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    OO Gauge, BR Green and Blue TOPS into early sectorisation period, Blue Pullman, Woodhead Electrics, Peak District railways. 1976-1989...

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  1. Jim76

    Hornby APT 2020

    Prototype for original Hornby pantograph perhaps?
  2. Sorry 'DY444' or should I say 'Clive'...
  3. Thanks does anyone have any detailed plans for the electrification to M'cr Central & Trafford Park?
  4. Thanks Clive, I agree with your synopsis but definitely remember reading something on it. I will have to try and find it plus of course that source could have also been wrong. Cheers, Jim
  5. I recall reading somewhere but can't recall where but weren't elements of the 'Bed-Pan' electrification re-used from somewhere else? I'm thinking possibly the Woodhead route.
  6. @62613 What magazine was that? in addition does anyone know whether the plan to electrify to Manchester Central would include all the platform roads or just some?
  7. Are these HO scale or really OO scale?
  8. The second 'Edinburgh' one is Dundee Tay Bridge. I took my first mainline service around this time (1978) It was a white / blue Class 101 from Haymarket to Burntisland. Saw an HST on the Forth Bridge.
  9. Thanks Brian - do you know where they would have come from / be going to? Cheers, Jim
  10. When did the rail connection open and close and what traffic would have operated over it?
  11. Jim76

    Hornby APT 2020

    Is it not safer to order direct with Hornby?
  12. Jim76

    Hornby APT 2020

    Why the paranoia and issues with Hattons cancelling pre-orders or am I missing something (?) although this now seems true...
  13. Great thanks Simon, I wasn't aware of that. Now there is only 3 left! Cheers, Jim
  14. Hi Simon, interesting choice of prototype (I like your plan) and look forward to following with interest. One question : Where is the Dapol Stores van from? I have not seen this previously. Cheers. Jim
  15. Superb! I recognise that house , on Moorland Road. I used to go past it on the way to and from school for 7 years.
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