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  1. It seems to Victory week. My conversion of a Minerva Kerr Stuart Victory 0-6-0T an RSH-esque loco continues to progress. This is a simple conversion involving little more than bits of plasticard cut to shape. The handwheel on the smokebox door came from spare Minerva Manning Wardle parts and the safety valves are from a box of Minerva Peckett E spares. The whistle was found in the general box of spares. The nameplates are Narrow Planet and carry the bardic name for the late William Abraham MP, a famous trade unionist and MP for the Rhondda, later Rhondda West constituencies for 35 years. The next jobs are to fit DCC sound and weathering. Chris K
  2. The Guildford 0 Gauge Group, which organises the Reading Trade Show, suggested that we extend the deadline for discounted orders for the Minerva RTR Class 14 Teddy Bear 0-6-0DH locomotive until the end of the show on Saturday 7th December. We are pleased to announce the deadline has been extended to all orders received by 2359GMT Sunday 8th December 2019. Order forms can be downloaded from the Minerva website at https://www.minervamodelrailways.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Class-14-Order-Form.pdf or you can place your order at the Minerva stand at the Reading show. We do not take deposits for advance orders and there is no penalty for cancellation. The final version of the CAD has been approved and the project now goes to tooling. Chris B and Chris K
  3. Attached are some photos of a Minerva Kerr Stuart VICTORY 0-6-0T posing at Cwm Bach that I have recently weathered for a customer. The brief was to simulate the effect shown on the prototype photo of FRANCES. It was a something of a challenge, but I hope I have captured the appearance of the real thing. NB the cylinder drain-cocks are not attached for security in transit. Regards, CK
  4. The limited edition 0 Gauge RTR unlined black Minerva Manning Wardle K 0-6-0ST locomotives announced at Guildex 2019 have arrived at Minerva HQ. Only 100 models have been produced; when they are gone they are gone. We expect to start shipping orders received so far from Thursday onwards. You can buy online at www.minervamodelrailways.co.uk or telephone 02920 531246/07775 782086. They will be available from the Minerva stand at the Reading 0 Gauge Trade Show on Saturday 7th December 2019. Prices are DC £255, DCC Fitted £310, DCC Sound Fitted £380. Postage is £9 per loco Royal Mail Special Delivery.
  5. I ordered some DCC stay-alive units from Digitrains at 1641Z Tuesday 29 October 2019. They were delivered just over 18 hours later by Royal Mail Special Delivery at 1055Z Wednesday 30 October. Truly outstanding service. Usual blah, blah disclaimer. CK
  6. It is not difficult. 1. Apply clean white spirit where the whistle operating lever is joined tot the whistle and to the joint between the firebox and backhead. 2. Gently prize up the coal load with the tip of a sharp blade. It is a clip fit and should come away easily. 3. Unclip the rear of the cab from the bunker. 4. With the same blade, gently ease the top of the backhead away from the firebox. The safety valve levers and gauge should remain attached to the backhead. 5. Unclip the front of the cab from the firebox. 6. Clip the replacement weatherboard into place. 7. Reverse the steps above to reassemble. NB I think it is better to replace the coal load with the real thing. Let me know how you get on. Regards, Chris Klein
  7. Someone is working on a Bedford RL kit for me. I will have about half a dozen and he will probably produce more for general release. CK
  8. Dava, Remove the three screws that secure the chassis to the superstructure. Ease up the superstructure a few millimetres. Then with a pair of long, fine nosed pliers, carefully lift the copper pipes on the left side in front of the centre axle spring. the superstructure will then lift away. Reverse the process to reassemble. Chris K
  9. The RSH fka Kerr Stuart Victory has been primed for painting. I confess that I am always rather relieved when the primer coat is applied and the loco ceases to look a mess. I shall leave it to harden for a few days.
  10. Keith, They were impressed from the rear of the plasticard with a vintage, wooden-handled bradawl. Chris
  11. My latest project is to convert the Minerva Kerr Stuart ROD Victory 0-6-0T into a locomotive inspired by the chunky Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns 0-6-0Ts works numbers 7683 and 7684 of 1951. The model is not an accurate copy of the originals, but is an impression of the prototypes. Only the superstructure has been modified, the Minerva chassis is unaltered. This is a simple conversion comprising mostly the creation and fitting of cab, tank and bunker overlays from 20thou plasticard. The most difficult task is the drawing and cutting of the overlays. I decided not to make the cab spectacles rectangular instead leaving the original portholes. Most of the other work involves details such as new handrails and lamp irons. The valences on the on the buffer beams were cut away, but the chimney and dome were left in situ. The photographs show the loco almost ready for painting with primer. I think I will finish it in dark blue with NCB insignia and I might attempt some black and white lining. Works and name plates have been ordered from Narrow Planet and I will choose either “CWM BACH No6” or “MABON”, the Bardic name of William Abraham, the late trade unionist and MP for Rhondda and later Rhondda West. I rather enjoy these RTR conversions. They take me back to the days of converting Airfix AFV kits: I was especially proud of my Priest self-propelled gun blended from the Airfix Lee/Grant tank and 25 Pounder gun. Stay tuned for the next instalment. Regards, Chris K
  12. Andy, That really is excellent weathering. The snowploughs and the accumulation of dirt around the handrail fixings, lamp irons, rivets etc is very convincing. Regards, Chris
  13. Stephen, One can never have too many. As for justification, it is well to remember the words of the late and witty Oscar Wilde, "I can resist anything except temptation." Regards, Chris
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