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  1. Hi Loved the light engine moves video. Can you tell me who's sound you are using in your locos? Thanks Tim
  2. But he was wearing a Hattons polo shirt Tim
  3. Well! I had no idea the cabs were different sizes. You learn something new everyday! Tim
  4. I too was dismayed at the length of the coupling. I need to use the supplied type of coupling (tensionlock?) but does anyone know a way of shortening the coupling assembly or am I stuck with it? Thanks Tim
  5. Found this in the trees near Workington harbour last weekend. I assume it was something to do with the old steel works. The lights were red, amber and green. The track was long gone but the single track rails were still in situ where it crossed the adjacent road. Tim
  6. I just ordered some Revell enamel paints and airbrush cleaner from a recognised model shop and they arrived by royal mail with my regular postman so I guess it musnt be strictly adhered to.
  7. I'd very much like to see one in original livery without the jumper cables. Unless it's been done and I've missed it! Tim
  8. Hi Bachmann have recently produced an Anglia liveried 47 and I was wondering what trains these locos actually worked. I imagine they ran from London to Norwich, but did they ever operate on freight or infrastructure? Many thanks in advance Tim
  9. Hi Regarding the imperium /D600 query I set mine to: Deceleration 010 Acceleration 015 I'm no expert but it works ok for my D602! Good luck Tim
  10. I really enjoy this thread and the insight into your world Jim. I was wondering, do you have to seek permission from your employers to post the pics and info or is it not an issue ?
  11. Hi This looks a really good project. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress. Tim
  12. This is great news about the 45. But I do hope Heljan give serious consideration to the headcode fonts and get it right this time, unlike their previous attempts on their diesel locos. Here's hoping! Tim
  13. Good idea! I bet that thin polystyrene you can get on a roll to insulate walls would work too. Tim
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