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  1. ...is that a Clayton on a breakdown train!?! Kev. (Hat, coat...)
  2. ...how about a "nail house" preventing the bridge being completed... Kev.
  3. Could you "paint" some lying forms on some of the bunks? Also, my experience of these trains is the extraordinary amount of baggage some passengers/families had - quite often in those cheap red and blue on white canvas bags. Kev.
  4. Here I have zoomed in to show some details that may be useful. (If anyone can point me in the direction of a drawing I may have a go at making one in 5" gauge!) Kev.
  5. This Buffer Stop always catches my eye when passing it on the Stalybridge-Stockport "Parliamentary" on Saturday mornings. It's on the ex-LNWR lines at Denton Junction, (Greater Manchester), and protected Denton Station from anything coming from Droylsden/Ashton Moss that shouldn't be. It's nice and chunky and looks as if it will be there for many more years to come - easily modellable. I'm pretty sure it is LNWR (I'd be very happy to have this confirmed/corrected though), everything else at that junction is, including a still extant 1888 LNWR (Type 4, Tumbler framed, Size ??? - [3+2+3 which is not listed!] ) Signal Cabin. (Ignore the sloping uprights - this is an effect induced from the moving camera sequentially reading each pixel line-by-line.) Kev.
  6. What a reckless display of stupidity. ...I hope he got the bill for re-tamping the ballast - whether it needed it or not. Hitting the idiots with expensive costs modifies their behaviour faster than a Darwin's Award nomination. Kev.
  7. Possibly, but post-Christmas cancellation levels appear to be at about (my estimate) a twentieth of pre-Christmas cancellation levels. (It seems that staffing-levels/holidays/absenteeism was the main problem for TPE/Northern!) Kev.
  8. 6 and 8 car (3x2 or 4x2 units) class142s were a regular ECS move into Manchester Piccadilly most week days before 5pm most days until recently. (..but often with a sprinkling of 150s replacing some 142s.) They would then be split and sent out sequentially. Here a pair arrive on Platform 1 at Manchester Piccadilly on the 8th of March 2019 at 16:04. Then two more on Platform 2 have been left behind after the first available unit(s) have already departed. . .and here, 6 seconds later, is what a passing "normal" thought of the subject matter! Kev.
  9. ..it could pull more therefore needed more stopping power? Kev.
  10. As you say, +9 minutes delay outside York and then a further delay resulting +26 down leaving York. (This was a very lightly loaded train as the proceeding 3-car 185 hoovered up all the platform people 10 minutes before.) The PA at Stalybridge was saying the delay was due to a fault on the train but the guard's on train message said the delay was due to a proceeding train! There was a further delay, at Manchester, whilst every one waited for the doors to open - something I've seen a few times now and is not down to the guard going back to his position. The diagram was filled, later in the day, by another 185 which had obviously replaced the cancelled train. Kev.
  11. The 1F52 (as above) is the train I boarded at Stalybridge on my commute into Manchester this morning - and yes the controllers cancelled (terminated early) the Liverpool leg of this train just before it arrived at Stalybridge. Whilst this did not affect me (this time), "Turning back" a late train is really hated by passengers - especially if their final destination is an airport. Kev.
  12. Looks like a model to me. Kev.
  13. Regarding 47460, in C14035, try running at an exhibition with the handrail bent like that and see how many complain! Kev. (Fast approaching 100,000, Dave, well done indeed.)
  14. Another vote for LibraCAD from me. Whilst I use PCB CAD a lot, I have never used any mechanical CAD software at all until now. I did look at DraftSight but they then announced their new subscription requirements (before I started learning the package) and so switched to LibraCAD instead. I've used LibraCAD to make components for my 5" gauge Signal Box lever frame AND to check the geometries too. I'm now using LibraCAD to create the drawings for machining parts on my new 4-axis StepCraft420 CNC Router. Kev.
  15. Since the timetable change, on December the 15th, the performance of TPE and Northern has been dreadful between Stalybridge (SYB) and Manchester (MAN or MCV). I would estimate that there probably wasn’t a day that didn’t have over %10 of peak time trains cancelled! (Trains between 10am to 2pm and trains after 8pm were generally ok and helped to bring the late/cancelled averages down.) Northern hasn’t “managed” to run a train to/from Stalybridge for months on a Sunday! (These are now removed from the RealTimeTrains website as scheduled cancellations (being replaced by buses) are not included – these cancellations have nothing to do with “engineering work” as TPE are using both routes to/from Manchester on Sundays. Excuses have been “issue with train crew”, “Late inbound service” and “a problem on the train”. Other excuses are much less commonly used :- “a broken down train in front”, “a police incident” or “a signalling fault”. My own observations would give:- “Lack of train crews” to fulfil current commitments with a planned and unplanned absences factored in – ie bad/very optimistic management of resources; “Pathing/congestion” on the route – it really looks like they are trying to run a railway with everything being perfect and requiring no spare anything – ie in theory only; and to a much lesser extent “some teething problems” with new equipment – ie new trains. On occasion the cancellations at peak periods go well over %25! On at least four occasions I have been affected by 3 cancellations in a row with the result that 4 trains worth of passengers are attempting to get on next working train. These, as you can imagine, resulted in dangerous overcrowding on both the platform and train. It is VERY clear that the controllers are much more interested in preserving/returning to timetabled “paths” across the Pennines than in crowding issues building up on the platforms. It is only a matter of time before an incident occurs where passengers are pushed onto the tracks in a Hillsborough1989/Glasgow1971 type crowd failure type situation – especially with the frequent platform alterations (anyone fancy 3 platform changes in 3 minutes with no lifts, a pram and your leg in plaster? (That guy actually snapped at a recent incident at MCV I witnessed – which resulted in even more disruption to the chaos already ensuing but they blamed everything on the loud mouthed angry and in pain individual.) On two occasions, after the two preceding trains were cancelled, a 2x3car TPE train came into the overcrowded platform. Once again the passengers relief was quashed when it was announced that one of the units was going to be “locked out of use” as there was not a member of staff (guard) to man that section for safety reasons! What are these “safety reasons”? I did have a think:- 1/ vandalism concerns; 2/ lone (female/vulnerable) passenger safety. Northern has no such concerns as (still) a vast proportion of there trains consist of at least one class142. Neither of these “reasons” count when the train is that over-crowded that you can’t even lift your arm up over your head! The crushing crowd is a far greater risk. This is not all a whinge, oh no, since the Christmas Holidays I have only noticed 2 trains cancelled in several days total – well done. Even Northern has not appeared to have cancelled a train since the 1st of Jan (not including the blanket cancellation/replacement of all trains to/from Stalybridge this Sunday). ..and in even better news (for totally selfish reasons) I can now get loco hauled travel on my commute to and from Manchester. So, “Problems on the Pennines”. I have outlined (some of) the problems at Stalybridge, (there are more), but I am sure other places are suffering too:- Overcrowding (everywhere), cancellations (“Turnbacks” are a particular problem with passengers as controllers cancel services before there terminating stations so that the train can resume their return paths across the Pennines. (I wonder how Redcar has fared since the new timetable, and trains to Manchester Airport DO cause particular worry for passengers as trains are cancelled because of congestion on platform13 at Manchester Piccadilly…) Here is "Lord President" about to depart Manchester Victoria's Platform 4, for Liverpool Lime St, after just coming from Stalybridge on the 10:37 1F58 on Sunday the 22nd of December 2019. Kev.
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