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  1. Good to see this thread really challenging the negative stereotype and public perception of railway modellers...
  2. Do you mean whole rakes of maroon, or odd maroon coaches in rakes of Blue & Grey?
  3. Not a variation, no, but possibly similar enough to share a chassis at least?
  4. Using quotes in searches to achieve better results is pretty basic stuff, and not in any way unique to the Hattons site...
  5. What do you mean about ticking the box for every individual manufacturer? You can just tick "Pre-Owned", "Wagons" and "OO" to bring up all pre-owned OO wagons, and the numbers next to the tick boxes tell you how many results your filtered search will come back with. Having established a broad category this way, you can then search within it if you're after something specific. It seems very intuitive to me, and much more useful than the old website. The ability to filter by multiple fields across multiple categories, and indeed to search those categories for specific fie
  6. Echoing the comments by Ruston and jrb - fantastic work. Absolutely captures the atmosphere of West Riding mill towns.
  7. Very nice use of space! I get what you mean about the sidings being under the bridge - I do need to develop the plan a bit. In the meantime, in lieu of any actual modelling, I've been trying to get a better grip of Sketchup, to come up with a rough approximation of the old station building at Halifax St Paul's.
  8. Ahh, fair enough. Don't worry about it - I'm not in any position to be placing orders yet anyway! Enjoy the Halifax show - it always used to be a good one. I'll have to enjoy it vicariously through Youtube.
  9. Apologies if you've already said it and I've just missed it - where did you order your laser-cut stuff from?
  10. Hoping to make it this year - visited two years ago and loved it.
  11. Not a bad idea - I'll have a fiddle around with the plan and see what I can come up with.
  12. Very impressive stuff - I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.
  13. True enough, it could be a bit fiddly. I may just extend the sidings the full length of the off-scene section, and cheat. Not sure my modelling skills would stretch to a skewed bridge!
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