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  1. Hello Jon Thank you very much. I haven't been here for a while and almost missed your post. Regards, Albérico
  2. Hello Here is another video where they show up: http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=65635
  3. Does your rev1 have a date? (but still there is the picture...) Do you by any chance have SFVs for the other types? I only have the later "E" already with UIC numbers... Diagram 4 is the platform with hut removed and the 4a is the reconstructed. Diagram 6 (I was wrong on the previous post...I looked at the file name only) ... is a standard type...I attributed it to the ex-DB by indication on the "Exxx" diagrams only... You could be right.... If I had the original SFVs perhaps it would be clearer...
  4. Hello Jon The problem is this diagram. I anyone had other diagrams this old for the other series the problem could be solved Diagram 6 has side brake wheels - it should correspond to the ex-platforms rebuilt no? The photo I mention comes from another forum. Sorry for not revealing it here. But the number is "Jfhv 501 236" and has the small platform and still has the small hut.
  5. Hello Here is a list compiled by me base on information taken from diagrams and notes from valuable contributions. There is a problem in the quantities for the small platform vans... The original diagram lists 250 wagons but when they are renumbered in UIC codes...50 go missing. And worse...in UIC there is no gap in the numbering.... the next type of vans have sequential numbering ?!?!?!? Also there is a photo of a van nº 236 with small platform so the original diagram is correct....they must have been really 250 vans... Transfesa blue vans list v1-1.zip
  6. Hello I just realized that my link to the Spanish video isn't working... it just point to another forum. You all might be missing some great stuff so I uploaded it to youtube. Here it is:
  7. I supposed that since those photos don't have any reference to the "ex-numbers" you didn't manage to get that information? Like original number plate on underframe? Nevertheless your photos are very useful and a great piece of history
  8. I also found that some Transfesa Blues were rebuilt as car transport wagons - Laaeks 24 71 436 6 xxx. The picture in the leaflet shows some vans on the background being "destroyed". Laaeks 24714366xxx - ex Transfesa blues.pdf
  9. I know Paul I was talking about those 3 wagons / photos in particular The German ones that weren't supposed to be German. I found your website long before this forum and it was my first great source of valuable information
  10. Hello Paul Do you have more information about these "blue" ones from your site? I can't fit them anywhere... 21 80 214 1 098-8 (seems to be converted from a wagon with short brake platform - the signal holders give that clue; also the added wheel brake) 21 80 214 1 106-9 21 80 214 1 150-7 (end doors) There should not been any German registered vans to made it to UIC-2 numbering...... supposedly they passed all to RENFE?!?!? Yet here they were... Also those types (the short brake platform and the "end doors") were all originally Spanish... Also the number area shows new paint... A recent change in registration? What a mess....
  11. Hello I think in that one you can see a silver/grey FS refrigerated van and the similar but gauge-changeable Interfrigos that came to Portugal and Spain
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