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  1. Hi All, After a long delay, I have finally had the time , and the fitness to get one printer up and running again, so watch this space, gonna be a busy weekend.............. Paul
  2. While my 3D printers are being hammered, and to save my sole, Ive been working on a few other projects ??? A sneak preview of PoP 2, early days yet, nothing finalised. N Gauge PoP 1 to come to, not happy with a few bits and bobs, and couplings to sort, with the aid of Mr Tilt. Paul
  3. The first batch of kits being made ready for dispatch, at last.................................
  4. Sorry for the delay in getting models 2,3,4 out, having a few problems getting the quality right on the delicate framework. Ive ordered a new print nozzle that should solve the problem. Regards Paul
  5. Here are a collection of photos of POP 2,3,4 underway, and 5 just being started. Reprap 1 and now 2 on the go, number 3 soon to be completed. Enjoy Paul
  6. Hi all, Updated instructions in .zip and .pdf format have been uploaded. http://www.apt-e.org/leadleykits/pop1.zip http://www.apt-e.org/leadleykits/pop1.pdf Regards Paul
  7. Hi All, I have just uploaded the first issue of the instructions for PoP 1, I think they cover everything, if anyone finds something missing, please let me know. Download the zip file from : http://www.apt-e.org/leadleykits/pop1.zip Regards Paul
  8. Hi All, After a busy weekend, of printing the base parts of the model, I have just posted the latest production update. http://www.apt-e.org/leadleykits/model.html Regards Paul
  9. Hi All, Model number 1 is complete and is being packed. Model no 2 bases have been printed and work is starting on the rest later this week. Regards Paul
  10. Hi all, Ive have emailed everyone your PoP order number so the ball is now rolling. I will get them out as quick as my printer and my "Mental state" lol will allow. Progress link is now live http://www.apt-e.org/leadleykits/model.html Regards Paul
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