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  1. It certainly looks like a mount for a Kadee box.
  2. European models are to proper TT scale (1:120) not 3mm scale in case anybody doesn't realise the difference! Tillig do track for TT but I don't think Arnold do TT track.
  3. The truth is it only got as far as the curve before developing terminal wheel-slip! To be fair, though, those Darstead coaches are quite heavy!
  4. After a bit of a hiatus I've at last got around to doing little bit of work on Brückenheim and added another building and another tree to the backscene!
  5. I would increase the track spacing through the transition curves.
  6. I have never understood the desire by many people to run express trains round train-set curves in any scale (usually without any transition curves which makes it look even worse). Short locos and stock will always look far more convincing on sharp curves.
  7. It would be nice if the old Firedrake bogie castings could be re-run. I've just had a look at a pair of unmade Commonwealth bogies I have and they were quite nice castings.
  8. They started offering brake van rides on their weekly one coal wagon train which Railwayrod and I took advantage of two or three years ago. I don't know if they're still doing them
  9. Brian, my breath is suitably bated in anticipation of whatever you come up with!
  10. There are loads of German station trackplans on this site (look under 'Lagepläne'):- Eisenbahn-MV.de
  11. I think footboards like that might have been a GWR thing, Chris. I haven't been able to find a picture of one in front of a ex-LNWR box!
  12. Before we bed the box in we need to sort out some point rodding coming out at the bottom! The box was scratch-built for Rod by Robert Wigley and he did such a superb job of it I've been rather hesitant about weathering it.
  13. We aren't planning anything very drastic, just some minor tweaks at the coalyard end.
  14. I don't normally like helicopter shots but I thought this view of the station I took today might be of interest.
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