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  1. The j70 looks like a real fantastic model, can’t wait to see it in NWR Livery.
  2. That’s completely unrealistic, i’m rather disappointed, there was never that many passengers on the Bedford to Bletchley Another superb job, I’ve been trying to resist purchasing this unit as it’s slightly out of my time zone but I do fondly remember watching it trundle along the branch in that livery and you showing what can be achieved with a lovely bit of weathering is making the task far more difficult.
  3. Exciting times, looks like a very promising layout.
  4. In regards to signalling I do believe I read somewhere that after the incident with NWR No.3 and the flying kipper lower quadrant where gradually replaced with upper quadrant. And this is why NWR No.6 mistakes a upper quadrant for a backing signal as he was unaware of the ongoing changes to the signalling.
  5. I always liked D199 despite his grumpy ways, one of my first models was a Bachmann 46 so always had a soft spot and was desperate to see him in the TV series especially after ERTL made a model of him. Looking at your chosen time period it’s great time for visiting locos and rail tours Edward’s Excursion, double tender Scotsman and Stepney (it’s a shame Hornby’s model is the original build of Stepney, although still a lovely model I would have preferred a Stepney in his Rebuilt guise, I’m planning a rail tour for my own 90s layout with a rake of MK1s being hauled by a terrier and Pannier tank that might look a little familiar to those with the knowledge)
  6. Sounds excellent I did always wonder how the fat controller managed to run his railway with only handful of locos (bearing in mind how often one would be out of action due to a mishap and the size of the railway). As your going for the engines we see in the books will this include the engines seen in the shed in the three railway engines? I can’t remember where I read it but the red one (also seen trying to push Henry) was Called Eagle and worked the branch line from Vicarstown but the other two blue ones where sent away for being naughty.
  7. That wagon behind Oliver should be careful looks like rotten wood and rusty frames he might find himself pulled apart if he tries any tricks. A superb photo I really could imagine that being a part of the little western line running along the coast. On the subject of the little western, have you any plans for the Scottish twins? I assume the upcoming rails models will be ideal candidates to represent them. Jimmy
  8. Inspiring work James, I really must have a go and follow in your footsteps at creating something a little more unique, although think I need a bit of practise to reach your level of superb weathering.
  9. In fact it’s still in the rule book for the signalman to stop and ask the driver during times of failure, usually when you’ve lost your TD or TRUST (although these days it’s better to phone than try and shout the conversation signalling centres tend to be a bit further from location than the traditional box)
  10. Thanks Chris, i’ve Actually finished the model now just need to get round to putting some pictures on here.
  11. Excellent news on your progress, it’s great to see this layout moving forward.
  12. It’s based on his early 1990s figure
  13. I think it’s just been over a month since I last updated this, Mostly because I was under the impression I hadn’t done much. However looking back I’ve realised that I have actually done a fair bit. The model is now all glued together into one peice including the roof, the roofs have themselves been weathered to represent a more weather worn covering with pencil lines to represent the overlapping over the roofing material. And to make sure the model doesn’t break up into its original modules it now sits on a base representing the surrounding pavement, made from grey card with slaters pavement sheet. I have added drain drain pipes and the fenced off area that will eventually contain a few cabinets. I have also begun weathering the building, I wasn’t happy with the door to the S&T mess and after finding a photo of it realised it need a light above it and that it was a bit too tall and the wrong colour. I difficult job to rectify when the whole things is glued in and so in the end I feed some fibre optic wire above the door and built a box to represent the light, it’s not great but it does work. The door itself was lowered with a new strip of card to make a new frame above and the window partially filled in with filler. I've also weathered the path and added details such as this bike and... ... Signalman S having a smoke, this a Dapol figure from the workmen set who originally has his arm outstretched pointing.I chopped the arm off repositioned it and painted the pointed finger white to represent a cigarette. There’s plenty of detail work still to do and I have still to work out what the mystery white box between the two buildings was but otherwise this project edges ever closer to completion.
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