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  1. The stone has now all been applied to the retaining wall and we now have to put some coping stones along the top. As Rod said earlier the bin has now had the 'sand' removed but I needed to touch up the paint before it gets it's new load of 'chippings' next week.
  2. On the contrary, John, I found your post very informative.
  3. Basically the bin is just there to hide the crank to the point and neither of us were sure what it should contain! I'll have to look through Rod's stock of 'ballast' to see what will look most like chippings.
  4. We wondered where those had gone!
  5. We've now started sticking some embossed stone onto the retaining wall.
  6. A little more progress this week and the troll is nearly boxed in! I've also planted a bit more vegetation around the hut while Rod has done a bit more ballasting in the sidings.
  7. Actually, it's our resident troll but he only comes out at night!
  8. I've been given this link which takes you straight to the latest issue:- https://www.ogaugeonline.co.uk/uploads/3/1/1/2/31129041/summer_2021_ll.pdf
  9. No more progress on the layout since my last post but I have been putting some stock on it so I can take a few snaps.
  10. I've started bedding in the hut today and also made a little bit more progress on the retaining wall while Rod has been doing a bit of ballasting.
  11. I've also just discovered this thread! I actually still have a copy of the last issue somewhere! The first model railway magazine I discovered was the Railway Modeller back in the early Sixties while staying with relatives in Yorkshire. It wasn't until a classmate at school told me about our local model shop Torbay Model Railway Supplies that I discovered MRC and Model Railway News. For several years after that I bought both MRC and RM every month.
  12. It's about three weeks since our last update but we have been plodding away on Ramchester although we haven't had as many sessions on it as usual due to other things getting in the way! I have nearly finished the shed to go over the point motor which Rod started while he is building cardboard mock-ups of a factory/warehouse to go beside the new front siding. Unfortunately we have yet to decide what industry it will be which is not helped by a lack of pictures of suitable lineside industries despite owning several hundred railway books between us! I have also been working on a curved section of retaining wall. As this leans back slightly I have not used a single sheet for this section as the radius at the top is slightly larger than at the bottom.
  13. With regards to their communication skills I joined three or four years ago but never received any reminder when my subs ran out. It was only after I realised I hadn't heard from them for a while I came to the conclusion that they obviously didn't care if I renewed or not!
  14. The most common scale/gauge combinations for modelling 3' 6" gauge are H0n3 1/2 - (3.5mm to 1foot scale on12mm gauge track) and Sn3 1/2 - (1/64th scale on 16.5mm track) although one or two people have compromised using 4mm scale on 16.5mm gauge which of course works out at 4' 1 1/2" gauge.
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