitter - @modelrailclub Instagram - themodelrailwayclub
  9. Just about finished getting the stock ready for Minories (GN) ahead of our trip north. The wheels got pretty dirty last time out, and then some oversprayed weathering meant some needed doing again. The wonders of a glass fibre brush and some IPA.
  10. tc

    Copenhagen Fields

    Tim may be too modest to highlight this, but in the BRMA "Copenhagen Fields" won the Gold award for best layout, and this little blog the bronze in best RMweb modeller category - both in really strong categories. Congratulations to Tim, Mike and the whole team (too many to list - but they know who they are) from everyone at The MRC
  11. No. You will see that every year there is healthy competition, and that the trader with the lower price of a particular product normally sells out quickly on the Saturday (given the level of passing eyes and buyers), and those with the higher price sell most if not all of their product at the price they want over the rest of the weekend. Having said that, there is rarely much difference and tbh there are still plenty of attractive things to buy a decent prices later on Saturday and Sunday - it's still cheaper than paying the postage.
  12. Quick update - "Ellesmere" has had to withdraw from the show. Latest list is here.
  13. Great idea - coach or minibus. We know several groups have done this regularly.
  14. London has a great public transport system, and in this case the accessible buses (both the TfL scheduled W3 and the event shuttle buses from Wood Green) and the accessible shuttle from the lower car park stop in almost exactly the same place with a flight of steps between that and the front door. As others have said the cost of parking (if it is introduced) is unknown, but the prices suggested are quite cheap for London. Once we know what they are, people can make a choice as to the costs of driving (including fuel and parking) or train(s) and bus. I would have thought it's better to charge everyone who knowingly and consciously chooses to use the car park (on the basis of users pay the costs of running the car parks), rather than increasing the cost of hiring the hall which would only pass back to all visitors through the ticket price - including the (I suspect) majority who visit this show by public transport. Meanwhile, back to the exhibition and I need to check we've got enough barrier for all the layouts...could be tight this year.
  15. We've got a variety of subjects lined up over the next three months, starting this Thursday 9th January with Ant Coulls talking about the National Vehicle Collection at the NRM. No doubt including what must be the pride of the collection now - the brand new arrival of a Pacer. Then on February 13th historian Chris Taft - head of collections at the Postal Museum - talks about London's postal railway - based not far from Keen House. The talk looks at the development, design and build of the original railway using records from the Royal Mail archive. and on March 12th, John Barrowdale talks about the proposals to build a new LMS Patriot, along with the history of the class. All talks take place at Keen House, 4 Calshot Street, London N1 9DA and start at 7.30pm. The talks are free, and visitors are welcome but asked to make a donation (and buy plenty of snacks / tea / beer from the bars which are open from 7). Please note there are stairs to the meeting room and toilets. Details - https://www.themodelrailwayclub.org/events/ or see the attached posters. 2020-12-anthony-coulls-3.pdf 2020-02-chris-taft.pdf 2020-03-john-borrowdale-1.pdf
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