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  1. In regards to the lining on the twins Donald should also have 57646 and 57647 for Douglas painted on their sides. But the engine’s ‘lost’ their numbers so somewhere along the line a pot of black paint has come out. Maybe the lining was part of the plan to cover up which engine should have arrived, so it didn’t look like a deliberate attempt to cover the numbers up with a splat of black paint.
  2. Nice work Richard it’s a got a feel of the Colnbrook branch as it weaves under the mainline. I can imagine an oil or aggregate train working it’s way along the branch towards a freight terminal.
  3. Thanks for the input Michael, the layout is just meant to be an exercise to get back into scenic modelling in OO gauge before starting my larger layout as I used to model in N. However as a former signaller i’d wanted to get my Signalling right on my layout. It’s a rather large reply you’ve written and as you’ve taken the time to write it I thought it be easier to respond to your comments like so...
  4. Resurrecting an old thread but if anyone is interested I have uploaded a video of the final build on youtube
  5. Thanks for clarifying that Mike. I will change the signalling to and from the upper platform as it’s just going to be a head shunt now there’s no requirement for the semaphores, i’ll Just put a disc to come out of the head shunt to run round.
  6. Thank you for all the knowledgeable answers. I had originally planned for one platform but thought two might make working the layout a little more operationally interesting. But I completely forgot about trap points! I’ve already laid the track on a board and it’s a very tight space so I will go back to having one platform rather than trying to squeeze a set of traps in. I think this might make the signalling layout easier. I will take the great advice given go back to the drawing board and correct my plan. I see what you mean about the right hand yellow disc, it’s not
  7. I’d appreciate if someone whose signalling knowledge on absolute block could look over my Signalling “diagram”, I think my knowledge of track circuit block has crept in and i’m certain i’ve got something wrong. Period wise it’s late 80s early 90s western region. The engine shed is privately owned by a preservation group who have running rights on the branch. The platforms can both be permissively worked. Goods trains come in from the single line and run round via the station. So the parts i’m not certain about, does the top platform (2) require the shunt signal or coul
  8. Other large engines to visit the brach (although they where during emergency working) Gordon came to pull Thomas from the mine although this was at the other end of the brach. Donald and Douglas also paid a visit to the branch when Thomas decided to renovate the station master’s house. I can imagine either of the Scottish twins where used for freight workings on the branch.
  9. Progress is looking good Rich, it’s a shame you didn’t get to see Sydney gardens it was a beautiful layout to look at, I did manage to video a few shots.
  10. I believe Barry was meant to be a standard 2mt tender engine. And the large diesel’s do indeed have faces at both ends, I can’t remember the source but I think it was in one of Christopher Awdry’s Books about Sodor.
  11. The j70 looks like a real fantastic model, can’t wait to see it in NWR Livery.
  12. That’s completely unrealistic, i’m rather disappointed, there was never that many passengers on the Bedford to Bletchley Another superb job, I’ve been trying to resist purchasing this unit as it’s slightly out of my time zone but I do fondly remember watching it trundle along the branch in that livery and you showing what can be achieved with a lovely bit of weathering is making the task far more difficult.
  13. Exciting times, looks like a very promising layout.
  14. In regards to signalling I do believe I read somewhere that after the incident with NWR No.3 and the flying kipper lower quadrant where gradually replaced with upper quadrant. And this is why NWR No.6 mistakes a upper quadrant for a backing signal as he was unaware of the ongoing changes to the signalling.
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