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  1. Thanks Charlie, good job I’m modelling 1988 to ‘89! Jim
  2. Great, thanks Charlie - how much is the DCC sound option? Cheers, Jim
  3. Hi Charlie, these look fantastic. I have Provincial RT156-314 Class 156 418 on pre-order. When do I need to reserve the DCC sound option and pay the remainder of the balance? Cheers, Jim
  4. I still think that a Class 155 would make sense with livery options and has synergy with the current range.
  5. Jim76

    Manchester Liners

    Great, thanks Arran appreciate your response.
  6. Hi, was interested to read in the feature on these wagons in the latest, March edition of Rail Express Magazine - there was reference to a flow from Dowlow in the Peak District in the late 80s using these wagons - does anyone know about this flow - when it started and what livery the wagons were in? There is photo from the 90s with a Class 60 and the wagons were in the later Redland scheme. Any info would be much appreciated. In addition are there any plans to release this wagon in the earlier livery? Cheers, Jim
  7. Jim76

    Manchester Liners

    Hi Arran, any update on this project at all? I would be interested in some, Jim
  8. When was this livery modification first introduced?
  9. Thanks Alex, shame just after my time period, nice model.
  10. Looking good as always - I particularly like the Class 33.
  11. They look great. When were they painted in this livery?
  12. With regard to the recent snow I was thinking what if any snowploughs operated over the Woodhead? I have never seen any pictures of any whether independent or loco mounted on Class 76s yet the winters could be harsh.
  13. Well I was at least right that it was something with a panto!
  14. Great song - and video I have watched many times though I had never noticed the Grainflow wagons. Blink and you miss it! Also a Class 47 I had never noticed at the end too.
  15. Am sure I can see a pantograph in that blurred image... an 86/2 and later associates derivatives would be great.
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