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  1. Indeed it is.... https://www.Bachmann-collectorsclub.co.uk/product/class-90-90128-'vrachtverbinding'-br-sncb/32-612k HTH Wild Boar Fell
  2. I mean Bolton Street did technically use to be electrified... Albeit side contact stabiliser rail (IIRC), but they're Mir technicalities.
  3. For all the flack that CAF have had for this, the Nova 3 was still the first new TPE fleet to enter passenger service (albeit later than planned). So which will be 2nd, Nova 2 or 3...
  4. 91108 Should be being retired tomorrow, not tonight. So that it ends up at Bounds. There was some confusion caused by LNER's Twitter post implying today.
  5. Probably simpler to buy 2x 2-car GWRs and make the necessary adjustments to allow the inner and outer ends to couple. Then some wiring adjustments to allow through control of lighting. So would imagine an RTR example would be unlikely. 798 however, they are tooling up a MOS for the 159s. But admittedly unlikely that they'd do the one off unit.
  6. Today's antics, building the eastern span and footbridge. Cobbled together from bits of styrene sheet and section, it needs painting before I can fit the two sides together and add the footpath deck. Hopefully the Mk1 gives an indication of the size of the span, approximately 75ft in scale. And the prototype... Wild Boar Fell
  7. Thanks David. Some more from today, I've been starting the lift shaft and access steps modules for down platforms. All these structures are being built upto canopy level. Lots of detail still to add, but far from happy with the steps structure. Very tricky to build square and still isn't, noted in the photos below it isn't properly seated at one end. Might see about 3D Printing a former and cladding it with Slater's. As can be seen, I make great efforts to keep the layout clear of tools and materials... ... maybe not. Wild Boar Fell
  8. Kept the layout cool enough to work on today, so got a few small tasks achieved. Most notably was trial fitting some of the platform lamps, this mean drilling through the platforms which fortunately went better than anticipated. The surface appears to be strong enough to allow the catenary mast screws to be countersunk into it too. This was trialled with the mast seen behind the 47, it can now be detailed up as per the ones shown above. Happy Modelling, Wild Boar Fell
  9. I managed to get some time to work on the layout today, small bits of progress were achieved on a few fronts. Most excitingly though, a start has been made on adding (temporarily for now) the catenary masts. A few of these can be represented by the Peco masts, whilst some others can be modified from these. However the bulk of the catenary is headspans within the station. So I started with the easy ones, the out the box ones went in with exception of the one just south of the station entrance as the mast would be floating as this hasn't been built up enough yet. I then tried to modify a mast to make a twin arm mast but found it easier to make new arms for it. This is the one seen in front of the 37, it needs its insulators adding at some point but was really a test piece. Two other masts had their arms removed to make what I believe are masts for the autotransformer. Unfortunately I couldn't find any H section brass rod at my local model shop so decided to attempt to make a pair of headspan masts from styrene. Not sure how well they'll work in practise but reasonably happy with the result. Now I need to re-stock before I can attempt building any more. Barely visible as a black dot, but two of the ground signals have also been fitted, these will be wired next time the boards are split. That now makes it 8 masts in place for now. Wild Boar Fell
  10. WSP is fitted to a lot of fleets, especially all new builds. But the system fitted to the Mk5/ Mk5as is not the same as that fitted to the 390s, they are several (engineering) generations apart. But a proven system nonetheless. HTH
  11. Thanks Neil, Since my last post I've been concentrating on adding the surface to the platforms, beyond that shown in the image at the top of the page. Whilst Platform 3 was mostly done others have taken a lot of Polyfilla and good deal of sanding, repeat... It certainly looked like Warrington had a few snow drifts a couple of times. I've now got most 90% of the platform surface to a state that I am happy with, although changes will be needed to fill the gaps when the buildings go in. Only after this will the top coat of paint be added as currently it is too dark and patchy. Hopefully the 37s give some indication of scale. Apologies, phone photos so not the best quality. Glad to finally see progress again. Kind Regards, Wild Boar Fell
  12. I attended the show on Saturday, felt a little strange not being on a layout this time. My folks and I really enjoyed the show again, it has a very good range of layouts and a good selection of traders. Always a good show for catching up with people who are normally too busy at Warley. I look forward to attending again next year.
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