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  1. I recently finished weathering this Bachmann brass Drewry 0-6-0DM, later BR TOPS Class 04. It is shown on Tonfanau Camp, which on occasion masquerades as a station serving an RAF station in East Anglia. The crew and guard appear to have nipped off to the NAAFI. Sadly, the LNER TOAD in the earlier post rolled off my bench and suffered catastrophic injuries so a BR 20T has been substituted. Chris K
  2. Rod, Perhaps you could cut back by, say, three wagon lengths the siding that is parallel to the bay platform line, place the the cattle dock in the vacated space and model the end of the bay platform line as a dock. Regards, Chris
  3. I have fitted a load of planks to a Minerva GWR OPEN A wagon. A securing rope mid-way along the wagon is not required because the planks are resting below the top of the raves.
  4. I have finished my conversion of a Minerva 0 gauge Kerr Stuart VICTORY 0-6-0T to a Robert Stephenson & Hawthorne 0-6-0T of 1951. The result is more an impression of the prototype rather than a faithful replica. This model is a bit of a beast, especially when stood alongside some its more dainty shedmates such as the Manning Wardle K. The photos show MABON around the National Coal Board loco shed at Cwm Bach and pushing empty mineral wagons up the steeply graded line to Cwm Bach colliery. The name and numberplates are from Narrow Planet and the crew are ModelU painted by Claudia Everett.
  5. The base colour for the chassis dirt is a blend of Humbrol enamels M33 Black, M62 Leather and M98 Chocolate. I apply it unthinned with a cheap brush. Sometimes I add a little talcum powder for texture. I finished the area between the centre and rear wheels with a MIG Light Rust Wash A.MIG.1004.
  6. 3702 simmers quietly in between some desultory shunting at Cwm Bach.
  7. I have recently completed building a Parkside-PECO LNER Toad brake van. The photo shows it ex-works alongside its Eastern Region running mate D2241 on Tonfanau Camp temporarily masquerading as an East Anglian RAF station. The van is a straightforward build, with ballast weight made from lead roof flashing, but the mounting hangars for the footboards are weak as they are on all Parkside brake vans. The loco and van now join the long queue of rolling stock awaiting weathering. Regards, Chris K
  8. Shipping of the Minerva 0 gauge RTR GWR OPEN A 5-plank open wagon starts next week. Sadly, they will not arrive in time for Christmas and Chris B and Chris K apologise most profusely for the five-week delay in delivery. The model represents Diagram 11 with Dean-Churchward Mark 3 brake gear. It will be available in four liveries: 1903 GW 25", 1923 GW 16", 1936 GW6” and British Railways unfitted grey. Three different numbers for each livery will be offered and parts for fitting an optional sheet rail are included. The photos show decorated samples, which will be on display on the Minerva stand at the Reading trade show on Saturday 7th December 2019. Minerva will be announcing another new model at Reading for delivery in Spring 2020. Regards, Chris Basten and Chris Klein
  9. At last, the gentlemen’s convenience at Cwm Bach station has been commissioned, much to the relief of the local male population. The Reverent Obadiah Glendower Jones from the local Cwm Bach Independent Congregational Chapel was due to perform the opening ceremony, but was indisposed. Fortunately, celebrity Daddy Pig, who was on a shed bash of the NCB MPD, was asked to stand in and perform the honours; well, to be more precise, he stood outside on account of his rotundness. Chris K
  10. I have just delivered NICOLA, a weathered version of the recently released limited edition plain black Minerva RTR O gauge Manning Wardle K Class 0-6-0ST. The customer’s brief was for a worn, but not excessively dirty locomotive. The nameplates are Guilplates supplied by the customer. The driver is a ModelU figure painted by the talented Claudia Everett. Chris K
  11. Simple reprint, but need a more effective adhesive.
  12. The effect of heavy rainfall in the Welsh valleys. The wholeback scene needs reconstruction.
  13. The long wait for a convenience at the railway station for the gentlemen of Cwm Bach is almost over. A photograph by D Russell in the recently published book “TONDU VALLEYS – Bridgend to Treherbert” (Pen & Sword) revealed a small shelter and gentlemen’s WC at Abergwynfi, the inspiration for Cwm Bach. It is a simple scratchbuild from 0.8mm 3-ply wood and plasticard. I shortened the building to keep it in proportion with the length of Cwm Bach station, on which it is temporarily placed. Painting next; it will be a challenge to reproduce the very decrepit appearance of the prototype. Chris K
  14. Ex-GWR 57XX was still carrying the GWR motif in 1961 when it was running on the Upton-on-Severn branch. The photos show he original and my interpretation using a Minerva model, but the GWR lettering appears brighter in the photograph than in reality. 74XX 7428 was photographed at Aberystwyth in 1962 still carrying GWR. These two exampls provide cover for ysing this style of letter in the mid-1950s. NB both locos carried BR era smokebox numberplates. &$"* was fitted with the smokebox shedcode plate, but this was missing from 7788. Hope this helps, Chris K
  15. It seems to Victory week. My conversion of a Minerva Kerr Stuart Victory 0-6-0T an RSH-esque loco continues to progress. This is a simple conversion involving little more than bits of plasticard cut to shape. The handwheel on the smokebox door came from spare Minerva Manning Wardle parts and the safety valves are from a box of Minerva Peckett E spares. The whistle was found in the general box of spares. The nameplates are Narrow Planet and carry the bardic name for the late William Abraham MP, a famous trade unionist and MP for the Rhondda, later Rhondda West constituencies for 35 years. The next jobs are to fit DCC sound and weathering. Chris K
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