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  1. I recall when I was in my teens my father would always buy the Model Railway Constructer sometimes The Railway Modeller and occasionally The Model railway News. The MRC was always first choice and the 'stand out' in my opinion and it was a sad day when publication came to a halt. This may sound spooky but this morning I was looking through all my railway wagon books for drawings and photographs of BR Pallett shock wagons for a possible future project. I found a no of pics and then moved on to a large binder where I've kept articles which 'might be of future use'. Here I came across an article in the the Data file series [August 1983] covering the BR 20 ton Standard Coke Hopper Wagons, which were produced in three different body types. Here were photo's and background notes from David Larkin and excellent drawings by Trevor Mann. Seeing such detail was hugely encouraging to me to lift my game back in my teens, so I thank them for their 'investment' in me!! The series was, I guess , the forerunner, to the standard text 'An Illustrated History of B R Wagons Volume 1' which for me as a wagon nut is a brilliant reference book. I hope no one is upset if I take this opportunity to push my research perhaps a little further and pose two pleas for help as the string does seem appropriate. Does anyone have a list of the MRC Datafile articles or a note of where I might get copies of all find the articles. Does anyone have or can point me in the direction of, 4mm scale drawings for any of the BR 12t Pallet vans excluding Diagram 1/211 [the subject of the Parkside Pallet wagon]. I've got access to the outline drawings on the Barrowmore site. Thanks in advance and well done to allegheny1600 for reminding us of events from 30 years ago!! Doug.
  2. Esmedune Have you tried contacting SP with an email? A couple of years ago I wanted a set of Griddle car sides and was faced with the red X on the web site. So I sent an email to Kidderminster [?] asking if the sides were likely to be available in the future and low and behold a couple of weeks later I was the proud owner of a set of Griddle car sides. Excellent personal service in my book. Doug
  3. Thanks gwrrob Eileens have stock as they have confirmed my order tonight. Doug
  4. Thanks for the one pager very helpful When the camera's went live I'm certain I was able to scroll back along the red line at the bottom of the screen to see activity say 3 hours ago. I don't seem to be able to do so anymore. I sent a message to the SVR about a week ago and have rec'd no response. I watch a number of live streams on Utube of the activity in Southampton docks and have always been able to 'track back' Does anyone have a solution or is the problem just my settings perhaps? Live Utube can be very therapeutic but watching nothing moving does not do it for me.
  5. Martin I don't post very often but after watching your tutorial using an NLS 50" map this morning I felt I had to write and say thankyou. I had a shot at using Templot about 8 years ago when I was planning my Radstock West [GWR] layout but impatience in learning the software saw me abandon Templot and make it up as I went along using an NLS map overlaid by my baseboards ….. all very unscientific. Building the EM track for Radstock was a joy and was completed a few years ago but the layout itself is nowhere near finished so the likelihood of using Templot in 'anger' is unlikely. However I'd like to applaud your commitment to the cause and say I've spent a couple of hours watching the online footage today and it looks very much more user friendly to me, but I put that down to your guiding vocals. I'd certainly use it if I was starting afresh today. It may be a personal thing but I'd much prefer to hear you explaining what you are doing with some background on the technicals, than watch an arrow moving around the screen. I think you've also referred to errors you've made as you've gone along with the streaming. That becomes apart of the learning for us all so my vote goes for visuals supported by vocals and please don't cut out the 'errors'. I'll be watching out for the next episode of Templot. Many thanks Doug
  6. I've tried PVA which works OK, tried a carcase of plasticard caused warping but now settled on hot glue and foamboard as my preferred methodology. I've been building a variety of buildings large and small with a carcase made from foam board [4 sheets £10 Hobbycraft ] then glued with a bead of hot glue along one edge to initially hold and then around the remaining edges . This works with Wills and Peco embossed plastic sheet. Benefits quick drying but sufficient time to adjust. With internal bracing very strong but light. Its also cheap!! HTH's Doug
  7. Last Thursday I drove down the slip road at 5 ways onto the Hagley Road going west . I noticed the dual carriageway had been dug up under the tunnel and parked in the debris was an artic lorry with a load of pot sleepers [I was driving so no pics I'm afraid] So real progress from my last visit a couple of years ago. That said I guess its disruptive if you were a regular user of Broad Street down into town as I used to be!! Doug.
