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  1. Can anyone recommend a decent pair of wire strippers warren
  2. Thanks for your comments warren
  3. Thanks for your comments,yes the gswr is well worth modelling,pity it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.I well remember the double headed ore trains rumbling through Corkerhill from Hunsterton to Ravenscraig;all now just a distant memory. Hopefully we will be able to get back to the SECC next year. warren
  4. It’s Vallejo engine grime weathering effects acrylic warren
  5. Glad you like it,I think a painted back scene blends in a little better than a photo,though some of the new ones are pretty good. warren
  6. Many thanks for the thumbs up warren
  7. Many thanks for the thumbs up


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      I’m here Stoppit! what sort of response is that? Certainly not very polite!

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      AY Mod

      It was tongue in cheek as the whole thing about incorrect usage of the message system winds many of us up. It stems from users not reading the prompt in the box they use to send the message. Next time I'll just delete the message.

    4. warren lodge
  8. Thanks for the thumbs up


  9. Thanks for the thumbs up


  10. Thanks for the thumbs up


  11. A recently completed layout,loosely based on the Highland Railway.Lochinver does exist,and I believe a line was proposed many years ago,but like so many other projects,it never materialised. The model took 5 months to complete track work is Peco code 100 with large radius electrofrog turnouts.These are operated by wire in tube,using slider switches to change the polarity of the frog. Signals are cobbled together using mse parts,and they are also operated using the wire and tube method. Buildings are scratch built,and taken from numerous locations in the Highlands. Either end of the layout has cassettes made from mdf,and aluminium angle. The backscene is hand painted,trees are kebab sticks,covered in glue from a hot glue gun,sprayed,and then covered with Woodland Scenics foliage,and the building are constructed from mounting board,and then covered in Slaters Plasticard. I have tried to create a uniformity with the layout,everything I hope blends in together,whether that be buildings,locos road vehicles etc. The baseboards are of conventional design,both 60ins.x16ins.and jointed together by brass dowels for alignment,and coach bolts. The period is mid fifties,to early sixteen,which means I can run both steam and green diesels,and with a little bit of modellers license,blue stock as well. Its not a layout for the purists,instead its been constructed for the feel,rather than absolute accuracy,but I am happy with the end result,as I think I have achieved that.
  12. A small layout set in North Norfolk,depicting a line that was proposed but never built
  13. Can anyone tell me how to remove an untitled album from my gallery Warren
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