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  1. Interesting. Ive always used the plastic primer. I'll give it a miss in future. Cheers! Tim
  2. Out of interest, why would you not consider the plastic primer since the model is plastic?
  3. I would also be very interested to know how they measure up to an OO van. I really like the look of them. Thanks Tim
  4. Amazing information - really interesting. Thanks so much for taking the time to expand on the arrangements that were undertaken. Tim
  5. Thanks for that info. I am very grateful. From memory the station concerned had 4 lines going through. (2 platform lines and 2 lines through the middle; the 33 came through the middle). Tim
  6. Thanks for that info. Very interesting. I'm pretty sure it was light engine but it was a long time ago and I could be wrong. Tim
  7. Hi Take a look at the track plan for Alston station back in BR days. It was a bit similar with a turntable at the end of the platforms. Tim
  8. Hi All Here's something I've always wondered about. When I was 11 my dad took me on a trip from Newcastle to Sheffield. Then to Boston. Lincoln next then Peterborough and home. (According to my note book). It was second week of August 1968. I clearly recall seeing blue class 33 D6566 with headcode A4 at Boston. I always thought that was an unusual thing and now, seeing this discussion, thought someone might be able to advise if this was as unusual as I thought it was! Thanks Tim
  9. Thanks very much Richard. That info is very interesting and helps me understand how these wagons were used. Regards Tim
  10. Thanks for the pics! Some good weathering on those. I often wonder what the insides of these containers are like and if they are ever cleaned. I once rented a van and it had been used for carrying restaurant waste. It was grim. I bet some of those containers are also appalling inside. Regards Tim
  11. Love the modelling. Excellent buildings and clever use of the bottle neck. Amazing!! Tim
  12. I see what you mean! I imagine I can't post a pic of my book with copyright laws etc but I can assure one and all that my copy has the correct spelling of 'Historical' Tim
  13. Interestingly my copy is spelled correctly!! We are talking about the Booklaw book by John Hooper aren't we?
  14. Hi This is a terrific book with great images and text. You won't be disappointed. Just looking at mine and I'm afraid I can't see the howler on the cover!! Can someone advise what it is? Thanks Tim
  15. Hi All As the original poster it has been really interesting reading all the knowledgeable responses. To clarify my question, I had meant top and tail in the sense that the leading loco would be the only one under power. The rear loco would just be trailing. I've learned an awful lot from the replies on top and tail/push pull and am grateful to all who have given their responses. Tim
  16. Hi Does anyone know whether any scheduled passenger services ran in the 60s/70s in a top and tail formation with diesel locos? This afternoon I ran green top and tail class 25s on 3 x mark 1 maroon carriages and wondered how prototypical such an event might be!! Thanks in advance Tim
  17. Thanks for all your replies so far! A lot of interesting information that I was totally ignorant of. Tim
  18. Yes I think Burton on Trent sounds right. And maybe they came from East Anglia but could it have been Scotland ? Tim
  19. Hi I was wondering if anyone could advise where and when the red liveried Bass Charrington 4-wheel grain hoppers operated? Here's a Bachmann one I've just weathered with another 5 to do. Knowing where and when they ran would help me decide on the correct traction. Thanks in advance Tim
  20. My most feared body removal experience is always the Bachmann class 47 where I defy anyone to get it off without at least one of the door windows falling off. I always get the glue out before I even commence the job! Tim
  21. Incredible work on that part- demolished terrace. Really like it. Tim
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