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  1. Last time I went to BN was in Q1 (January I think) 2019 and it had already become a Hitachi depot, with most staff transferred across. At the time the depot had been prepared for Azumafication, but I think the units there were for familiarisation, with the active ones working out of Doncaster Carr. As for the remaining sets, I think they were withdrawn during 2020 from Bounds, and reentered service from Neville Hill a few months ago (during the Hitachi crisis).
  2. Hello Steve, Thanks for asking, unfortunately I am not planning to continue this project further with the Bachmann model now being imminent/available (out of the loop sorry). Leopald is quite correct that even though the price at the time was high, the issue was a distinct bowing of the structure. Earlier this year I had been experimenting with a new machine, which is having similar issues on smaller prints. Kind Regards, Wild Boar Fell
  3. Hello Meld, My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I've just had a luck and unfortunately it is the case that I.materialise won't make the 3 spindle variant. I believe they had a few issues producing them on the last batch. Kind Regards, Wild Boar Fell
  4. Looking good, Although hoping that Hornby have an alternative end tooling for at least the TOE on the TfWR vehicles. In theory all other (TfWR) vehicles should be missing the aero baffles on the non-drivers side (relative to the DVT cab). Also noted is the WiFi connection on the TOE sample shown, which is correct for the post Mallard vehicles Hornby are now doing I believe.
  5. I also note these have the later Virgin style horn grille, I believe in this era they also had clipped buffers. Still finally glad to get some for Bank Quay.
  6. Supposedly he's also going to do some filming on the International Space Station, although not for a future Mission Impossible.
  7. Just when I thought we'd seen the end of the 150 hybrids.
  8. Both are looking good, when I got my set the snowplough and coupler were included in the kit. Certainly makes a massive improvement. I need to get an updated photo with the latest result at some point. Wild Boar Fell
  9. Unlikely they will be returning to Porterbrook, being owned by Angel...
  10. Apologies for the lack of updates recently, I hope everyone is well. I decided to take a break from the projects I was working on after losing motivation on them. I'll get back to them, but in the meantime I've been trying to get the hang of a different 3D printer. In order to do something vaguely useful for Bank Quay, I've had a go at printing some Tope hoppers. Being vacuum braked these were pretty much culled during the layout's era. I believe until a few years ago the final wagon survived in an overgrown siding (Bolton way?). I've still got a lot of work to do on them, most noticeably buffers and the loading guards. There are also a few more wagons to get to this point. After that I think it'll be a few Rudds to go in the air braked rake. These will all be treated to a ballast or spoil load at some point. The latest job is fitting some 156 detailing parts to a Hornby model, the parts being from 'Midland Valenta' on Ebay (no connection). This example is set to become a First North Western unit. This will require the yellow end to be extended and the First blue to be carried onto the solebar. Unsure yet whether to keep this unit as a 'dummy' or to fit a spare motor bogie. I will need to make an NRN pod for each roof and if I remember to, TCAs. Fortunately I believe the layout pre-dates the fitting of sanders, so that is one less thing to sort. Then its a case of repeating it all for the second vehicle. Wild Boar Fell
  11. A very quick and crude test print of the original CAD file, please note that I am aware of quite a few issues with the print, which I hope to steadily resolve. Post printing I have not cleaned up the support marks and it has had a quick blast of primer and black. Therefore this is not representative of a finalised tender print. Kind Regards, Wild Boar Fell
  12. As it happens in the last few days decided to try and return to 3D printing with a new machine. I have tried the first few print on it today and have included the above tender body in the test prints. I will aim to post a photo tomorrow of the result, it needs some optimisation (it wasn't designed for this technology) but shows some promise. I can't say at this stage whether I'll go into production or not when finished. Kind Regards, Wild Boar Fell
  13. Not a proper update, but '412 is currently in for weathering. The loco still needs new plates, lamp irons and warning flashes, but rather please with how it has turned out so far. The weathering is based on photos of the loco from 1999/2000. Horrible close ups... Wild Boar Fell
  14. POS was Pullman Open Smoking. There are still the partitions but not the doors from what I remember. Seem to recall the TOE had similar at the loco end of the saloon. Data panels do match the Evesholt website, I have photos of each panel type somewhere.
  15. That TOE is looking sharp, looking at the end detail, I would say as shown there was for a vehicle post Wi-Fi fitment but pre 67/ Wales conversion.
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