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    Didcot Newbury and Southampton Railway, Colonel Stephens lines, railway photography most prolific in 1980s

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  1. That's an absolute cracker
  2. Compartment interiors ready for installation into the birdcage. Being a tri-composite there are 2 thirds, 2 seconds and 2 firsts.
  3. At least it's not American Football Rob. I did one game at Wembley and it went on for hours. They stop the clock every time the play breaks down - interminable! Plus we were outside the ground so never saw a thing. Be safe mate.
  4. Puts me in mind of "Charlie and me had another cup of tea, and then we went home...….."
  5. I didn't know that hoovers had worked that route. Thanks
  6. No Phil, that's Alice. Different song altogether......
  7. Right, and I want a thread just for o gauge bargains, and Fred wants one just for 1930s LMS in N gauge........ Sorry, that is just bonkers. A bargain is a bargain. I can't get to Ian Allan either but I am capable of moving swiftly on.
  8. I haven't used these yet but have been researching watermill sounds and they look useful resources http://www.modelsounds.co.uk/buy.html https://www.zapsplat.com/sound-effect-categories/
  9. I would like to record publicly that I no longer consider the Captain's avatar to be either too grey or too dull In fact, it's rather arty and impressive Art Critwick
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