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  1. Mine's arrived and has saved me a whole ton of time searching for material, and I know where to find it all. The misses asked "What's in the brown envelope, a 'Glossy' mag?" Yep I said! Cheers, Kev.
  2. I look forward to receiving my copy. Thanks Simon. Kev.
  3. SHMD

    New Hornby Rocket

    I'm not annoyed at the underestimation of demand... ...but I will be annoyed if stocks were pulled from distributers to bolster their own sales opportunities. ...I'm also wondering how one stockist seems to have a hundred of them! Kev.
  4. ..but the huge squeal from the 142s is now virtually gone. Good point though. Kev.
  5. I went past this slow tight curve, (at the former Miles Platting station), today. They have eased the curve by 5 or 6 meters at the apex. (Earth/ballast works only at this stage.) They must be replacing the bridge Queens Rd to allow the smooth transition onto the new alignment. It still looks tight and I cant see there being that much of an increase in line speed. I also wonder if this work has been one of those "bolt on" projects, that are added to the electrifications cost that makes electrification costs spiral out of control? I also wonder if Ashton J
  6. With all due respect Martin, and I actually mean it, I think RMWeb is a little bigger/more bandwidth (or what ever they have decided to price by), than the Templot forum You have never been nothing but curious and very helpful to me. I am not trying to antagonise you. ..but, obviously, I have no idea of the costs of either forum. People need to learn that there are no free clicks on the internet! Kev.
  7. ...but RMweb will disappear for all unless enough adverts are counted as being shown/responded to! Kev.
  8. Here's what National Rail Enquiries says about it. https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/260463.aspx Customers are advised to not travel today also.. There will be no trains to / from London Kings Cross this weekend either! No joy all round. Kev.
  9. I have a recent post, look about a quarter the way down ... Where I measured 2.79mH and a resistance of 2.79Ohms for a SEEP point motor coil. Kev.
  10. Inductance is a fleeting but important part in understanding "who takes the lion share" of the current - when the current is supplied from a CDU. I will now look for the thread where I posted my Seep measurements. Kev.
  11. The coils have different inductances. The coils work by the magnetic field the current in the each coil generates. The current through a coil takes time to build up (exponentially) to where you can use Ohms law. The Seep has a much lower inductance, (I measured one once), and will conduct the full load current from the CDU much quicker than the Peco Coil can. This, however, drains the CDU of all charge before the Peco has got anywhere near allowing the current to rise to where it can actuate. Kev.
  12. SHMD

    New Hornby Rocket

    I thought the problem was a much reduced delivery of product, from China, than anyone was expecting. With the rest to follow, (now it would seem), in a later batch, and not a problem with anyone selling more than they were expecting. Kev.
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