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  1. I kept looking at the quayside and wasn't entirely happy with it then inspiration struck. I could put another siding, quick play with some gauges and sleepers and this is what we have. To shunt the siding reach wagons must be used because a loco can't go across the turntable. Here a J70 is collecting a van from the siding. Having put the van on the 'mainline' a loaded open wagon is being put in its place. I now need to work out he best composition of buildings to provide a suitable view block.
  2. J69 would be nice as would an E4. Would probably be popular too. However I am not that bothered as I am happy to build one eventually. Martyn
  3. There are still many interesting buildings in the area if you know where to look, just not as many of them. Martyn
  4. As a member of the Great Eastern Society I knew these kits were coming. Once I have completed a few more jobs I do intend to order some. I have another etched wagon to build (my second) that will give me further practice before tackling a W&U prototype. I like the look of the six wheelers too. The kits look great. Martyn
  5. They are sprayed with Tamiya TS-1 red brown and then weathered. What is even more cunning is that like the four wheeler they are based on Ratio 4 wheelers and will be used until such time as I build something better. Thanks for your interest.
  6. An Australian teacher I worked with many years ago suggested that the Essex computer keyboard didn't need H or T as they were redundant! Martyn
  7. Still experimenting with ways to work the extended layout and look what turned up today. A train of two six wheelers arrived behind the J15 and have been shunted into the siding by the resident Tram. The J15 takes water. The train is ready for departure back to the junction. Waiting at the future and currently nameless station before going to the fiddle yard. The strange marks in the middle of the track is filler applied to the insulating cuts in the sleepers that now needs sanding down before the track can
  8. My tank used Wills water tank panels that weren't being used and I soldered up the frame from bits of brass. It was based on a prototype but I now can't remember where, must have been somewhere in East Anglia? Martyn
  9. This is how I did it on my Fen land based layout. The photo of the water tower is old and the layout has been completely rebuilt and improved since this photo was taken. The mpd is still the same layout because of its visual effect in obscuring the exit from this board.. The second photo shows the usual view with a Tram parked obscuring the view of the fiddle yard entrance. Water tower and crane is scratch built, track is PCB in EM gauge, this is the most recent incarnation of the Upbech board. Hope this is of interest. Martyn
  10. Thanks for pointing that out, will be remedied over the weekend. Martyn
  11. Later on a Tuesday night between about 8.30 and 10pm has become a good time for modelling mid week as it coincides with the Jamie Cullum jazz show on radio 2. I have listened to this show since the days when it was on late on Sunday nights followed by a live gig at midnight. This building is very loosley based on the Bell pub in Kersey but doesn't really look like it. The first part was built over twenty years ago, is being refurbished and I am building an extension. This is progress so far, cobbled together out of plasticard with card timbers that will be infilled with polyfilla (
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