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  1. ...also, if the second view from a similar (but slightly different) location, then both photos when used in concert may provide parallax information giving a "depth of field" to the scene. Kev.
  2. I thought I would wait at this level crossing to see if I could catch a cyclist going through a red before the barriers come down. I waited bl00dy ages and not only did no trains come but I didn't see a single cyclist! Kev. (...who has been somewhere north of Marseilles all this week.)
  3. Hi Harlequin, I must, most respectfully, disagree with you sir. The OP was just linked three photos, under the thread title "Signal Box Photos". No restrictions were implied, just the general heading. I have no idea (now) what those photos showed, (apart from the brief description), as the hosting platform now requires me to fill in a form before (possibly) viewing the said photos. Something I will not even start to "do" in before clicking "X" button. Signal Box photos are, of course, the "bread and butter" of this thread but adding context, design, implementation, use, and the human side - adds so much to the 3/4 view "Cabin Shots". Signal Cabins, both internal and external, are providing tonnes of modelling info, inspiration, and detail. This thread is remarkable for both content AND very little "RMWeb drift" - and is such a rich resource for it. Long may it continue. Kev. (As an Electrical Engineer, I am both shocked (groan) and delighted by that "rats nets", kindly posted by Michael Hodgson. The next time the misses cuts my thinning (deliberately for this, greasy) graying hair, I'm keeping it in case I want to model that locking room!)
  4. ...if I remember the saying correctly... "A 42 second video is worth a thousand pictures!" Kev.
  5. ... with all the (any left) trim being only attached "on average"! Kev.
  6. Pre 2000, all VW products (and knock-offs) were burgundy in colour IIRC! Kev.
  7. This weeks itinerary includes A319, A318, A320 Embraer190. 

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    2. SHMD


      Romania's nice - but I don't recommend the curried cabbage lattice slice, for breakfast or the deep fried goats brains ever!


    3. G-DIMB


      Ok. Fleet Lists are showing the AF A318 fleet as stored. Shall have to send them an update.

    4. SHMD


      My itinerary listed it as an A318 but what actually showed up could have anything, (with compatible seating arrangements). I remember (badly as I never ever usually take notice) that the reg/call sign/number... was something like G-GOPH or G-GOPH or G-GUPG or G-GUPH.... you get the idea. New seats fitted as 2xUSB sockets were lit up everywhere!

  8. I must admit to looking forward to this. I was sort of expecting, "real shows starting again", pushing this "covid response" show aside but I there might just be space for both. I spend between 1.5 and 2.5 hours attending a show in person, BUT I quite happily sit all day through these virtual shows. Kev.
  9. The article was clearly written by someone whose English was not their first language... Tragic, but it does show YOU HAVE to treat all level crossings with respect. I travel to a lot of countries, and I (can) never know the rules for level crossings - so I always make sure I super look, make sure the exit is clear, then proceed whilst being totally focused, and never linger. I even consider the clown behind me! Kev.
  10. 公安 literally says "Public Security" (in this context) but universally means "Police" in mainland China. Pronounced "Gong An". Kev.
  11. Ah dee doo ah dee doo dah day...

  12. If you ever wandered what means then i'll have a go... In my best (worst) Oldham accented Mandarin I would pronounce it as "Che Cher Yun Cai". I have not put the tones on each syllable, as I can't hear them now! (If I ever did!!!) This translates as " Special Carriage" or "Bus Carrier", or any combination that suits. (Lorry or Bus, in this context, just means 4 wheeled vehicle - even though the number four is not shown. There is no need to distinguish between passengers and goods here either!) This is, therefore, just a very VERY generic description of the photo. Kev.
  13. It looks a bit "substantial" to, me but once you've roughly stencilled the number plate on, it should look ok. (Light blue with white "stencilling" is what I mostly remember from that time - oh, and various three wheelers and engine-blocks on a small axle pulling a trailer...) Kev.
  14. Hi Wayne, I already have two (unstarted) LH points but am waiting for a Single Slip to go with them - but this is not why I am writing. On my home based daily commute I travel between Stalybridge and Manchester Piccadilly. Just over 7 miles. I have noticed (and now counted twice) that there are over 20 common crossings (frogs) left abandoned in the 4', 6', and cess along the entire route always very close to where they were extracted from - and in one place piled on top of each other! This is something I would like to model. So I have a request, when I order the Single Slip could you also bang in four "reject" castings that are otherwise aesthetically OK, in with the order? Cheers, Kev.
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