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  1. I thought it was for verifying that the tail lamps were lit. Kev.
  2. This country uses a whole hodge-podge of units both local, colloquial, national and international. The various weights and measures acts have some stipulations (with many exceptions) when selling directly to the public. Kev.
  3. You have to be careful (VERY CAREFUL) when looking at minimum distance figures for voltages. There is the theoretical (breakdown) distance. There is the minimum distance (worst case) for the environment. Think wind, rain, fog, etc. There is the minimum distance for materials used. Insulators, enclosures, etc, There is the minimum distance for jo-public. (..and what they could be [reasonably] expected to be carrying.) There is the minimum distance for authorised trained workers. There is the minimum distance for authorised trained workers using equipment near said voltages. etc, etc... ...and many many more. I regularly measure, calibrate, check, fault find, high voltages (up to 24kV dc) and my high voltage probe (RS Stock No. 360-0300, in calibration with a traceable paper train back to which standard required) is about 10inches from tip to handle, and is rated at 28kV ac rms, BUT there is no way I would use it near OHLE as its intended use takes no account of the environment conditions, the environmental special awareness required and the users (lake of) knowledge of the equipment. It is, however, perfectly safe for the uses I need it for. Don’t do anything with voltages except what you have been trained to do AND in the environment you are certified to do it in. Else:- KEEP OUT DANGER OF DEATH Kev.
  4. They have installed a new footbridge, over Clarence Street, parallel to the running lines. I can only assume that this is to be used by line side workers only. Kev.
  5. I've seen one now! Here is 68025 "Superb", on Monday morning the 25th of Feb 2019, at Longsight. Kev.
  6. ..I'm not sure if these are playing noughts&crosses or having a fight! Kev.
  7. ...the lights are all too bright and much too uniform! Kev.
  8. 09009 is now stabled at Miles Platting on the "Collyhurst St" sidings and appears to be employed on p-way / electrification duties. It is still in green but seems to be much darker then in the photo linked to above. Kev.
  9. That could be me on the end of platform 12 in the Manchester Victoria shot! It probably isn't though. It was a favourite hang out for many a spotter/basher. Kev.
  10. I can almost hear the buzzing in that last pic! Kev.
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