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  1. A recording of the evening is available via our website here The Model Railway Club along with the previous event with Steve Flint. Our next presentation is from the NRM's Anthony Coulls - Senior Curator of Rail Transport and Technology at the National Railway Museum on their exhibition of 100 years of model locomotives "Brass, Steel and Fire" on Thursday 8th April 2021. Guests are welcome, details are here
  2. Pete Waterman joins us live via Zoom for an 'in discussion' presentation at 7.30pm on Thursday 11th March. He'll be showing us his latest progress on the O gauge 'Leamington Spa', plus giving us a preview of his latest project - a OO gauge model representing the West Coast Mainline which is being displayed at Chester Cathedral later this year. The Zoom event is open to members and non members, but pre-registration is required HERE The event is free, but we would ask for a donation of a "coffee" or two at https://ko-fi.com/themodelrailwayclub instead of our normal meetin
  3. Hi Mark and Steve - from our Centenary magazine: The Club Logo The idea of a Club badge was first raised in 1923. Thoughts centred on an engine front….or was that to put on an engine front? In 1926 a design by a member of the staff of Basset-Lowke was accepted. It represented a formalised line drawing of the Greek God Hermes (or Mercury for Roman mythologists) depicted looking to the left examining a locomotive pointing towards the viewer held in his upturned hands. This very Art Deco design with its silver outline on maroon remains to this day a very effect
  4. Yes - most home / loft layouts are almost impossible to remove without causing substantial damage, let alone get through the loft hatch, and then very difficult to resurrect. This is one of the best we've seen from that perspective. We suspect it might have at some time been designed to be portable, with trestles. Although I'm sure it's much happier on a firm frame as it is now. We've already had some interest from people who do want to preserve and use it - hopefully some good news soon.
  5. Partly for interest but also because it's looking for a good home, The MRC has been asked to find a buyer for this layout: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/75-year-old-model-railway-for-sale Vintage O gauge layout for sale - The Model Railway Club - for details
  6. This may be a silly question, but what colour were the window bars on the 501s in green and blue days? Most colour photos I can find are 3/4 shots and whilst I think they are metallic, it could be light reflecting off painted bars. Thanks in anticipation. Tom
  7. After reading the guidelines, and undertaking a risk assessment, we've reopened Keen House (for members only at this stage) on Thursday evenings, with strict pre-booking to control numbers. Details have been sent to members - we hope to expand from Club nights to other meetings shortly.
  8. We've restarted Thursday Club nights at Keen House, after undertaking a risk assessment and setting limits for the maximum number of people in Keen House overall, and in each part of the building. To help, we're using Doodle to enable members to "book" - so they know they will be allowed in before travelling. It also gives us a handy record for T&T should it be needed. We've got a polycarbonate screen around the bar, and sanitiser and wipes readily available. Next stage is to follow the same process for our layout groups, and other groups who use our building.
  9. We've added more functionality to the website for visitors and members alike. There's a comments section now in the blogs. We'd welcome feedback from anyone on RMWeb... Primarily for members, but some of it is visible to guests, is our own mini forum. Nothing to compare with or rival RMWeb, but a chance for our layout groups and members to have virtual discussions along the lines they might in Keen House. There are some interesting threads on home layouts... Finally, and for everyone, we've listed some of the stock we would have sold at Alexandra Palace on a
  10. Even with a relatively short drive, loading the car up at silly o'clock in the morning (layout not insured in an unattended vehicle), drive to venue, unload with everyone else who arrives at the time the halls open for set up, set up in a couple of hours, operate all day, then pack up and drive home to unload and return the hire van. That's a long day for me, possibly even longer for the team. It's OK split over two days as you only have the set up or breakdown each day, and Friday set ups are even better as Saturday is just fun. Time will tell, and I'm sure we'll adjust to whatever the
  11. More blogs continue to appear - here's a screenshot of the latest: https://www.themodelrailwayclub.org/blog/
  12. Seems to be working for me. Although you've still got to phone orders through I think for credit card, or send a cheque...
  13. It takes a while to contact everyone. We thought it would be courteous to inform those we had invited and would have preferred to then tell all our club members before it went public. Although it turned out to be correct, it wasn't at all helpful when the weekend before the March Ally Pally was officially cancelled another club's Facebook page stated the show had been cancelled, and used it to promoted their show as "the last before lockdown". Although they rapidly removed the post, that created issues with some exhibitors and members, and given we were waiting for the government
  14. Can't help specifically due to gender, but we have a large number of mums who come to Young MRC and get stuck into modelling - whether doing scenery, making buildings or constructing wagon kits. So you are far from unique. Maybe some of them are on here...
  15. Geoff’s club isn’t the only one to benefit. If there’s a grant or subsidy available and any organisation or individual meets the criteria then they can have it. The big picture is that the scheme will protect many businesses and therefore jobs.
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