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  1. So I've not added to my blog recently but have been busy. The major scenic work is complete and I'm just adding little bits here and there. This means I can get on with weathering stock and locomotives. Meanwhile an idea is growing in my mind for my next layout. The wife says this one has to go first which is fair enough as I live in a small house, but this will be some time away, I'm thinking O gauge!!!! I've took a few photo's of how it stands at the moment.
  2. Just found this Blog. That is an awesome piece of modelling! Paddy
  3. Paddy802

    Crosti 9F

    Hi Jim No worries, I'm not on the web to often either. Sort of dip a toe now and again lol. Paddy
  4. Paddy802

    Crosti 9F

    It is sad news. Hopefully there isn't going to be a decline in the kit and detailing companies as time goes on, it will be a sad day when we have to make do with the RTR models as they are from the bigger companies. I've noticed as time goes by and some of the older modellers retire from the scene that the younger modellers are missing out on lost knowledge. I watched 2 you tube videos on weathering the other day and in both they didn't know what the sand filler caps were! I certainly am no font of knowledge but I try and read up on the locomotive I'm dealing with. Or in the case of this loc
  5. Paddy802

    Crosti 9F

    Hi Jim, the figures are from 'ModelU' it's the company that scans and 3D prints real people, they have a web site where I bought a big heap for my loco's. They come unpainted and are 3D printed red plastic. Non of them are scans of me just the readily available figures of the web site.
  6. Paddy802

    Crosti 9F

    I recently had 2 weeks summer holiday to take care of the little Imp's that run riot round my house, and as we weren't going abroad this year, I thought between the day trips and the endless DIY tasks I'd get a lot more scenery done to the layout and thus hopefully have all the ground scenery complete! Instead I did very little. However what I did do is detail and weather my Crosti 9F which I impulsively bought a few months ago, I found an article in a model railway magazine on detailing the Crosti 9F, so armed with this I acquired Alan Gibson pony truck wheels, some fine brass wire and a Brit
  7. Brilliant Model, with a beautiful paint job to finish it.
  8. About midweek I decided to do some weathering, so I sat down and decided to tackle my Crab! Firstly I wanted to renumber it, making it a Dumfries engine, I used Fox transfers 10" cab side numbers and smoke box door number and also replaced the shed plate with a 247 Developments shed plate. My layout isn't really based on anywhere so I've decided to renumber some of my locomotives to the local area of Carlisle and south Scotland, as my wife is from Dumfrieshire and I'm a Cumbrian ( I acquired her on a Reiver raid, I only went on it for some sheep!! ). Over the next few days I did a bit of airbr
  9. Just a video and a few piccy's whilst out walking the dog. I got an excellent video of a Royal Scot in the siding by the footbridge but I was heard saying how awesome it was whilst using bad words to emphasise my Awe!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOR61WDgI4E
  10. Paddy802

    Water Tower

    Hi Usually they are grey depending on region, I'm sure GWR would have had a more elaborate paint scheme and a conical top sometimes. The Base seems quite high but there may have been a small square for track side positioned water towers of this sort. Although I have seen pictures of them on the end of station platforms, the sock piping that is replicated by the black rubber on the model often dangled but a few feet from the floor. Hopefully the above image may be of some use. Cheers Paddy
  11. Hi Tom I was looking up methods for ballasting on google and found an image which blew me away, so I followed the link : http://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/node/26947 I varied my method slightly, I still used Mosaic dark grey tile grout (There is even an excellent concrete colour which I also bought for possible future uses). As I'd already started ballasting the traditional way with fine black cinder ballast which is found in most model shops, I wanted to maintain consistency, so I still went ahead and ballasted in fact covered any area that was to be ash and cinders with the 'woodland sce
  12. Thanks for the positive messages, I think I'm at the stage that is most enjoyable as a modeller now, to be honest its all been enjoyable, bar the tiling of roofs!!!! I've picked up a lot of skills with this layout that mean I'd be more confident and probably save a lot more money when the time comes round to building another layout.
  13. Recently I've been busy, having got the wiring for my layout lighting done as well as quite a lot of ballasting and also creating some model buildings. I've been ballasting the conventional way with small fine black cinders, letting it set then covering this ballast with dark grey grout whilst dry and in powder form then spraying with water, lots and lots of water. On the wiring front I'm ashamed to say that under my base board is a web of wires, which is fine as in my head it all makes sense, should some other poor soul ever need to do some rewiring then I'm sure it would be the equivalent o
  14. Paddy802

    Coaling up

    Thanks Jim, I am mightily impressed with your layout, its very atmospheric and well thought out with excellent modelling. Thanks for the tips with regards to the water, my layout is in the conservatory so the preferable high temperature is no problem!! Cheers Paddy
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