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  1. No because vans don't go fast enough for speed to streak the rooves. They are streaked by gravity. @Mick Bonwick will be along in due course to confirm.....
  2. Thanks Nigel it's engine driver that I have installed so I will activate that option.
  3. Thank you Nigel, that's really helpful. Does anybody know the relevant CV for Zimo decoders? My system is a Digitrax Zephyr which doesn't seem to have emergency stop, but I am currently experimenting with using my phone on loconet with JMRI. Would there be an emergency stop in there that would work "through" the zephyr?
  4. Can I ask how emergency stop can be achieved with stay alives in locos. Even if you turn the power off the stay alive will keep the loco heading towards the disaster, wont it?
  5. I'd say 46444s colour is too red, more like bauxite than the SR brown which is more, well, brown really...
  6. I haven't done any adjustments to the chip which is as supplied. It's an adams radial sound file which I thought was the closest available to the Ilfracombe Goods, which of course is not available! Both the radial and the IG are two cylinder locos so I should be able to get it right in due course.
  7. Thanks Ade. I'm very pleased. It has a massive flywheel and a great quality motor gearbox which hopefully overcome the defects of my chassis building!
  8. Funny, I thought of Lord Belborough at Chigley. Time flies by when I'm the driver of a train, and I ride on the footplate there and back again....
  9. So here's a quick chassis question. I have built the chassis using the spacers provided in the kit. I have used the bearings provided in the kit and the wheels and axles from slaters as recommended by Laurie. However, I can't help feeling that the back of the wheels are too tight against the surface of the bearings if I fully tighten them. Tighten them fully they bind a little. Ease off by an eigth of a turn and they run lovely. As you can see above it's running fine so I'm not going lose to much sleep over it. I wonder if i should take a bit off the surface of the bearings or the back of the wheels (or both) or should I leave well alone? Is it simply that it is possible to over-tighten the wheels on the axles?
  10. Thanks G. She really is smooth on DCC. The loco builder box was a good shout too, the tender is whizzy now
  11. We have a dcc fitted rolling chassis! Plunger pickups fitted to the tender and connecting wire sorted, loco pickups and motor attached to DCC harness and chip/speaker/stayalive temporarily connected for testing.
  12. Here's some local news that may be of interest to folks on here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2723547671075138&id=345550252208237
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