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  1. Like Electras but don't want to put up catenary? Like HSTs but bought the wrong Mk3s? Want a way to combine your interests? Look no further... (Not my photo, link to Flickr) Wild Boar Fell
  2. Cheers Bob, That would make sense, although the only 331 I've been on so far had the noise and vibration of a EE 12CSVT... ...But that's another story... Smart looking units, above solebar. Cheers, Matthew
  3. Thank you Jack, much appreciated. Another busy week here but managed to get the cantrail stripes and all the plates on between various bits of F1 and BTCC. Other than re-assembly and possibly a disk on the cab roof, that should be it for 67005. Certainly remembered why I dislike cantrail stripes. I used transfers for the bodysides but painted around the windscreen. I need to track down a new windscreen, but hopefully Peter Spares or similar may have something. Also managed to see a new of the new CAF 195s at the weekend on the Cumbrian coast, not been on one of these yet, but imagine there is little difference to the 331 internally. Been quite a while since my last journey now (Derby to Bristol on a XC HST). Stay safe, Wild Boar Fell
  4. Missed out on a Bachmann Blue Pullman? Got a spare HST? http://railwayherald.com/uknews/blue-pullman-takes-to-the-rails-in-november
  5. From my old layout Wild Boar Fell, shame about the blue wall, maybe a black and white photo would look better.
  6. I managed to get a little time to spend on 67005 again the other day to make a little more progress. Grilles are now black, roof is Railfreight Grey and the TOPS panels and dayglow stripe have been added. This needs varnishing before the next lot of transfers. Also got some cab grille transfers on order from Railtec and the etched plates from Fox. Before the paint is built up to its full depth, it is amazing how close the colour looks to EMR's new Aubergine colour. Wild Boar Fell
  7. Found a little time today to get on with the other part of the royal train. In the layouts era it would have been predominantly 47 hauled, but 67005 does just fit in. It appears that in the the year or so before 67006 was completed a 66 was sometimes hooked on the rear or a plain 67. It also appears that in this small time span the livery was slightly different, with the loco featuring the EWS style dayglow yellow stripe above solebar level. Seemingly this was changed to match 67006 in time for the outshopping of the latter. The loco is being repainted from W&S silver and grey. Still a fair bit of work to do but the first bit of Claret has appeared. Before... During... After... Next up the roof will go grey, grilles black and handrails white. Wild Boar Fell
  8. It has literally just turned up, only posted yesterday. So hopefully yours might be on its way soon. Mine was one of the factory seconds, not in too bad a condition, a bit of warpage but can hopefully cure that with a bit of hot water. Thinking of using a modified 156 chassis to give it strength.
  9. I think it very unlikely that we'll see the Beacon ones on the national network, but more than likely a certain mainline, but before it becomes one (If you get what I mean). Although I imagine i'll now be proved very wrong.
  10. Interestingly, my 323 has today been marked as 'Posted'.
  11. I also still have a considerable quantity of hopper bodies (resin cast), from our kit that was under development when the Hattons model was announced. No idea whether it would fit the castings mind.
  12. Drat, I seem to have fallen into the same trap. Blue with a gold star for me I think. Shame they didn't run into WBQ in my era.
  13. Only been on a couple of depots since this kicked off, hopefully another soon. Fortunately I can work remotely for the most part. On the Claret rake front, work is progressing on the 5 Mk3s that will form the bulk of the rake and the Mk2s are in the process of being disassembled. Next up will be to try and build the double doors on 2903 and add the new windows to 2916 & 2917, then it's window frames and then onto the roof. Nothing too taxing yet, but still a lot to do. Wild Boar Fell
  14. Thanks David, keeping busy, yourself? Apologies for the quality of the photo, but just to show some progress on the tpo front. The far sides still need finishing and the running gear adding, but the effect is getting there. Not shown is the Bachmann POT, there is also another POT to build from a southern pride kit and the PCVs to finish. Wild Boar Fell
  15. Indeed so, the coaches shown above are to become 2904 and 2915. The 3 waiting below are to become 2903, 2916 and 2917 respectively. Lots of window and roof mods to go at, along with the double doors on 2903. A pair of mk2s are on order to become 2920 & 2921, think they'll be the tricky ones. Lets see how this goes.
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