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  1. Hi Nigel. I've finally got round to trying your suggested solution. It seems to have worked. Thank you very much. Steve
  2. Hi Nigel. I've finally got round to trying your suggested solution. It seems to have worked. Thank you very much. Steve
  3. I have two Farish class 25s. They were bought together. One runs perfectly but the other stops intermittently. It starts moving again if I move the controller speed a tiny fraction faster OR SLOWER. I RUN DCC using a Digitrax Zephyr system but I know it isn't the system as I have around 30 locos which don't have the problem. I have thoroughly cleaned the wheels and pickups and have tried a different decoder. I wonder if anyone has a solution? Steve .
  4. Hi. Yes it's me that has been asking via GOG! I'm not concerned about the range of sounds as I have seen fron the specs that the Victory covers a lot. I was once the owner of a large sound fitted large loco that had the full range of sounds but they were spoiled by being rather 'boxy' or 'middly' sounding. They lacked the sharpness that you would expect from a steam loco. Can I ask those of you who are proud owners of the sound equipped version what you think of the sound quality? Steve
  5. I have a Heljan 0 gauge Class 31 which I have had for a while and yesterday I bought a Class 40. They both require decoders but I am not going to go for sound due to the expense I already have a Digitrax DH465 decoder which according to the packaging is rated at 4amps/6amps peak Would that be able to handle the Heljans? If not, what would anyone advise? I have been in touch with a retailer who suggests a Lenz Gold 10440 which appears to be rated at 3amps continuous/10amps peak. I am not doubting the retailer but would appreciate the opinions of anyone who has experience of fitting non sound decoders into the 0 gauge Heljans. I have a similar posting on the DCC section of the Gauge 0 Guild, without replies so far (but it's early days yet) and just need to spread my enquiry as wide as possible. Thanks, Steve
  6. Thanks for all your replies. It would appear that several possible solutions may have some drawbacks. Rather than risk anything I think the best solution is to leave the track alone apart from dirtying as much as possible and leaving enough 'shine' on the top to enable the wheels to pick up the current. However, as the section of track in question is in a siding, it is rare that a loco venture that far. Thanks though for the time and effort you have given to my question. Steve
  7. I have created a 'dirty' area of my layout where there is a lot of coal and grime. I want locos to be able to run there but clean track surfaces are obviously going to spoil the effect. Can anyone suggest a way of dirtying the track but still leave it able to provide current to the locos? Thanks, Steve
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