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  1. Good to see this - not far from where I stay quite often, in Hebden Bridge. Is there a website?
  2. This looks really interesting - incredible that you have managed to attract so much trade for a first show? Some interesting names there, alongside many of the usual suspects. But no Roundhouse stand or Garden Railways Specialists booked yet?
  3. Absolutely brilliant! I wish we had had access to something as sophisticated as this when I was in the game. It would have saved an awful lot of time and money, assuming everything that was due to go in place was actually put into the sim.
  4. Here you go - https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/comtic
  5. In the 80's and 90's there was a propelling move, of up to 12 bogies, from the middle road at Sheerness into the steel works, about a mile altogether. The move was controlled by two shunt signals. The driver certainly did not bother to change ends or marker lights!!
  6. Why? I can think of countless progs and films "based on", but which go off in a very different direction. Why bother re-making something which has been done before?
  7. Sorry, but I quite liked it............
  8. Eye of the Beholder - I think they are one of the best looking BR locos on offer, but then, I grew up with them.
  9. Yes it will. But I expect some experimentation - given the extra platforms now extant at the station on the West side, and the closure of the old Platform 1 bay. It will surround what disruption is best saved; either the disruption of the NSE services crossing over at the south end, or the Spaldings etc using the old P2, now P1. I suspect, given the straightening of the Up fast route into P2 and the new P3, that P1 will continue to be used for the locals, at the North end, and not P2, as used to be the case in the off-peak some years ago. Either way, that means continuing to use the existing Junction. An update here from NR, on the new river courses and other stuff: https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/our-routes/east-coast/east-coast-upgrade/werrington-grade-separation/
  10. Depends how much coupling/uncoupling you are planning in the public area. If significant, then I would go for K-Dees or the short-form tension locks. The "toy look" isn't half as bad as the view of two hands coming down every so often to wrench the things apart! For static photo shots, just leave a brake and one or two other wagons with screwlinks/instanters at one end.
  11. Good to see the 2 HAP (Class 414) finally on a list for July (although Hattons had it as April as recently as two weeks ago). But, not only is it over two years late, it has gone up from an estimated price at around 180 sovs to 260, for a two-car unit!!! I was going to buy four of them, as it will be the mainstay of my Sheerness branch layout, but, even with some discounting, I think I will be dropping that to two, maybe.
  12. That has more to do with the hobby, than Hornby. Everyone (more or less) faces the same issues, Brexit notwithstanding, and it will be the ones who take advantage of discreet marketing and sales opportunities, on time and with relevant products, that will gain the edge. The 2012 Olympics was an example of how not to do it. The rest, about gaining new markets to supplement and even replace old ones, is SOP, in an enlightened company.
  13. They were basic, that's for sure. But I remember riding on one, as a young teen, from Padd to Taunton, on a night run (paper train) in deep winter and thick fog, sitting on a milk crate in the middle (my brother was second man). It was warm and cosy, to say the least..... The journey back, the milk train, was in a Hymek - rather different.
  14. Indeed. Given the single-ended doors at alternate ends, and single axles, it seems to have been god-made for articulated bogies. One wonders if that was the original intention, but that something went wrong?
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