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  1. That looks really good; what angle did you print at and what supports did you use?
  2. I used to see 37s with only a couple of tanks behind it at Barnetby. Or even a 66 - http://www.davesrailpics.bravehost.com/barnetby/barnetby31002.htm
  3. With so much variation in real life, I'd go with the layout that gives the most consistent overall look to the rake as you are modelling the train in its entirety.
  4. Comparing how much of the height of the brown part of panel the crest takes up, I'll make the unhelpful observation it seems to be somewhere between the two sizes, but closer to the larger one. Have you tried correcting the photo for perspective?
  5. I really like the overall view, it has a good sense of space considering how small it is. Where did you get the figures for 3d printing from?
  6. The now extinct London Potato Horse was a remarkable specimen.
  7. There is an interesting thread on the Narrow Gauge Forum about RC in OOn6.5 that might give you some ideas https://ngrm-online.com/index.php?/forums/topic/21615-0065-rcand-topics-related/
  8. Same experience, ordered 12 noon on Friday (yesterday), parcel arrived this morning, superb service
  9. Glad to see this is back on your table, shocked at how expensive it is now on Shapeways! A contemporary design drawing, though not showing any brake gear.
  10. I've been having similar talks with my wife who is a primary teacher. I'm worried about the pupils in years 1 and 6 who cannot return for health reasons, both themselves and members of their household no longer being set work. A parent with COPD cannot reasonably be expected to send their child to school at the moment but the child should still be receiving an education.
  11. Hands like a surgeon (often covered in blood)
  12. I think this sums up the appeal of these carriages to some people. Not accurate enough for their main interest, but maybe good enough for to fill in for a minor one
  13. Looks like a scene from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Biggest_Little_Railway_in_the_World with Stuck Drawbridge.
  14. If you're looking at an elevated site,coal drops were not unknown on the MSL/GCR, Brigg for one had them.
  15. Excellent work, I assume the "bass tube" is connected to the portable gramophone player?
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