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  1. How did you access them please? I cant see any mention of them in the June digital BRM and it's not part of the BRMTV content?
  2. I completely sympathise. I have been frankly appalled by the attitude of so called holiday areas to second home owners. If I was lucky enough to own two homes I would feel totally justified in choosing which one to be locked down in. I wouldn't expect to travel willy nilly between the two. Ultimately people have probably got a second home as somewhere to go and relax so why wouldn't you want to locked down there rather than in a "main home" that's probably somewhere convenient for work rather than peaceful.
  3. What colour are the ends on the two liveries? If both have black ends you could do one side chocolate and cream, and the other side lake. Having the luxury of a degree of freelance on my light railway all of my coaches and some of the wagons have different liveries / lettering on each side.
  4. This sometimes works for me and might save you a bit of time and money. Imagine the replacement pigs have arrived. You need to put them somewhere safe. Where will you put them? Good chance the originals will be there....
  5. Hey Phil, maybe Argyle will get promoted???? League 2 has voted to end the season and promote the clubs currently in the top 3 places. They also voted for no relegation. If league 1 vote for no relegation I don't see how league 2 clubs can be promoted because there would be four too many clubs in league 1 and 4 fewer in league 2? I know it's not as important as real life, but interesting anyway.
  6. Amazing that two kit manufacturers would compete over such a niche model
  7. I like the companies that advertise Monumental Masons. I am put in mind of a huge bloke with an apron and one trouser leg rolled up. May Sonichall
  8. Im not a expert Jakub but I wonder if the greeting card industry has any technologies you could adapt. They do lots of embossing into card and paper.
  9. Where did he say the loco went? He said for coal. I could have sworn he said something....
  10. Need to send a light engine up off shed to put some steam heat into them
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