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  1. Shawplan have marker lighs for class 37's. Look under class37 Detailing Components. http://www.shawplan.com/fittings.htm
  2. On the Corgi PD3 model. i just used a small screw driver in between the lower and upper deck . Just worked round the gap untill they came apart.
  3. Wagpnmaster. You could phone the Network South East Railway society . They will tell you the correct colour you need. Link with details. https://www.nsers.org/contact-info.html
  4. Hi Mark . Will this photo help you just click on pic to get a close up. Click twice
  5. I've used this for ballasting in the past . That was over 8 years a'go now still look's OK . From Poundland
  6. Ray This is what i've done on my southern 3rd rail layout. Click on the pic to see more https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/35632894166/in/photostream/
  7. Sir topham Hatt. I got these from china . Just done a bit of touch up on them on the top half. As they all have black hair. They look OK when fitted in coaches. £4.22 per 100. with postage got mine in 3 weeks https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Figures-Model-People-Supplies-Seated-Painted-Plastic-14mm-Mini-Landscape/402351901602?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item5dae0acba2:g:i6EAAOSwZ8ZfK3ml&enc=AQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkTboA95HSvGa1O5UmCCGJLlUsiEJYcglGaa%2FCR4vdvRf4luLS7MCMxLVd2oqfgYn2QfGUrz1TAxr3S6hEqqzO0ZuUOapBjZN3nAsdPua2fbuXpfmU4FNw8iAfD53NeQrScB1EQqU%2BKtsM%2FodDH
  8. Hi. If you are on a budget then go for a Bachmann 08 if you can. They have better detail then the old Hornby model. Lima class 08/09 are a bit over scale but you can pick these up quite cheap detail is OK but no windows.
  9. Hi martyn . I've converted 4 of my loco's to C D rom drive . Used the 9 volt one as i use Analogue not had a problem in 4 years they run nice and slow. used epoxy to fix them in . The one's i got had the pinion gear fitted to them . Alf
  10. Welcome to the RM web Binky . Lot's of info on here .
  11. Up date. Went past Crewe last night at 22.08 with the Graffiti not removed. I watched it on the Crewe cam. With a GBRF class 66 pulling it to mersey rail. I understand the reason why it was at Tonbridge yard was when it was go'ing through France the loco broke down. In turn made it late getting here . Not sure if there was no path or driver to take it on . I have been told that GBRF have got to pay to remove the Graffiti as i was done in there yard.
  12. Brand new . What a state this is in. wait a few sec's for pic
  13. Back in the 1970/80s when you went down the high street there where many TV rental shops . The Thorn group Der/ Radio rentals /multi broadcast . plus Rediffusion /Granada /Visionhire/Telefusion. Just to name a few. Looking for Vehicles in OO the only one i can find is a MK1 transit by Trackside in DER livery. Most TV rental companies had Ford Escort Vans or Escort estates and Bedford HA vans. There must be a call for these models.
  14. With Southern pride they seem to take a week before you get a reply. I want to order a class 207 from them now out of stock . The last reply i got from them said they had a lot of work on. That was back in May.
  15. 390004 was a 9 car set. Then it was re'numberd to 390104 when virgin made it a 11 car set.
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