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  1. I am not familiar with Gauagemaster Prodigy but as a general principal nothing should be shooting off the end of a programming track as most systems with separate programming outputs like the Lenz do not deliver enough current to do that. This is deliberate so that the chances of burning out a badly fitted decoder are minimised. Are you sure your pal has his programming track correctly wired up? Richard
  2. Support for Railcom is very patchy, which is a pity as it has so much to offer. What support there is depends much on the hardware you intend to use namely the Railcom detectors. As far as I know (I may be wrong) Traincontroller supports Railcom using Tams and ECoS equipment and Rocrail appears to support Tams hardware. As far I know JMRI, and SSI do not support Railcom and I do not know about iTrain or Win-digipet. The guys at DCC4PC have some downloads which enables their hardware to make use of Tams protocols in Traincontroller but I believe there are some limitations. They are also selling
  3. Having read the manual now, I agree with you Brian that it says use NC (Normally Closed switch) or better known as a push-to-break switch. However, the OP's description above of how he tested it with a couple of wires is simulating a push-to-make action which seems to have given him the desired results. Either there is a typo in the manual or something wrong with the PSX-1. Richard
  4. I have not read the PSX-1 manual, but from your description of the shorting/reset with just bare wires, I would suggest you are using the wrong type of push switch and you should be using a push to make type. Richard
  5. Its official passenger services tofrom Rochdale start 28th February 2013 No indication if there will be any days of free travel as there was for the opening of the Droylsden line Richard
  6. Saw the layout at Doncaster and what a fine layout it looks. The backscene was particularly good. Well done chaps! Richard
  7. The site at Milnrow has been virtually cleared just a security cabin, some security fencing and a skip. Work looks like it is almost complete on some perimeter fencing along the Elizabethan Way. There was more tram running earlier this week.It all looks good to go .
  8. I noticed today that ticket machines have appeared at both Milnrow and Newbold and presumeably at Newhey and Kinsway. At Milnrow the final bits of perimeter fencing seem to be going up. Lots of Thales vans parked up in Morrisons and what appears to be a signal where the tracks single to cross the Leeds/Manchester line. On the less positive side at the cross-over between Milnrow and Kingsway stations there are red tubes sticking out of the ground with no wiring present, I presume it is for some signalling? Is it time to get excited Richard
  9. A lot of test running of trams at Newbold this afternoon with trams stopping at Newbold and heading out in both directions. Maybe the promised link to Rochdale might happen in February, well one lives in hope Richard
  10. Tactile switches normally need to be mounted on a PCB but you will find veroboard will do. The type linked below allow you to have a choice of button though the round type will probably be the easiest to use only requiring a hole drilling in your panel. The data sheets will give you all the dimensions. I have used these on panels up to 3mm thick http://www.rapidonline.com/Electronic-Components/Switches/Tactile-Switches/Button Richard
  11. Spotted a test tram at Milnrow today, looks like the Oldham to Rochdale station section might become operational soon. About time too the track has been laid for months and the overhead wires have been completed, supposedly they went live at the end of July, although I have seen work being done after that date. Most of the stations seem complete from what I have seen, at Milnrow the only thing missing is a bit of fencing here and there. Richard
  12. Tracksettas have slots in them which enable you to pin the track down. If you do not want pins left in the track once the the glue is set, you can leave the pins proud and pull them out after. Richard
  13. I got one yesterday after trawlling round 2 Lidls and then it it was the last on the shelf. I have very little experience with airbrushes so I cannot compare against more pro types but for £40 it does not do a bad job maybe not on detailing but for more general work it will do. I intend to use it mainly for rail painting and just getting experience. Getting a better airbrush will be the first improvement and making use of the compressor to which I hope to add a water trap. Personally, I would say to anyone wanting to have a start in airbrushing it is £40 well spent as long as you realise its l
  14. The OP has gone quiet on the subject, a simple post would clear up the confusion Richard
  15. Thanks Martin, Like some others I think I will stick to a hardcopy, at least it is always there to refer to offline. Richard
  16. Can someone confirm the following quote from the BRM website; "Not only do you get your copy of BRM the moment it's released, once downloaded you can read it whenever you like without the need for an internet connection." Reading some of the posts here suggests that you cannot save your copy and can only access it online. Richard
  17. Grandson gone for afternoon nap, so I have a chance to reply. Thanks Two Tone green and Orange Alco for your replies. As I assumed auto shut off is no more than than a limit switch that cuts off the supply once the the motor completes its movement. The only niggle I have is that the motor coil will produce a back e.m.f as the magnetic field collapses, the limit switch will prevent this going back into the decoder. Do you think the normal practice with electo-magnetic devices of putting a reversed biased diode across each coil's output should do the trick or is this already done within the deco
  18. I have just bought an LS100 Accessory Decoder as an upgrade for my test layout which currently has Peco turnout motors triggered from a stud and probe mimic panel. During my research I noted that you could still use manual switching alongside the decoder which is what I would like to do thus for the time being retaining the mimic panel as is. However, closer reading of the small print in the manual says this is only possible with turnout motors with "auto shut-off" which the Pecos are not. Does anyone know the reason why this restriction, or is it just Lenz being over cautious to the possibili
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