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  1. Sounds like it could be in Gorgie. Used to live in both Gorgie and Roseburn. The layout is excellent and very reminiscent of Edinburgh / Leith.
  2. 7th December 1984 according to this. http://www.railwaycodes.org.uk/signal/signal_boxesh.shtm#hadfield This was when the line was re-electrified from 1.5kV DC to 25kV AC.
  3. Sorry no photos however they would’ve looked similar to how they look now with only the remodeling of 1985 changing things slightly. Crewe to Manchester was the first section to be electrified followed by Crewe to Liverpool however the whole station complex would’ve been electrified. Electrification was then extended south to London. The line to Liverpool diverges from the Glasgow line at Weaver Junction north of Crewe.
  4. The Hornby doors do look black but also having looked at lots of images think they are grey. Either way they look black so if Hornby do the doors black I won't loose too much sleep over it.
  5. Jim76


    I thought it was around the time of the Falklands. I saw them as they flew over my nanas house in Withington on way home from school (Old Moat). I was terrified as I thought we were still at war with the Germany and my mum probably thought WW3 had started. Someone has done a rather decent painting of the event. Says it was around 81/82 : https://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/topic/manchester-misshap-w-i-p/
  6. ... and a Class 303 and 304 and you’d have the whole WCML covered.
  7. Thanks 37 142 received F exam at Laira between December 1989 - February 1990 according to https://www.class37.co.uk/
  8. Does anyone know when 37 142 went grey?
  9. There was also to be a junction with the as-then planned Manchester South District Railway (MSDR) at Alderley Edge to and from the Macclesfield direction . This would have gone north via Styal, Northenden and Didsbury before joining the as built portion of the MSDR in the vicinity of Withington and West Didsbury station, providing an alternative route to Manchester. Another ‘might have been’...
  10. One of my earliest memories is from a friends further down the line at East Didsbury, their house backed onto the line and even had a gate from their back garden it still looked like a railway albeit without track. It didn’t flood like around West Didsbury. It would’ve been about 1980.
  11. I was born and bred in West Didsbury having been born in Withington Hospital. Used to play down the ‘old railway’ as we called as a kid in the 80s. Withington & West Didsbury was already heavily overgrown by then.
  12. What time period are these latest wagons good for?
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