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  1. A small layout set in North Norfolk,depicting a line that was proposed but never built
  2. Can anyone tell me how to remove an untitled album from my gallery Warren
  3. The model railway dept.at Argyle Model Dockyard was down a flight of stairs,if I can remember correctly,very claustrophobic,and hot,but always plenty to see,happy days!
  4. Sorry to hear that they are closing,Glasgow in the sixties was well served by some great shops,Glasgow Model Centre,Argyle Model Dockyard,D&F,MacMillans(two shops I believe)MacKays in Paisley,and the shop in Cambridge St(think it was called Glassfords,it was an experience to shop there!I remember a small premises.in St Enoch Square,up several flights of stairs,ModelmastersI think,All a sad memory now Where will we go now? Warren Lodge
  5. In reply to the problems you have with the 14XX,remove the traction tyre wheels,and fit a set of normal14XX wheels (without the grove),they simply pull off and push on,Peters spares should stock them.check the wheel gauge is okay.Then put some lead weight in the cab,I used flat lead sheet glued to the inside roof.My 14XX will pull six or seven wagons or two coaches,more than adequate for this loco,and runs lovely,
  6. Like many others ,I have found uploading photos so difficult and time consuming,I am a railway modeller not a computor wiz kid! As you can see from my gallery,I only seem to end up with blank images,Compared to uploading pictures on other model websites RM Webb is a nightmare. I have really been inspired from the layouts I have viewed,but can no longer handle the frustration
  7. Dear Martin, thankyou very much for your prompt reply to my question.I have followed your instructions,but when I get to click on MY COMPUTOR,I cant find a box that says that,could it be called something else? As you can gather,I am not computor literate,more like iliterate! any suggestions would be much appreciated! Warren
  8. Can anyone give me some help as to how to upload photos from my folder to RM webb?My pictures are JPEG(whatever that means?),and when I have tried to upload them from the folder,all I have is a blank image on my gallery.I dont know what I am doing wrong,but I have already had to have two blank images removed,I'm reluctant to have another go incase it happens again!!!!!!!!!!! warren
  9. can anyone give me some tips on how to remove an unwanted album from my gallery?
  10. The title of the album is Lochinver,this empty folder appears three times.If you could remove them,I would be very grateful.Will try to do it properly next time!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I have accidently upload an album to my gallery,how can I remove it?
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