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  1. Hi AdBlock on Firefox works for me with Youtube and a lot more sites. Duncan
  2. From Google maps Look good yuors Duncan
  3. Hi, the YouChoos website speaker link yours Duncan
  4. Hi have a look at this Link on High Level Coreless motors. Duncan
  5. RS has brass sheet see link I have had it from befor
  6. Many thanks Grosvenor and Hayfield for their informative replies. I was just wondering whether any CVs might need to be adjusted to suit these motors but of course I can do an auto set-up on the ESU V4 chips. Thanks again for your help. Duncan
  7. I see Chris has introduced a new range of HL Power coreless motors to supplement or replace the ever popular Mashimee motors. These motors seem more powerful which could be very useful but I notice there is no mention as to whether these are DCC compatible. A little research on the internet infers that there are some issues with coreless motors and DCC. As I run ESU and Zimo sound chips I would be interested to hear people's opinion on this matter. Stay safe. Duncan
  8. The EM track looks very good, will have to have sum Duncan
  9. thank you David for your complimentary remarks on the tracks appearance. Yes I know about the signal box not being upright but it was just dumped there to fill what looked like a large gap. Duncan
  10. I have worked to 18.2mm EM gauge, 0.8mm flangeway gap with a B2B of 17mm and Alan Gibson wheels. EM wheels on steam locos and P4 on all rolling stock with no suspension!! You can see a big difference between a 1.0mm flangeway and a 0.8mm one it smaller than the top of rail. Duncan
  11. Hi i hope this helps this good photo. SR Duncan
  12. The e-mail for Youchoos DCC is www.youchoos.co.uk ihope this helps. Yours Duncan
  13. Hi - I am coming over from Spain to attend the exhibition and will hopefully be buying quite a few items. I am wondering about security and whether I would be allowed to bring in a medium sized rucksack. Obviously I am quite happy for security to search it. Any advice or comments would be appreciated. Duncan
  14. Seeing your photos brought back many happy memories for my wife and I. We travelled by train around Germany in 2016 and stayed in the same hotel. We had a suite in the annex and had a good view of the station and trains. By the way they "steam" all night. The photo show the doors to the bathroom and separate toilet - the like of which I don't think you will find anywhere else in the world. The photo of the engine was taken at the top of Brocken - a truly wonderful trip and highly recommended to any steam enthusiast. [ Yours Duncan
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