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  1. The heavy rains in northern India have cut the cart road and the DHR again. I hope the railway can survive the shutdown since March and now this. https://m.economictimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/landslides-detached-darjeeling-disrupted-world-heritage-toy-train-service/articleshow/76710965.cms
  2. Have a look at the late Raymond Walleys website. Under pdf tab is advice on resistance soldering - I found this a great help when I started. www.raymondwalley.com
  3. Very nice and thank you for posting. A beautiful locomotive and coaches.
  4. D16/2 for me. A powerful 4 wheeler with the full valances, belpaire boiler and in 1930's Royal Claude livery please.
  5. Hi Dava, how much is there on the construction of the railcars supplied to the LNER? Most books cover allocation etc but theres very little out there on how they were built. Thanks Ralph
  6. Dave Is there a specific reason for choosing 3ft? If it is not to be used in your workshop could you make it longer and would that allow you to incorporate an engine shed on a siding from the mainline towards the front of the board? This could be a stand alone scenic diorama and would add extra operating interest to the layout with engines staying overnight and loco coal in / out. Ralph
  7. Many thanks Compound2632 for the comprehensive answer. This was for a friend John who enjoys making one off large scale models of unusual wagons. I see if the midland centre offers a cooy/scan service. Regards Ralph
  8. Can anyone point me in the direction of drawings / photos for the Midland Railway wagon for bunker coal / roadstone? Raloh
  9. All the very best to the AD. Hope he is out, recovered and back modelling soon. Ralph
  10. Not at all. I enjoyed the story and now I'm better informed. Several of the scenes activated the "modelling gene"
  11. My knowledge isnt that good and it caught me on the hop. It looked like a 232t maybe ex prussian? This really isnt my area - I posted in case it was of interest to others. Ralph
  12. Just watching this 1954 film on "talking pictures" Alex Guiness as Father Brown Some very atmospheric shots of a French local train at about 1hr - 3 axle coaches and 2 axle van. Also some nice period views of countryside and village. Ralph Webb
  13. One32

    Railex 2019

    Congratulations, in that company "Best in Show" is a real accolade. Thank you for all the inspiration this blog has given and the clear explanations of your techniques. It's pure Reithian...Inform, educate and entertain!
  14. Does anyone know who now owns the RAS photograph archive? I would love to have a couple of their photographs to frame and put on my study wall. Ralph
  15. Hi Vernon Do you now use Alkyd paints for all layers or are they grained on top of acrylic? Ralph
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