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  1. And the door vent and droplight are unchanged too... the former is too deep and the latter too shallow
  2. Polished steel, regularly rubbed down/brightened up with pumice.
  3. Lowestoft is an option too - docks plus Oulton Broad/riverside industries and the Sleeper Depot...
  4. It's not just a comment but a Poll - inviting a 'Yes' or 'No' response to producing a version in GE blue (even though it never ran in that livery under the GER or LNER). The Poll closes in about 3 weeks: https://www.facebook.com/Oxford-Rail-2176618712550434/
  5. I'd seen a review on the Gauge O Guild Forum (for members only) of a DCC rig for around £150 - the PIKO Smartcontrol Light, based on the Uhlenbrock Daisy system which is around £100 more expensive. As I'm new to DCC I ordered one from Digitrains as a starter kit. The item was packed and shipped the same day and arrived the next - excellent service! A couple of weeks ago I was in Lincoln for a few days and wandered out of town to their new location, just under the Pelham Bridge. I spent the best part of an hour with first Jeremy, who demonstrated various aspects of DCC control and answered my - often naïve - questions with patience and clarity. He than handed me over to John, who uses the PIKO system on his layout, who gave me a live tutorial of its functions (which really are extensive for what is notionally a basic set-up) and showed how to program locos, functions, routes, etc. Whilst on the premises I noted that they stock a range of useful modelling items as well as RTR products, including scenic items, metal and plastic profiles and paints, glues and other stuff. Having tried to locate some styrene profiles for adding detail to an Intentio laser-cut building without success, on the off-chance I e-mailed Digitrains with details of those I was after (not everything is listed on their website) and had a prompt response from Nicole saying that they had them in stock and could be shipped today if I paid by Paypal. This I did and I've had confirmation the package is on its way. Comprehensive stocks, knowledgeable and helpful staff, and a customer-centric ethos - highly recommended.
  6. By way of information and price comparison, the former Just Like The Real Thing resin bodied GUV kit is now available again through MM1 Models: https://mm1models.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=108_115&product_id=544 at £245 with choice of bogie types. If you access the Gauge O Guild website then go to the Products Directory database - selecting the search criteria 'Non-passenger Coaching Stock' in Product Group and 'British Railways' in Railway/Originating Co. and then pressing SEARCH will return a wide selection of BG, GUV and CCT kits and parts... https://www.gauge0guild.com/products/Products_search.aspx
  7. Many roads, especially minor A and lesser routes are sprayed with tar, coated with chippings and then fine dust from the chippings is applied to stop the tar 'bleeding' in hot weather and sticking to vehicle tyres and so on. The apparent colour of the surface is dependent almost entirely on the colour of the chippings, which are typically light grey in colour (and may appear almost white in bright sunlight) but may be shades of red or even greenish or blue-grey according to where the highway authority sources or specifies its materials. A black surface would be asphalt, not tar, which in itself has chippings to increase the durability of the wearing course. These are usually coated and blend in, but coloured chippings may be used for a decorative effect in special areas. Asphalt will remain black but with a very slight greying due to dust and other deposits. I should add that black tarmacadam will be black-coated chippings in a binder that is generally only found on private roads and footways as it is insufficiently durable for well-trafficked routes.
  8. Only if you want to get taken for a ride...
  9. And confirmed by Kernow's weekly e-mail newsletter just received, which contains lovely photographs of every model variant
  10. Hello Ian, Is this something that you might considering scaling up to 7mm?
  11. As an alternative, and if you are not that concerned about Loco Coal wagons, everything you need to know and more about the steel mineral wagons is contained in a series of 3 articles by Peter Fidczuk in Modellers' Back Track volume 1 numbers 3-5. The articles also answer the questions about the numbering discrepancies raised following publication of Larkin's first volume... Photographs, drawings, tabulations, types, variations and subsequent alterations all covered in detail! You pays yer money and...
  12. Just received notification from Bob Pearman Books of Volume 2 - All Steel Mineral Wagons and Loco Coal Wagons. Listed as unavailable on Amazon but details here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Acquired-Wagons-British-Railways/dp/0860936945 stated due for publication 29 March. I cannot find it listed on the publisher's website (Crecy?)... Book Jacket 19-03-19-2.pdf
  13. Just a brief note here to advise those interested that Richard Hollingworth, lately one half of Parkside and designer/toolmaker of so many of the kits sold under that brand, passed away on Wednesday 7th March 2019 in Fife. I understand that his intended retirement was cut short by lung cancer, undiagnosed for some time. A gentleman of the old school, who always had time to discuss models and future possibilities at shows and was ever polite in written and spoken communications.
  14. Already made abundantly clear in threads elsewhere that it is restricted to UK licence payers.
  15. I have the February 2019 issue, which I purchased purely for the discounted Hornby Catalogue. I can scan and e-mail or I can post the pages to you if PM me your address details.
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