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  1. What a find - thank you so much montyburns56. My two places of (local) residence are obscured by the cooling tower in one photo, and hidden behind the 16 tonners in another. Those photos actually make the place look better than it actually is! That 25 is in a real state and the 16 tonners aren't in much better shape! Kev.
  2. I long live in hope for some phots of the Hartshead Power Station locos - one a little industrial and the other an even smaller fireless loco. What a great thread! Kev.
  3. I just love that three-way-point in the middle photo - what a space saver! Kev.
  4. ..the last (Chinese) mainline steam I witnessed was in YiWu circa 2000.. Kev.
  5. If (ok a big if) that unit is a write off, why not crash test the other (good?) end to record the various dynamics at play here? Kev.
  6. Sod all those who should be "sitting up". I, as a paying punter, wants to know if me and my family are safe on one of them when the whole thing appears to be a crumple zone! Kev.
  7. I'm pretty sure the loco past the peg photo - C14066 - is deliberate. There (should be) 7 bogies on that train and Oxford Rd's platform 2 could not accommodate a loco + 7 trailing bogies. Kev.
  8. Me too. I have just come across this thread and don't have my passwords with me. I tried to reset Password but nothing doing - even after 10 minutes and checking the Spam folder. (I have just arrived in France for 10 days!) Is there any way to get Gold tomorrow, with this offer, after expressing an interest here today? Kev.
  9. Thank you so much SP Steve, I received the IoW book yesterday and in very good condition due to how well you packed it. I look forward to reading it on my next business trip away (before Christmas) to France. Thanks again, Kev.
  10. I'm seriously thinking of bringing binoculars to Warley next year! (Nice heavy ones to put in my backpack along with a bottle of Tizer, some butties and a curly wurly.) Kev.
  11. They look a bit "tight" them curves! Are you sure all the stock will manage to make it round? Kev.
  12. It might do if the RTR version comes out! Kev.
  13. Does anyone know if the Bloomer will be fitted with the small "spectacle plate" or "half a cab"? Kev.
  14. Different section heights on that plan. The seats, diesels,etc have all been removed to show detail below them. Kev.
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