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  1. Thanks; back to the drawing board then.
  2. The Kingfisher website seems to have gone. It opens up to a domain management site.Are they still in business?
  3. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned http://www.clevermodels.net/ or http://www.modeltrainsoftware.com/
  4. This kit (E10) is no longer listed by them. Has anyone a copy they want to sell?
  5. Thanks; will drop him a mail
  6. What couplings do you use on these Port Wynnstay models? I'd like to use Kadee but am unsure which number would be best
  7. Have you got a contact e-mail for them? I joined but can't activate it.
  8. Thanks for that. The old sheds at Dunfermline on the Upper Line were my playground; sneaking out the backdoor of the SCWS factory on Halbeath Road gave direct access to a number of old 0-4-0s and 0-4-2s IIRC. All gone now
  9. I'm just starting out in this scale with a very similar track plan and two fiddle yards instead of a continuous loop. Looking forward to seeing it at Folkestone.
  10. I see these on the Dutch canals every day, carrying about 30 containers, There's a barge terminal a couple of miles away, but they don't welcome visitors. FWIW http://www.scalescenes.com/ have announced a containership for 2011 (maybe) Regards Ian
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