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  1. John, I beg to differ but I have at least a couple of dozen Parkside kits supplied with split spoke wheels; these tend to be the older prototypes such as 9' wb and unfitted but that's not a hard and fast rule. The majority of the other kits were supplied with 3-hole disc wheels. It's only either an odd GWR or possibly an odd SR kit that came with solid spoke wheels...
  2. On the subject of wheel types, I have the impression the GWR used solid spoke rather than split spoke wheels - which I think is what Parkside used to supply in the kits. Any thoughts on this? I've a small assortment of GWR kits to build for my GE Section-based layout just to add to the goods mix.
  3. The Great Eastern laid out most of its country station goods yards using a double slip as the first element off the facing point on the mainline. The double slip provided for a headshunt parallel with the main line and formed the first divergence of the fan-out of sidings into the yard.
  4. Here's a photo of a restored van on the 'Middie' in fitted finish...
  5. A compilation, real and imaginary, illustrating why 'trains take us on the ultimate cinema journey': https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p07zt0jz/inside-cinema-2019-27-locomotion-pictures [Usual caveat - only available to licence payers in the UK]
  6. The Gardner of Norwich PO Wagon is a blatant copy of the limited edition wagon produced by Bachmann last year for the Bure Valley Railway - right down to the running number: http://www.burevalleymodels.com/p/15116/Bachmann---37-076R---7-Plank-Opoen-Wagon-Gardner-of-Norwich
  7. Lucky you! 'er indoors had a delivery from Disney 'go missing' only late last month - intended for granddaughter's 6th birthday. Fortunately Disney issued a refund but of course no birthday present.
  8. Unfortunately Hermes has gained a deserved reputation for 'losing' stuff and its processes for dealing with such a situation are designed to make it very difficult to get redress (voice of multiple negative experiences). Add to that the low value of included risk in the carriage cost and the high cost of adding insurance which anyone selling locomotives or more than one item of rolling stock would be wise to take, then the alternative of signing up to Royal Mail in order to use the Tracked 48 service is remarkably attractive, cost competitive and with a sensible insured limit. https://www.royalmail.com/sending/uk/tracked-48
  9. How can you disparage the final finish when it's a CAD realisation??? In the above photograph it could as easily be Fablon (remember that?).
  10. I had an order placed on Thursday afternoon arrive yesterday lunchtime - the little blue sticker was not any problem but the over-abundance of 'Track-Shack' branded sticky tape made it impossible to sneak the package past 'er indoors...
  11. They never apologised to me when I submitted comments in that thread that remained ignored and they certainly never responded to my e-mails (apart from the auto-receipt) so as far as I am concerned do not deserve the courtesy. Perhaps they did learn a lesson though?
  12. If it's the same method as the Hatton's Gauge O Gresley coaches it'll not be even as sophisticated as that - plant the teaser and ignore all responses
  13. I have been house-trained/conditioned by 'er indoors - who can anticipate even the smallest mess I might make even if I'm just thinking about doing a spot of modelling...
  14. Is that a light dusting of seasonal snow on the J72 model or is the photographer awaiting a present of 'Head and Shoulders'?
  15. Only if your local authority collects plastic film - and most do not. The magazine is infinitely more recyclable than its packaging.
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