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  1. Serves you right!!!
  2. And this is what will go on the end of the row of shops (largely hidden behind the station building!)
  3. I'm afraid the loco and it's train are the total extent of my 5.5mm modelling so far! It's actually standing on my Sn3 1/2 layout (which will have to be dismantled soon to make way for the fiddle yard of my German 0 gauge layout 'Brückenheim')
  4. It was for a 3' gauge loco. 16.5mm obviously works out at exactlly 3' in 5.5mm. Slightly off-topic but here's a picture of the rebuilt loco:-
  5. I bought one version of these locos a while ago to convert to 5.5mm scale narrow gauge but I stood it on my H0 layout with a couple of wagons first. The width over the tanks is quite wide and is a tight fit over the mechanism.
  6. This is what I'm planning to replace the bit of backscene I removed with. The row of shops is actually from just up the coast in Siloth. I've had to do quite a bit of work on it, backdating the windows and extending the hedges to hide some modern cars. The trees were bare so I've added some leaves (it's always summer in Ramchester!). The war memorial and the stone walls came from other photos. I decided to make one of the shops a newspaper office :-
  7. I recently decided to replace a row of buildings on the backscene which never looked quite right because of the sudden change of angle from the adjacent buildings. Although there is still a change of angle it looks more natural with two separate buildings. It is hard to find pictures which have been taken from quite the right angle!
  8. A couple more buildings added to the backscene (or should I say one and a bit!) Again these are from pictures I found on the internet. I've also done a bit more ballasting on the track in front.
  9. And a little bit more! I've run out of suitable photos of my own to adapt so the latest buildings were adapted from a picture I found on the web.
  10. I can't see a third rail so I assume it's running on battery power like some of the new Midland Metro trams!
  11. A little more progress:-
  12. I want to see how you fit it on the wagon-lift!
  13. Over three months since my last update mainly because I haven't done a lot on the layout despite the lockdown. I have, however, started to do a bit more over the last few days including changing the alignment of the goods shed siding and adding a couple of buildings and more trees to the backscene.
  14. The preproduction Dapol Mk 1s I've seen on their stand look very promising.
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