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  1. I bought a station building kit from Bünnig Modellbau at their stand at Guildex two or three years ago which I have now started working on. It is quite small but it fits the footprint which I thought I would have available although I now realise I could have fitted in something a little bit bigger. This is a picture of the finished kit from their website:- Unfortunately it is a model of a brick-built building which is not typical of the area I'm modelling and it is also the wrong configuration to butt up to a goods shed which will be on the right so I have been moving the doo
  2. The Bemo 0m range actually users a slightly narrower gauge with finer wheels standards than earlier models.
  3. This has been in the pipeline for quite a while. Nice to see it might actually become a reality.
  4. I well remember that layout in RM and it did strike a chord having travelled on Leeds trams back in the 50s. Unfortunately I've been having a clear out recently which appears to have included that magazine!
  5. Looks like you've been doing a bit of work on the stealth factory, Brian!
  6. I finally finished fitting the bits inside the guards compartment on the Mk1 BG although in reality once the roof is on they will be almost invisible!
  7. Ordinary solenoids will be used for some of the points where there is space. Rod has a box of PECO servos which he bought at an exhibition a couple of years ago which he wants to use where there isn't room between the tracks to fit a solenoid. We have also discussed the possibility of using cranks.
  8. The BR Standard 9F and some Class 5s are 8' 10 1/8" across the cylinders.
  9. I would like some flush glazing - but only for a couple of BGs!
  10. It has been repainted in BR crimson to avoid having to line it!
  11. I've now reworked one of my own photos which I have used previously. I've modified it quite a bit including flipping it, reducing the height and moving doors and windows around.
  12. Looked at my DMU drawings again and have matched it up to one of the Class 101 variations.
  13. Definitely not a 105, Rod. Possibly a 101 but the ends don't quite match the drawings i have!
  14. The BG is indeed an Easybuild which Rod half-built a couple of years and which I'm now going to complete for him. I found etches in the kit for the lower guard's steps which I am now in the process of modifying. On the left is the original etch with just the step folded up and reinforced with a fillet of solder. The other one has ben cut to the right length and had new closer-to-scale, brackets soldered on at the right spacing. The picture's not very sharp I'm afraid as I have no macro facility on my phone And after Rod took that sneaky picture of me yesterday here's o
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