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  1. Dual Mass Flywheel, its supposed to smoothen out the transmission, initially from high torque diesel's.
  2. Well, the DMF wasn't such a big issue, £150 labour and free parts replacement. Car is back and feeling smooth again, nuff said on that. My Go Pro Hero+ LCD died last month and house insurance paid out to replace it. Spent a bit extra and got the Hero 9, which is pretty good (once I got the media mod too). Couple more days work then off for two weeks.
  3. So work have agreed to let me do a bit of overtime each day for a while (1.5x rate) which should help restore some cash reserves and help pay for some camera equipment I'd like. Looks like the DMF on my car has gone again and needs work, only just out of the warranty period. Hoping the manufacturer gies me some grace on the parts which shouldn't have failed. Probable £700 bill coming for that. Price of used cars is so high lately that selling it with the fault and getting something else isn't worth it.
  4. Thanks for the tips, I did wonder about a change of career into lorry driving, it does peak my interest but I have the hurdle of needing the qualifications and not being quite 100% sure. I like IT and fortunately I'm moving away from that direct customer facing role I was once in. I have ideas about getting a second income from my hobbies and only just uploaded my first vlog on Youtube (link in signature if anyones interested).
  5. Money Money Money Because of my job situation, new job didn't work out and back to old job. Able to keep my head above water but not by much, suddenly can't afford to indulge myself quite so much and its affected my wellbeing. I like my job, but I don't think people appreciate who much living expenses are stacked against you living on your own. Thinking about trying to earn money elsewhere but not really sure I can find a saleable talent.
  6. Honestly I'd love to, but finding a non-customer facing role seems tricky without having to up sticks and move.
  7. Managed to knacker my GoPro at the weekend and nearly knacker my DSLR to boot. Was caught in the sheet of rain that came down over Lincolnshire and my gopro didn't have the waterproof casing on. DSLR was playing up for a bit after a soaking but seems to have sorted itself thankfully. The gopro was a gift so I'm a little bit sad, I might get it repaired even though its an older model (and about £300+ for a new one anyway).
  8. Hadn't heard this quote till now, but looking at my own and others work, it rings very true. To add to that, let the sound tell the story too.
  9. I can fully concur. I'm not a professional in any way shape or form (actually an IT guy) and video editing is something I only know at a basic level. I don't really get on with online courses so advancing that skill is tricky. I'm trying different things but the YT algorithm is annihilating any chance of views I think. My best video ever is currently at 58k views and its on the Talyllyn 150, a sort of compilation of clips I spent time curating and putting together from my visit there (shameless link here). However my second, its 16k views and its me talking to a poorly lit camera about some Thomas models (link here). I really don't get what youtube viewers are after apart from watching people gaming or shouting drivel into the camera. Spent a few hours once with Chris Eden-Green and got to see a small part of the immense work he puts into his and I think he deserves far more success than he's given credit for. There are plenty of gems out there, I just feel like I'm not recognised at all.
  10. Ahem *cough* some do upload stuff. Yup its mostly just me talking about a train or something. Haven't really got very far with it. I technically run my stuff on the carpet, but its E-Z track which is great for avoiding fluff. I've only appeared on camera in one of mine, as I'm really shy about it. My channel, and YT as a whole is a mixed bag really, some good stuff, some bad. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfWx-kkerF6iTo91x08tcjw
  11. So to follow up on losing my job a couple of weeks back, it looks like I'm going to be getting my previous job back. Pay isn't as good but its enough to see me through. Gives me space to think about my next step at least. Anyone got a decent paying job going that involves paying me to drink beer and watch trains?
  12. So I've been told that my new job isn't working out and 5 months in they've decided to part ways. Sometimes you think things are working out fine then bang, someone takes it all away again. Thankfully it seems like my previous boss will take me back. Its proper crap though as I was enjoying it.
  13. Lies, this must be a show-home, no modeller is this organised!
  14. If its any use to you I made a video where I use my Hornby FS with a TTS decoder to show off the JMRI software, for a budget chip I find them ok and serve a purpose.
  15. I briefly tried something similar with Tornado with some double sided tape, but the thickness of the tape was too much in my case. It caused the loco to have a lot of friction and fried the chip.
  16. May I ask which speaker you bought?
  17. I wonder if she's going partly because of her history as number 23
  18. I did a motor swap on mine (TTS version) and although it seems to be running about the same as it did with the 3-pole, its sounds very grindy. Motor dropped in directly. Only thing I had to do is solder the wires and drop it in.
  19. I managed to replace my Tornado's motor for the 5 pole, same as what I did for the P2. P2 is a bit grindy but Tornado seems about the same as the 3-pole. Might need running in or some extra pickups (no tender pickups). Managed to blow my DCC chip at the same time. Wondering if I can squeeze a TTS chip with a cube speaker in the smokebox.
  20. I do wonder how we'd fare without video conferencing and the internet to keep in touch. For all the bad things technology can bring, there are also many times the benefits.
  21. Things have certainly changed for me a lot over the course of the past year. Everything is completely different to when I started this thread too. 1. I moved house - out from under my parents roof into my own home 2. New job a couple of months ago - vast improvements in working life and salary The only thing I'm struggling with is a lack of human contact. I think I have a better relationship with the cashier at Tesco than anyone else right now. See my folks once or twice a week but haven't been able to share a beer with friends for months. I understand why the lockdowns are in place, but coming out of the other side I think as a country we need to address the mental health issues that have since materialised. Also haven't met with the local 16mm club since last summer either, so no steam ups. Did manage to get a run at the GCR last autumn and a ride behind Thomas at the NVR back in July though. Mojo has kinda returned, the soldering iron has been out to fix some of my dodgy loco wiring (shrink tubing is excellent!).
  22. Ordered 2, gonna have a crack at swapping the P2 and my Tornado one.
  23. Lockdown has had a similar effect, I want to get out as I work and sleep in the same room lately. I've walked bloody miles! No real modelling mojo as house-hunting is commencing, but after that I may finally be able to set up my garden railway.
  24. Do yourself a favour and pickup a Mamod train set, hours of fun. My 16mm loco's have been staving off the lack of big steam loco's and keeping the steamy smell in my nostrils that bit longer.
  25. Not exactly far away from point to point, but still a bit of a trek: Located in Vienna near the Technisches Museum Wien and Schoenbrunn palace. Nice little shop, chap only knew a little english but helped a lot. Pickoed up a Piko Hobby Taurus for €64.99 http://www.modellbahntraum.com/ Wedel - Hamburg - There was a small model shop nearby, picked up an N gauge Flesichmann 0-6-0, couple of 6 wheel carriages and a luggage van Nederland Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht - picked up a Piko Hobby 0-4-0 tender loco, couple of 4 wheeler carriages and a baggage van The Piko Hobby range, being an equivalent to Hornby's Railroad, is really good quality stuff.
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