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  1. Which type of LNER Quad-Art please - GN or GE 'Hertford'?
  2. Might have done - but not in the current listings is my point.
  3. But there was a full set in Hornby's 2020 range, so why would Hornby miss this type out in 2021? And anyway, Mr Clever, Bachmann don't list one in their range...
  4. Nothing in Crimson & Cream I note, at least nothing that was extant during that period...
  5. Nothing in Crimson & Cream I note...
  6. I've just heard that Michael Gove has insisted that all new product announcements be 'locked down'
  7. ISTR that statement by SK was made in the light of earlier experiences with moulds being retained by the factory and the subsequent decision to distribute manufacture across a number of factories. To introduce a new locomotive without ensuring that the corresponding tender would be available and would match it in livery finish would be foolhardy. That risk would be further compounded in the event of reruns or variants.
  8. Just to add that there were two 'Coronation' sets working in opposite directions, so also scope for a second set with the alternate numbers. However, all branding - train name, class designations, GUARD and running numbers were all in applied stainless steel cutouts so could not in a detailed model form part of the moulding. Be interesting to see how the rubber sheeting between the carriages could be done in model form whilst accommodating the tight radii and reverse curves through crossings...
  9. 4-wheel milk tanks had a relatively short life, before either being converted to 6-wheel or the tanks re-mounted on new underframes and the old underframes converted to other uses. They survived between c1928 and c1938 in relatively small numbers.
  10. I'm an LNER man and I don't have a single one, but I'd very happily settle for a couple of streamlined B17s...
  11. Oxford Rail (excuse me for coughing) do quite well with die cast and that technique has been used for the bodies of a number of Hornby new products in recent years, especially the smaller locomotives where it provides weight.
  12. Strictly speaking the LNER non-gangwayed stock is not 'Suburban' but secondary services. The true 'Suburban' stock, at least for the London Area, would be the various types of Quad out of King's Cross and both types of Quin and the Hertford Quads out of Liverpool Street. The former GC and GN lines also used Twins made up into sets for Outer Suburban workings whilst the former GE had the longer carriage 'Ilford' sets.
  13. Never bothered when it was de riguer on Great Anglia London-Norwich services until early this year!
  14. Yes, but still some information missing and details to check. The main difference from 1937 is in the change from browns to greens. There are in fact 4 different schemes, 1923 and 1930 which are based on brown and creams and are very similar, 1937 which made the change to greens and creams and lasted into BR days on some lines such as the GE, and a mid-30s 'brighter stations' initiative which used additional colours but for which information is frustratingly sparse.
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