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  1. It did sound rather pathetic at Stevenage this morning Just sounded “odd”. A higher pitch “chuff” There you go, the technical answer !
  2. Hi Andy Like the gypsums. I did similar pre Accurascale using the 3D prints from Wild Boar Models. if I had spare cash I would now redo using the Hattons flats, plus I think I glued the boxes on.... Nick
  3. The buffer / pipe / coupling area is VERY convincing. Loving the GRIME.
  4. The challenge is on.... but how long will it take to find it ? Before the Dapol 59 release ? I could be lucky I guess ?
  5. Hello Jerry Yeah, the 59 is still “on shed”, ha ha It’s missing anywhere to travel at the moment seeing as my layout was ripped up when we moved. I need to remedy that.... Nick
  6. My cop out way was to stick the PCB underneath using a sticky pad. Not exactly prototypical.....sorry !
  7. Nice trick on the nameplates - look superb.
  8. Glad to see you collected your TEA, must have been a sub roll going by the shape of the box.....
  9. Wasn’t it out 2-3 years ago ? (unless they were doing a re-run)
  10. Realistic and modelable train here. 59 plus 10 x TOUAX JNA taken lunchtime today Hitchin - Acton empties
  11. Hmmm...... well............ nope ! modelling mojo though has just returned, I’m finishing off my BDA to MXA conversions..... miracle ? !
  12. rs4

    Deep Water Yards

    Getting on for 3 years since my last post... holy smoke. Not good news folks, I have to report that Deep Water Yards is about to be broken up.... Moving offices... so this is your (and my) last look at the madness that was.... I’ve moved most of the stock today but the truly awful task of breaking the layout up comes next.... I don’t think much of it is reusable the way I built it...
  13. I would agree. i would get on at Tile Hill heading to New Street, usually the 310 /312 would pull into the loop and let an express by. i was shocked to see it gone many years later (having left home and moved away). Surely a useful piece of track ? the berkswell “loop” was just a siding onto the old berkswell to kenilworth line. I’m sure as a kid the rumour was that the Royal Train had been berthed there at times. Unsure if this is true. there was a plan to relay the line with the mega pit that was planned.... which didn’t get built. Would have run r
  14. Great choice. I’m glad the cat is out of the bag (again) as I saw a post on here ? Twitter ? About a month ago.... which was swiftly deleted. i didn’t want to ask questions in case it spoilt the surprise factor....
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