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  1. I've been to Exeter today, there was snow just down the road on Dartmoor! All there was in Exeter was traffic jams as usual. Martyn
  2. The Merchants Tramway on Portland was built to 4'6" so built in EM. Obviously the branch line was built in P4! Martyn
  3. Due to weekend commitments I often do my modelling during the week at the moment, Tuesday seems to be a good night. Point rodding finished tonight so I think some scenic work can now start. This small amount of rodding has taken hours, trouble is now it is there I doubt I will build a layout without it again where it is required.
  4. 61502 is one of the Scottish B12s that retained their Belpaire boilers long after most had been rebuilt with round topped and I believe at this time was shedded at Keith. Would this have affected the way it was numbered and lettered? Martyn
  5. Looks great and it really seems to work in my experience. I got the idea from the Kadee magnet instructions where it was suggested but didn't expect it to work with Spratt and Winkle couplings too. Martyn
  6. Finally bit the bullet and started the point rodding tonight having soldered up the cranks around a week ago. This tiny run represents around an hours work on top of around two hours soldering up and painting parts but I think it will be worth it. The board was moved indoors onto the dining room table, too cold in the garage. One of the joys of small layouts is the portability and that this small layout allows me to try point rodding without having too much to do so giving more chance of success.
  7. With the Kadee's working I will build the layout so it can run in early 60s mode, I have wanted to model an East Anglian branch in the early early 60s ever since I bought my copy of Diesels in East Anglia by Doctor Allen. Type twos worked a variety of services including the type of branch freight seen here. D5054 was a March engine from 1959 to 61 so could have turned up at Upbech though is likely to be further detailed and renumbered. This loco is around fifteen years old. This shot shows the Kadees working well although the coupling does need straightening up.
  8. Any driving in the south west can be tedious, the roads are terrible and there is little alternative to the car. My last local passenger train ran in 1952!
  9. I've got the Kadee's working through refitting the magnets, I will get the diesels out for a run this weekend to check. The wagon that fouled the crossing will have its coupling raised, all the other wagons are ok with it and now seem to uncouple ok. to be honest I don't want to start another layout at the moment as plans are formulating for something very different to start probably next year. I use hinged magnets powered by DCC as seen below! Obviously DCC is 'direct chord control.' The weather is foul here today so I have bit the bullet and started on the point rodding, these parts are incredibly small with all work being done using a magnifying lamp but progress has been made that I will show soon. My soldering skills are really being put to the test.
  10. I've decided to stop the Kadee usage on this layout. In principal it does work and the hinged kadee magnets work really well with S&W couplings. However, in order to get the Kadees to work successfully on the layout the pins have to be set at a level that will foul the occupation crossing. The solution? I will resurrect the Rickett Street layout and build a small urban layout specifically for Kadee couplings, this is what I originally intended. The experiment has been useful as I have gained some regauaged locos, stock and learnt how to set them up. This layout will remain set in the late 40s early 50s. I think the cut off point will be arrival of the 4mts on the M&GN so I can run the two that I have eventually or they could end up on an East London urban layout as some were based on the LT&SR in the 50s. Who knows but it will be interesting finding out! Martyn
  11. This discussion has now gone on for some time. To me it can be summarised quite simply if you want them buy them, if not do something else. I have cut and shut Ratio 4 wheelers and Hornby clerestory coaches as place holders until I can build something else. I built them and they will do for now Business management matters because it provides jobs. Martyn
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