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  1. I don't blame them for not having a tail lamp. Do you not remember how hard it was to pedal once you engaged the dynamo on a push bike? All that extra effort just to to emit some feeble light front and rear! Kev.
  2. From what I have learned (or am lead to believe) it is impossible to produce an accurate model of the Fell - no matter how skilled you are at kit/scratch building/painting one. The evidence is simply not there! It is, I concede, true that using one tool to produce two versions of the same loco (from differing time periods) will result in one model being less accurate than the other. Personally, regarding the EPs / Livery samples. I was concerned that the motion "looked sloppy" and that the overall loco did not look "ugly enough" !!! - But I hope this merely to be constrictive criticism / feedback. Kev.
  3. I was thinking that. If they bring that first line into operation first, then that point can be skewed over for use to bring the other line into operation instead of having two points to bring both into use at the same time. Kev.
  4. Clearly a model, second radius curves and the matchbox car looks out of place too! (Actually, I wonder if that scene could be modelled on a 4ft by 8ft base board?) Kev.
  5. Well, seeing that this tank wagon comes with its' own little bottle of "weathering" solution, I will be ordering one pronto. Thanks for the heads up. Kev.
  6. Is that one of those "heavily weathered" locos off ebay? Kev.
  7. I have some older versions of the xls files but I am not sure what you mean by "first two entries"? Kev.
  8. Was that after that derailment at Dinting? Kev.
  9. Somebody please tell me that that white sleeper transferring trolley thing runs on 7'1/4" gauge! Kev. (..a long time lurker, on this thread, and still enjoying it immensely. Thanks to all.)
  10. No, but I did drive the family from Charlesworth back to Stalybridge, via the "edge of the world", which has parts of it on the TPT. Kev. (I must admit, I had never heard of the TPT until your post above!)
  11. Yes, I remember reading that now. Was it the "Correspondent"? Kev.
  12. I'm amazed that they didn't try and wire-up the turn table. Every other spur, head shunt and siding was electrified in the Woodhead scheme! The wires even made it up to Ashton Moss North where an EM2 could bring a train and then allow another loco to take over. I sometimes think Wood head scheme electrified too much, where as compared to todays electrification schemes where they just don't wire up enough or make sure ALL traffic flows can use it. Kev.
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