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  1. I welcome any feedback on how to improve my website. I hope Gazza it now works.
  2. Michael, This is were I am confused I googled it and a LSWR 159 came up as a L11 is that the loco class ? Sorry to be a bit vague Andrew
  3. I have been approached about making a model of the lswr 159 class, I'm asking for help as I know nothing about the era. The only bit I have been told the loco was also used by the North British railway. Thanks in advance Andrew
  4. My website is buzzmodels.net it's still under construction, It finally went live last night. Andrew Buzz Models
  5. I have been asked if I would produce the RHTT modules in 4mm I am looking into it and am hoping to have something to show in the new year. Some of the details like the handrails will have to be redesigned but apart from that I am hoping it will be a straight forward change of scales.
  6. Pictures as mentioned RHTT 20ft ISO Container 40ft ISO Container
  7. Just a little bit about who Buzz Models are. We are a small business that are aiming big and now with the progression of 3d printing its helping to improve quality. I run Buzz Models in what spare time i have as my day job i work for London Midland. So the best way to get hold of me is either through here or my email which is [email protected] I have my first wagon produced in 3d print which is the RHTT modules and wagon, also now back in stock i have 20ft and 40ft ISO containers. (pics to follow) Andrew Evans Buzz Models
  8. Just to echo everyone's comments amazing layout and great pictures and videos. I came across your layout in Modelrail and now i look forward to seeing your next project. Andrew
  9. Hi Mark, Amazing work with all your wagons, I am just wondering how your EcoFrets are progressing? Andy
  10. Thank you guys for the links to the pics they are really help full.
  11. Hi, I am in need of info on the wagons used with the RHTT. I know the recent wagon used is a form of the FEA wagon, if anyone has info or pics which can help or can point me in the direction of were i can find some. Any info will help me. Thanks
  12. As long as the M4 is ok Sunday morning I will be there with my trade stand. Hope to see you all there.
  13. Hi, I am just wondering is there any Irish diesels available in O gauge as I would like to model a small Irish diesel shed. If there isn't would there be a need for them. Cheers
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