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  1. Hair today - gone tomorrow! My parting's a bit wider now! I remember that, Brian, I think it was at the grand official opening of Rod's railway room in the garage. He certainly had quite a collection of LGB coaches!
  2. I've had two parcels from Modellbahnshop Lippe since the beginning of the year without any problems! I don't know where this nonsense about them no longer shipping to the UK came from!
  3. I have now discovered that the instructions can be downloaded in English from the Lenz website.
  4. I have now added a VS98 and a VB98 to my VT98. The instructions are in German and I have yet to work out how to set up the lights on the trailers!
  5. I'm afraid progress on the station building has been rather slow lately but I now have the windows and doors painted, glazed and stuck in.
  6. It was obviously during a signalmen's strike (it is British Railways circa 1960 after all).
  7. Another new arrival today in the shape of a Lenz VT98 (just spending some of the money which would have gone on holidays, visits to exhibitions and various days out last year!)
  8. Some of them had to be mounted sideways with cranks because of the limited space.
  9. It only says 16% sales tax on the model I received last week!
  10. The 20% VAT is not an extra tax! We previously paid VAT at the rate applicable in whichever EU country we ordered goods from (in Germany that was 16%).
  11. I bought myself a Christmas present in the shape of a Lenz V60 which I finally received yesterday from Modellbahnshop-Lippe. They had reduced the price and I wanted to get it before the end of the customs union tonight!
  12. The station building is at last almost ready for having the windows fitting. Painting the stones in different shades was a rather tedious and time consuming job which I spread over several sessions. I added a bit of talcum powder to the paint on the upper part of the walls to try and give it a little bit of texture.
  13. I wouldn't go near there at night!
  14. Some of the early LIMA N Gauge models were actually closer to 1:120 than N scale. I reworked a Deltic body into a NZR English Electric Df class in TTn3 1/2 a few years ago.
  15. I got to ride behind the Big Boy on my visit. Pity it didn't survive for very long!
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