  8. Drew Can you put me down for two for Fawley Hill Sunday please. Cheers Doug
  9. Jeff Have you seen Karl Crowther's Hebble Vale Goods? I've seen it at exhibitions and his method of joining Wills sheets together produces an end product which is superb. He did an article in MRJ explaining his methods about a year ago [sorry don't have the precise date] but http://www.emgauge70s.co.uk/ will give you an idea what he's achieved. Not sure how you will mount the plastic on your ply frame, I've had a lot of success using narrow strips of double sided tape on foam board as well as ply. Just a thought. Doug
  10. An alternative might be to use plasterers scrim. I've built embankments on an expanded polystyrene base with the scrim hiding the 'regularities' of cuts on the base. The scrim is flexible and sticky and a good base for a thin layer of plaster. I've been pleased with the results. Just a thought. Doug
  11. Andy As a 'lurker' I hope you don't mind me contributing to your options for your splendid Bristol Victoria model.. I see you've made reference to coal production in the Radstock area which is of particular interest to me. As background, I've done quite a bit of research into the railways around Radstock ahead of my retirement plan to build an EM gauge model of Radstock West [GWR]. I'm now into the scenic side which extends from Marcrofts wagon works to beyond the famous level crossing based around 1959. I lived in the area for a few years before I moved away for work but hope you don't mind me sharing a little of what I've learned which might be of interest to you although it may or may not fit with your current backstory for Bristol Victoria. If it doesn't fit feel free to ignore!! By the mid '60's there were two pits still producing coal around Radstock. Writhlington pit was connected to the S & D at Radstock and when the S & D was closed a new connection to the GWR was installed specifically to allow the coal to be 'exported' from the area to Portishead Power station or for the smelter at Avonmouth. Kilmersdon pit was connected to the GWR line via a rope worked incline station and used to lower 16T minerals to the GWR connection. All told around 50 wagons of coal a day were produced in the '60's which was hauled away from the area mainly I believe by Hymeks. A slip at Pensford in July 1968 saw the direct through route to Bristol closed and as the production of coal was still profitable, this then had to be moved out via Frome Bath and Portishead a rather circuitous route but allowed Class 47's and 52's [often Western Queen I believe] to be the main hauliers. I'm not sure when the changeover took place from 16T's to MGR HOP AB's but I do have a photo of a MGR wagon with a with a slogan painted on the side indicating last wagon of coal from Writhlington and dated 16th Nov 1973. So by the end of September 1973, coal mining had ceased in the Somerset coalfield. I can't find any reference to coal being exported from Bristol docks during the period of your model but perhaps if you applied 'Rule 1' you could include MGR's as well as the 16T's. I'd recommend Colin Magg's book 'The Bristol-Radstock-Frome Line' published by The Oakwood Press to anyone who might be interested in the lines history & workings. Keep up the good work, as reading your message board is always an accompaniment to my breakfast which is a whole lot more enjoyable than the traditional press. Doug
  12. I've recently been experimenting with building materials and had some success using embossed plastikard and Wills embossed sheets on a base of 5mm foam board. I bought this cheap at a national craft shop together with a roll of narrow double sided tape which does surprisingly hold the base and surface tightly together. This gets around the problem using solvents dissolving the internal foam. I'm using this process to top out the platforms with Wills paving and Slater's embossed brick for the walls of the platforms themselves. Care needs to be taken to 'fit' the paving together but it's then a case of laying on top of the double sided tape with a minimal amount of pressure. Doug
  13. re your plans for Radstock. A while ago I shared some pics of Marcrofts with Paul B who now has them on his site http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/?q=radstock I used to live in Radstock and when I retired my long term intention of building Radstock West commenced. I have modelled from Marcrofts to beyond the infamous level crossing about 35' long almost scale length on two sides of my garage. I've set the EM gauge layout in 1959 the last year of through passenger services. If I can be of any further help give me a shout Doug
  14. I've taken a look at Hugh Longworth's 'BR Mark 1 & Mark 2 Coaching stock' which suggests the LMR did receive a no of BSO's in the '60's. All were from the first batch Lot no 30170 built at Doncaster between 1955-1956. The dates below indicate the month of transfer to the LMR and any subsequent regional movements. E9205 .......07/65 E9206........07/65 E9208 .......07/65 E9209....... 01/66........back to ER....07/71 E9210....... 04/68 E9212........01/66 E9220........10/68 E9221........02/67 E9225........01/66 E9226........08/65 E9227........10/68 E9228........07/65 E9229........by '72.....then to Sc 02/81 E9230........04/68 E9236........01/66 E9237........01/66.....then to Sc 02/81 E9241........by '72 E9250........04/68 E9252........by '69....then back to ER 05/70 Hope that helps Doug
  15. I have no connection with SP but had a very good experience recently. I'd been after a pair of brass sides for a mark 1 diag 30 Griddle Car which was showing as out of stock on the web site. I contacted SP via their link to ask if there was any stock available and if not to tell me if there was any intention to manufacture in the near future. I heard nothing for about 6 weeks and then David emailed me to say he'd located what I wanted if still interested. Paid same day sides arrived within 48 hrs. So in my book SP exceeded my expectations as what I was asking for was out of stock. I'd buy from SP again without hesitation Doug
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