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  1. A great event thanks to all involved for organising . Martyn
  2. There is a photo of a 74 at West Brompton in the West London Line book by Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith. The caption says it is on an Acton to Wimbledon freight in August 73. It is towing a brake tender as well as its load. Martyn
  3. More trials on the new board today and things did run well. At the moment the Kadee magnet is fixed and this trial showed it needs to be hinged. The magnet is simply too strong for the S&W stock especially those with Gibson wheels who positively fly towards the magnet. The cassettes used on Upbech are mounted on 3mm mdf and with a piece of 6mm ply underneath can be used on this board too as seen here. I don't intend to scrap the Upbech fiddle yard in case I need to use Upbech independently at any point.
  4. The new section will use a cassette style fiddle yard. Today I have been building loco cassettes. The short ones at the front are for the Trams, the longer ones will hold a J15, D16, J39 and type 2 diesel. I still need to make some for what will be two class 10 shunters. Next stage will be to make some wagon cassettes, one for the DMU and the clerestory coaches. The run round on the new section will hold 3 wagons and a brake van so that fixes the length of the wagon cassettes. I've used all the odd bits of rail and PCB I have including some bits of the new style Peco Bullhead track I had spare, seemed a shame to destroy the track base but it is no use to me. They still need sides, not sure if I have anything suitable in stock. On Pott Row I did use Aluminum based cassettes but I struggle to cut them straight and they do seem to get dirty quickly. This system is dead simple as it uses fishplates for electrical contact, this has worked well on Upbech.
  5. Social distancing is possible at any distance Boris feels like on that particular day! Looks superb Martyn
  6. Sorry to hear that Alex. I have always broken my modelling down into small manageable projects so I get things finished and feel like I'm making progress. When my work schedule was manic and I had a growing family this really helped. Even now I allow around two years to build a layout similar to yours, the journey is important and I like to get trains running as soon as possible. Take your time and find out what it is you really want to do, just don't rush things. Take care Martyn
  7. Here's a couple of 16 tonners I've built using the Airfix kit as a base. Two more still to do, in EM as usual. Martyn
  8. Q1 for me, only wish I'd built that k's kit with its silly plastic centred wheels and motor that didn't work. Why would that be a problem for a 16 year old who had never built a kit before? Martyn
  9. The Battle of Britain's that were built at Eastleigh if that counts? Martyn
  10. Crews hard at work on Upbech, well some of them anyway.
  11. As much as I like the J15 I really want a T26 (or E4). To be honest could have been almost anything built by the GER, tried to stick with those that were not substantially rebuilt. A G58 or J17 especially with small tender is tempting and the C32 or F3 tank. Martyn
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