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    BR Southern Region, 1975 - 1986. Building a model in 00 based on Queenborough, Sheppey, Kent. I also model live steam in the garden, scale 16mm/ft, 32mm gauge.

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  1. Bright idea, or that horrific, bureaucratic spectacle of the modern era: proper risk assessment? Barstewards. How dare they muck up a perfectly serviceable history of correcting stuff after accidents had already occurred!
  2. As previously stated, I do not believe it is scaremongering, and precisely for the reasons of topography and the looming redundancy of the Thames Barrier you state. However, back to Class 66's running under wires.
  3. But one of them was "Swampy", aka Dan Hooper, who is most definitely of this parish. He was boasting that they could be there until Christmas, but said he would be in trouble with his family if he was not home by then......
  4. Absolutely bang on. The accusation of hysteria and religious fervour is far better directed at the Trump-style attitude to climate change, which not only denies it almost completely but seriously advocates further fossil fuel expansion. Bar several, funded by oil companies or their investors, reports which claim some sort of natural phenomenon occurring, or at worst, nothing to see here, their opposition to "green" legislation has been driven entirely by the P&L account. Thus, in microcosm, we see this in the perverse incentives to run diesel locos when the electric meter is rotating overtime. Some suggest this is due to a lack of joined up thinking within government. But, if that were true, then the accusation that this PM wields an iron fist over the cabinet must either be hogwash, or the PM actually does not want to achieve his own climate targets for fear of something else. This could be cost, or keeping the lights on by 2024, or just keeping his Trumpian faction on side. So, Class 66's rool, KO.
  5. Just like in the UK, there is a bit of each, due to new entrants who need to provide the cheapest offer to compete with the established entities. But what is much more in evidence in mainland Europe is the increasing advent of bi-mode diesel/electrics (or diesel/hydrogen in one case). The use of electric traction is for the bulk haul, then diesel (or some other source) for the "last mile", which is often a lot further. What will remain is the second hand market for Class 66's and many others, which will allow the newer players some flexibility, but as this diminishes, the bi-mode traction options will become dominant. The French have largely stopped this second-hand market by refusing to sell many of their redundant locos, although some are creeping through and there are many types of "foreign" diesels already approved for use on the French network. The problem in the UK is the combination of an overall reduction in freight demand and the lack of any incentives to invest in bi-mode for freight (unlike in passenger transport), to replace a re-use of existing, perfectly serviceable diesel locos.
  6. According to at least one, peer-reviewed, report recently, yes it may well, although perhaps not by 2100 exactly. That is, if nothing is done more than is planned currently. Denying it, whilst laudable for children's mental health, is not necessarily helpful overall. https://news.sky.com/story/climate-change-projection-shows-buckingham-palace-and-other-world-sites-surrounded-by-water-12431537
  7. Interesting -- thanks - but is that co-acting with the signal on the left, or vice-versa?
  8. Thanks for these pics, and glad you have remained more injury free than in a previous episode.... One hell of a contrast from when we lived in the Creuse, about 14 years ago, and nearly all trains were still either loco hauled or used various ancient railcars. Many a happy hour spent on the ramparts at Limoges whilst SWMBO supped at the (then) delightful station bar, fending off the occasional beggar or drunk......
  9. I stand corrected on the fireplaces! But he actually used three different pseudonyms, one of his companies was found to be seriously in breach of copyright and the get-rich-quick scheme was, to avoid libel, not entirely above reproach. So quite a shoe-in for the present government, but in seriousness, it is hard to get a straight answer to any simple question on transport at the moment. I understand why, given the current fiscal situation, but why can't they just be honest with us?
  10. Great views but is it me? I could only understand about every third word the chap said!!
  11. This is a matter of interpretation. He could just as equally be confirming that the design for Phase 2B is being modified to suit the other two rail schemes (and draw savings for each), which is basically what was stated when they put 2B on hold. Shapps has often been completely vague about his subject matter, whether selling fireplaces, remembering what name he is using and when, or in politics. As the article concludes, we will have to await the integrated rail plan report, whenever that comes. That was originally due in October 2020, TTBOMK.
  12. Quite eerie to see it like this - lots of memories gone, including yet another building in which I used to work.
  13. Ah, but, if you don't recall the opening blurb, this Railway might look Welsh-ish, but is in fact in France, via a tunnel that Corris workers started to dig, to get to Machynlleth. They just didn't know where to stop.
  14. One structure I am very pleased with is this scratch-built staircase, leading from the station to the village. Made with hardwood steps, softwood uprights and balsa ties - all thoroughly soaked in preservative, but I doubt it will survive a winter, so has been made removable for a longer life. The canal siding is finally properly open, as evidenced below, but the whole area needs detailing again. My first attempts, installed some three years ago at least, have been dogged, catted, frogged/toaded, birded and finally thoroughly washed and winded. Something stronger is in order..... Finally, the Chapel in situ, though much more work to be done, with its big brother in the background.
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