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  1. If anyone is interested I have some Worsley Works etches of Maunsell open 3rd and Ironclad reastaurant, I also have printed self adhesive sides in Maunsell olive, they fit Dapol Maunsells or Farish "main line" coaches slightly hacked - open 3rds need filing for recessed end doors and between most windows; the second pic is of an open 3rd and Ironclad restaurant posed with a Dapol Maunsell between, the overlays need a little tweaking of colour and length, the roofs also need attention, vent positions toilet tank fillers etc; if using Farish main line as donors then replacement roofs from Ultima
  2. Kris, at least the GWR line up includes 4 x 4-6-0s available plus one discontinued.
  3. More negative I'm afraid, when - if ever - will somebody produce some pre WW2 SR 4-6-0s, there are 2 white metal kits somewhat long inthe tooth (Langley S15, BHE N15 both of which had some variants) No Lord Nelson. Sum total of SR steam RTR pre WW2- N class, Schools class, T9, 700, 0395 M7, Terrier, C class, WW2 and after Spam cans, Q1; compare that with N gauge from any of the other 3 grouping companies, all of which have plenty of 4-6-0s available among other types. Reminds me of a Catch 22 situation - nobody models the SR as the manufacturers don't make the stock / manufacturers
  4. Finally got my 3 set 394 and 2 x 4 compt brake 3rds to make up another set that the compo has been waiting for. I've been exchanging words with a chap on Shapeways "forum" re 3d printing open 3rds and catering cars. I'll also hopefully be having words with Adam Warr of Electra about some vinyls,in tha absence of any restaurants it should be possible to hack the windows etc of a Farish mainline to get an Ironclad Restaurant, the Maunsell restaurants have recessed doors which make things a bit more awkward. The following image is work in progress, stretched to 59' to fit the Farish mainline,
  5. I've always thought that passenger loco lining was a black border with a thin white line inside it, boiler bands were white/black/white yet Fox supply N gauge sets for the N15/King Arthur class which have yellow in place of white. Carter's "Britains railway liveries" tends to support the Black/white pre Bulleid then Black/yellow, whereas Bradley says that black/yellow started to appear in 1936 - 2 years pre Bullied. I have 3 sets of the Fox ones and intend to use them on H15, S15, N15 or a Nelson but do the rest in black/white unless I find some more definite information. The Fox ones don'
  6. With the N gauge 4 compartment brake 3rds and some sets from the 39x series coming through from Dapol, it still leaves the restaurant car and open 3rds, plus for BR period the driving brake compo. It would appear that Dapol are unlikely to do them as "they are not economically viable" i.e they wouldn't sell in sufficient numbers as they (particularly the restaurant car) would normally only appear as one vehicle per train and not even in every train. This leaves many of us without the ability to make up convincing rakes for some of our trains. I have tried a bit of hacking but the recessed
  7. Video of parts of the run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FrttTIYReA
  8. From Swanage to Wareham, Weymouth, Yeovil and return http://www.swanagerailway.co.uk/news/detail/southern-railway-1920s-mogul-steam-locomotive-hauls-train-on-dorset-main-line-for-first-time-in-52-years
  9. Just a thought, has any manufacturer brought out RTR locos or stock which did not make it into BR livery? Having that one less livery option seems to kill any chance of older locos being produced.. I can't recall any in N gauge, (except maybe kits) I'm thinking mainly about loco classes scrapped before 1948. I model the SR 1930s and would love an Adams 4-4-0 or an Adams A12 0-4-2, at 83 my scratch building skills have deteriorated. From reading this and other railway forums it would seem that the vast majority of layouts and posts in general feature BR period and later and steam is becoming
  10. The Flour Mill assessment is being funnded by a private sponsor; the restoration appeal is curently sitting at about £43,000.
  11. I heard yesterday eveninng that the T9 may have a cracked cylinder, 31806 is sharing Swanage>Norden services with diesels weekdays, weekends the M7 and 31806. As the M7 approaches ticket expiry they are not using it as much, hoping it keeps going until the Gala weekend.
  12. I've done a fair bit of "editing" on the downloaded Windward files, added a few bits here and there, I have a laser printer capable of printing to banner paper up to 4' long, I model N gauge. One thing I find with these and some other downloaded scenes is matching the end of one to the next, I started with sky scenes, and found that flipping one image horizontally gives an almost seamless match, except that looking at the two pieces joined the, repeat of the reversed image is noticeable, therefore a bt of judicious use of copy/paste and a clone tool can improve matters. I then tried doin
  13. OR Farish, Dapol, Union Mills, failing the RTR market maybe a kit maker, 3D printing could be a possibility. LSWR coaches are already available in kit form, so why not the T3
  14. Just as a related item, the T9 has also arrived at Swanage, not sure when it will be running, at the moment they are running a diesel service but with the M7 scheduled to run at the weekend.
  15. Corfe Castle is a good way inland so not much salt left in the winter winds by the time it gets there. However one of the Swanage volunteers tells me the intention is to have it under cover through the winter months. Looking at Google sattelite views of the line I would think that they could put some sort of building on one of the sidings at Furzebrook, there's already a fair amount of stock parked there. No immediate road access but the A 351 is only across one field and a minor road and a track cross the line close by, https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@50.647976,-2.0691053,514a,35y,22.2
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