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  1. TCFTRORSU * 2

  2. They have installed a new footbridge, over Clarence Street, parallel to the running lines. I can only assume that this is to be used by line side workers only. Kev.
  3. ...has been invited to my first tear-gas party this weekend in Nantes!


    1. SHMD


      I'm expecting it to be a riot!!


  4. I want to start the campaign for the return of real status updates - TCFTRORSU

    1. JDW


      I think you need a snappier acronym.  I suggest CAMRaSU - CAMpaign for the return of ReAStatus Updates. (And with no connection whatsoever to CAMRA :D)

    2. Hroth


      After this evenings omnishambles, I think I'd prefer the engaging air of unreality that characterises the current status updates!


    3. Tim Hall

      Tim Hall

      A friend of mine wanted to start a Campaign for the Revival of Archiac Phrases, but couldn't think of a suitable acronym.

  5. I've seen one now! Here is 68025 "Superb", on Monday morning the 25th of Feb 2019, at Longsight. Kev.
  6. ..I'm not sure if these are playing noughts&crosses or having a fight! Kev.
  7. IMHO the 2 line Status Update limit is killing Status Updates. For example 2 lines, or 95 characters...


    ...Made you look, made you stare, made you eat your underwear!


    1. Re6/6


      Is there a limit now?

  8. ...the lights are all too bright and much too uniform! Kev.
  9. 09009 is now stabled at Miles Platting on the "Collyhurst St" sidings and appears to be employed on p-way / electrification duties. It is still in green but seems to be much darker then in the photo linked to above. Kev.
  10. That could be me on the end of platform 12 in the Manchester Victoria shot! It probably isn't though. It was a favourite hang out for many a spotter/basher. Kev.
  11. Sir, Engineering report that the Manual Percussion Mechanical Agitation Device... Smythes, I've told you before – call it a Hammer!

    1. Hroth


      Applications include: PMT (Percussive Maintenance Technique).

    2. SHMD





  12. Sir, are we going FTL YET? Can you see around corners? Eye Sir. Can you see the back of your own head Yet?!

  13. I can almost hear the buzzing in that last pic! Kev.
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