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  1. Thank you for the kind words! I did fancy a fresh start and to try something I'd not seen before. The suggestion on another thread was what started this so I cannot take credit for the idea!
  2. Thanks for the advice! I reckon that's the way forward, make the depot a prototypical height and fill the unused areas! In the future I plan to have an 'outside' module which will model the trackwork leading up to the depot, but that's a future project as the fiddle yard is what's after this!
  3. I am stuck in a bit of a dilemma and hope that RMWeb is able to help. A bit of background to start, I have bought and built a fantastic 1ft by 3ft scenic baseboard kit from Tim Horn for use on my next layout. I bought this after seeing "The sidings" and seeing the quality of layout that can be built from these boards. My plan, as was suggested on another thread, is to recreate a 4 road depot, modeling the inside of the building, the exit to the fiddle yard being the exit of the layout to the fiddle yard. These will include inspection pits and the usual stuff you get in a depot. The basis being that the layout will be three walls and a roof, and only a view of the inside of the depot, the scenic opening being the 'removed' wall. My issue I have is the 'opening' in the board to the scenic section is 25cm tall. Modeling OO gauge makes it a very tall roof for a depot. I had considered this to look unrealistic if it was modeled at that height? I had wondered about a blanking section above the roof, modeling the outside of the roof or just accepting that as the height of the depot. Apologies if that is confusing! I've tried my best to explain it as much as I can!
  4. That looks great, glad to see some Network Rail stuff in there too! Any more photos of it and a trackplan would be great!
  5. Love that idea! I'll need to look into doing that! Always great to hear new ideas!
  6. My issue with a switch to N gauge, although it would make a layout like this more doable in the space, I do have a few Network rail coaches and DRS locos etc in OO. I have no idea how difficult coaches like the MENTOR would be in N gauge! I don't know if controllers etc are all interchangeable as well?
  7. I was considering doing part of Gresty Bridge as Crewe is somewhere I do visit frequently. I am about to start another model of the MENTOR coach so being able to have that stabled with a pair of DRS 37's on it would be ideal. I think my main issue is I try and put too many potential movements into one layout.
  8. Thanks for the advice Nick, I'll certainly keep an eye out! James
  9. Thanks for the replies, The two main points being raised is cramped and platforms too short, which I feared might be the case! I have never considered venturing down the N gauge route as I've just been a creature of habit with OO. Maybe N gauge is worth a go for a layout like this. I wouldn't have a clue where to begin with N gauge though! One of my biggest inspirations has been "the sidings" but I didn't want to create a carbon copy of that! If anyone can think of a similar location to attempt to model, the idea of DRS locos coming and going is something I'd like to try! Thanks, James
  10. Hi folks, I have been looking at Tim Horn's laser cut baseboards for a potential new layout. Looking at 3ft x 1ft as a scenic section, with a fiddle yard to be added in the future. I am thinking a layout of a typical Scotrail modern image station with 156s, 158s and 170s, possibly with some OHLE in the future. Here is a potential track plan. My only concern is that it could be quite cramped? Any thoughts, ideas to make things more realistic are greatly appreciated!
  11. I read somewhere they are for test coaches to replace 37s. I could be wrong however!
  12. I was pleased to see The Sidings in person at Model Rail Scotland this weekend, so much detail crammed into such a small layout! Was great to see the 68 on the move too! James
  13. Hi folks, Some advice on creating a depot image like the one here. I want to create the feel of it being smokey, oily and entrenched in muck! What techniques would be used to create this? Cheers, James
  14. Thank you Sam, the inspiration for this came from the vast quantity of scaffolding at Carlisle station just now... Got the mind thinking about what I can have on the layout! James
  15. Here's a link to some photos showing what it started out life looking like, a lot more BSK like. I always find articles like these interesting to read. http://www.traintesting.com/Mentor.htm
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