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  1. B17 even in streamlined form. Martyn
  2. A3 for me, no disrespect for the A4, the A3 paved the way for what followed and looked good in its various forms and liveries. Close thing, I do like an A4 . Martyn
  3. Britannia's for me today. They had a big impact when they arrived on the GE section and despite any shortcomings helped rejuvenate rail services in the region. They also looked good. Martyn
  4. It is details like the pig swill bins that make this period so interesting. Really like the latest devepments and look forward to resolution of the turntable issue. Martyn
  5. Has to be the B1. Not really much of a contest. Martyn
  6. Has to be the black five today. Martyn
  7. Temperature was high enough to run some trains and listen to some music. Only small changes made to the track but visually it makes quite a difference. Platform will be worked on further tonight having been tried in its place. A Stour Valley style brick wall will run along the back semi hiding the wagons and the low relief factory along the backscene. Trains will escape to the the fiddle yard using view blockers rather than a bridge. Once the platforms are finished the back scene will be added I think.
  8. The Coronations for me too and I don't mind in which form. Martyn
  9. As much as I like the Bulleid Pacific's, have a Hornby model that will one day represent one of those that worked in East Anglia and now live at the end of the line where they did so much sterling work towards the end of their lives my vote goes to the Q1. For some reason I have always been fascinated by them and aged 13 tried to build the k's kit but despite building the body successfully couldn't get the chassis to work, such a familiar story I'm sure. One day I intend to have a model that works. Martyn
  10. 4mt for me today, no surprise really given my fondness for the M&GN. Martyn
  11. Bit more progress to report though not higher temperatures in the garage sadly. It remains around 5 degrees here with a biting wind though I did manage a walk along the cliffs today when it went up to a balmy 7 degrees. The staton board needs a platform and as the track is laid on a gentle curve there was no option but to scratch build. I considered using the Scalescenes kit and even downloaded the latest version but in the end reverted to plasticard. Having used potentially the widest carriage to work out the width a start was made in piecing together a frame and brac
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