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  1. Many moons ago there was an article in Model Railways magazine about the above. Unfortunately all I have is the last small part of the article. Unfortunately the page does not have the year and month thereon unlike some magazines so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks Regards, John
  2. Simon, Thank you for your answer. Regards, John
  3. Simon, Thanks for your reply. My copies of Dow's book - I presume volume 3 do not have that appendix. They stop at Wath Concentration Yard. Sorry to bother you but what edition has the diagram which will be enough to get me started. Regards, John
  4. Thanks for your reply. It is the GCR car I am interested in which is not going to available rtr. I am on a small pension and so even you prices are out of reach. Regards, John
  5. Simon, Where did you find the drawings for the GCR petrol-electric railcar. Your 3d version is very good but way outside my price range hence drawings for scratch building. Apologies for being cheeky! Regards, John
  6. few pages back you were working on the GCR petrol-electric railcar and in one of the phortos you pictured a drawing of said railcar. Will you let me know what the reference is please. Thanks.
  7. Hi! The side doors do not have a lower flap so I have assumed that it is a road van.
  8. Finally got a side view to show you. The model is 4mm to the foot standard gauge
  9. Shouldn't reply to my own post but I want to apologize for the lack of focus. Cheap digital camera and operator error. These are best ones!
  10. Hi! Many years ago, more than I care to remember, I built a model brake van/road van to drawings in a magazine. I wish to replace the model with a newer and better model. Unfortunately I no longer have the magazine/drawing/article. I have attached the following picture so that you may be able to, at least, narrow down the Company of builder.
  11. Thank you to everyone for your responses to my question. Sorry about the delay I have pre-occupied by things not as important as modelling but more necessary!! :-)
  12. I am trying to find some drawings of the carriages used by the Liverpool and Manchester Railway sued in the early days. The sort that Triang produced to go with the Rocket locomotive. So far the internet has not produced anything other than a few copies of the early Ackerman prints. Thanks, Regards, John
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