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  1. As someone who also lives by the sea I can sympathise. We recently had to have roof work done on our house because of storm damage too. Stay safe Martyn
  2. Rob I have worked with S&W couplings for 20 years so was used to spending time setting up couplings. I wouldn't change these on steam era stock Kadee couplers have been much more of a faff than I expected, NEM fitted stock is a problem because there is no consistency in height and our use of metal axles means the big slab magnets are a pain. I need to experiment with weighting wagons but applying a 'brake' has definitely helped. By the way, I have used a Powercab for years and have installed decoders in all sorts of chassis including a split chassis 04!
  3. The factory area needs something to finish it off. I have some foam board so decided to try and model a small structure to extend the factory. Both openings are loading bays as per the mill at Standon on the Buntingford branch. Still a lot to do though hand scribing bricks, including the arches was an interesting challenge. Dimensions were partly set using the original Scalescenes factory. Painting next, and doors and roof detail. I wasn't happy with the performance of the Kadee couplers, not consistent enough. There is also the issue of the large magnets and there attraction to wagon axles. I took them out and have replaced them with some tiny but very powerful round magnets glued under the sleepers. I have also 'braked' some of the axles and results have improved. I have also spent time tweaking coupler heights. The magnets had to be glued and held in place with blu tac to stop them getting together whilst drying.
  4. If you were going between Bere Regis and Dorchester you were a very long way from a tin mine! Martyn
  5. Not much has happened on the quay side board as I need to finish Upbech Drove first. I'm currently working on the factory area but nothing worth showing yet. I have laid some mounting card as prelude to bringing the area up to track level as this will be street trackage. The buildings are all safely stored. By the 60s, like the Stoke Ferry branch, some of the track work had been upgraded to take heavier locos but not this siding. The class 10 is retrieving the vans to be replaced by an ex GW van, a Siphon I think? This van is Dapol purchased years ago and desperately needs a better chassis. However because the siding is now rundown and the wagon turntable out of use the ex SR brake van and open wagons are being used as reach wagons. In the distant future, during the 60s period, I would like to put a derelict wagon on the turntable siding, during the steam period it will be rope shunted.
  6. According to 'First Generation Diesels in East Anglia, this is an Elingham sand train. The wagons are unusual as they were built for use in France after D Day. This photo is also in 'Diesels in East Anglia.' Just wish Dr Allen had dated his photos as they are a fantastic resource for East Anglian modellers, particularly of the 50s and 60s. Martyn
  7. Nothing wrong with a 4mt in my view. Thanks for continuing to post, a must view every day. Martyn
  8. I had one of these many years ago and yes the jackshaft nut did catch on the back of the steps. Easily solved, I think I did it by glueing some thin clear plasticard to the back of the steps. Martyn
  9. 1960s time warp. This is the first time the 60s stock has run to a scenic Upbech Drove. Here we see a DMU service. Long overdue for the weathering shop.
  10. Why would you use the M5? An even bigger and more unpleasant car park than the M25. Martyn
  11. Just goats and the indigenous population, we are kimberlins! Martyn
  12. And anywhere north of Portland is in England, I need my passport every day for work in Weymouth!
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