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  1. Does anyone know when 37 142 went grey?
  2. There was also to be a junction with the as-then planned Manchester South District Railway (MSDR) at Alderley Edge to and from the Macclesfield direction . This would have gone north via Styal, Northenden and Didsbury before joining the as built portion of the MSDR in the vicinity of Withington and West Didsbury station, providing an alternative route to Manchester. Another ‘might have been’...
  3. Mk2 Aircons for Anglo-Scottish services would also be stabled / cleaned at Red Bank.
  4. A lot of DMUs going on there Peter!
  5. One of my earliest memories is from a friends further down the line at East Didsbury, their house backed onto the line and even had a gate from their back garden it still looked like a railway albeit without track. It didn’t flood like around West Didsbury. It would’ve been about 1980.
  6. I was born and bred in West Didsbury having been born in Withington Hospital. Used to play down the ‘old railway’ as we called as a kid in the 80s. Withington & West Didsbury was already heavily overgrown by then.
  7. What time period are these latest wagons good for?
  8. One of the best Traction I have read in recent times. The quality has been really good recently and coincided with me recently cancelling my subscription to Rail Express which has sadly gone downhill.
  9. Jim76

    OO gauge Turbot

    Hi Paul, thanks for the link. I actually meant the end step and handrail which were added in the 1990s as per some of the previous versions of the model. Cheers, Jim
  10. Jim76

    OO gauge Turbot

    Does anyone know whether the Dutch ones are the 1980s or 90s versions?
  11. Great photographs John, I had seen them before and already 'faved'.
  12. I started this thread to ask what would've happened if Woodhead hadn't closed when it did as I am interested in real railways and their histories together with the imaginary world of model railways. I've had a look at your website and you make some interesting points. I like your monorails models. It seems to have gone massively off topic! As you said above can we get back to Woodhead please?!
  13. I understand there was an agreement in place with the union(s) that a single track would be left in place for 5 years.
  14. Jim76

    Class 142

    Hi Charlie, that's great news though thought you were going to be doing Chocolate & Cream and original GMPTE in addition to Provincial? Still will probably put in an order for at least one Provincial.
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