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  1. Phase 2B has been delayed (by about five years) exactly because that is what they are doing (they say). No Phase 2B, no NPR, because it would have to carry all the costs - I am sure BoJo or others will find ways of cancelling that as well, leaving just the incremental improvements being thrashed out by NR over the next 6-8 years, as the "big levelling up".
  2. Officially, (according to info on another site) the foot crossing is controlled by permission given from the signaller at St Johns to the member of staff at Brading, on request, to use it, who then has to supervise its use. So, unless you turn up somewhat early for your train (which wheelchair and other such users tend to do) you won't be using the foot crossing, unless willing to pick up a fine. Of course, it is irrelevant in the off-peak season, when all trains will use P 1.
  3. Ah yes, but we don't know how long it will take for the old one to be re-vamped to its new purpose. I say this because there is still work going on at Pier Head and St Johns (on the previous contract), and quite substantial in the case of the former, when the railway should have been opening about now.
  4. A bit OT, but I thoroughly agree with the above posts. Particularly because there is so much Brown Zone development that could be done - there are huge numbers of planning consents not yet delivered after many years of consent being granted, and of course, Covid will no doubt change how town and city centre sites are used. As for East West Rail, if this is a prerequisite for mass development where it simply is not warranted (on the scale envisaged), then I suspect we have been sold a pup.
  5. Only just seen this - sorry. They could not use all the platforms they had, because several of them were too short for many trains (8 cars max), and several of the main line platforms were marginal for 9 car Mark IV sets, let alone the longest Azuma sets. The remodelling allows all platforms to be lengthened, and this required removal of Platform 11. This allows a much greater increase in capacity overall, apparently - many 8 car GN sets can be increased to 12 car, for a start - and greater flexibility in operation for all services. Remember, until the addition of Platform 0 some 1
  6. Brilliant footage - many thanks. Just goes to show how busy that stretch of line is. I wonder where those 4 x 91's (or were they DVT's?) were going? At least one liner train, whilst crossing over to the Joint, held up an LNER service - those are cracking trains by the way....................... too soon?
  7. Brilliant footage! Many thanks. Going OT for a bit, it reminds me of when we were about to start running Mark IV's to Skipton, and ..... oops. We had to have three gangs out the previous weekend with angle grinders.
  8. Well, that all changed in 2008 and 2009, when services were slashed and several routes cut, due to subsidy reductions. Also, no free pass holders (the majority of the Island's bus users, I understand) can use Vectis services in peak hours, which is very different to before 2005. Has anything improved since then?
  9. Thanks for clarifying that and I am not trying to be aggressive, and accept everything you say - I am just interested as to how Southern Vectis can compete on the East side of the Island. I remember only too well the very lengthy bus journeys to Ventnor in the 1960's/70's/80's, from Ryde and Brading. Which table shows the 15 min interval service Ryde - Shanklin (purely out of interest, as I cannot find it!).
  10. Given the virtual monopoly it has, I am not entirely surprised, also given the enormous high age profile of the average IOW resident. But, even with that, I am surprised to see a comparison with London suburbs. Please describe where Southern Vectis has supplied a 15 min or even 20 min interval service? I am struggling to find more than an hourly service on most routes, with a half hourly service on two of the most intensive, but with a 45/55 min journey between Shanklin and Ryde bus station (as opposed to a projected 20 min journey time by rail)?
  11. The plasterboard jointing skim product you said you would try, is very fine and may not be suitable. It is a little flexible, but does crack if applied too thick. (We have used loads of it here, but on house renos, not a layout!) I suggest you try adding PVA to the plaster mix, which should give it some better flexibility during expansion/contraction. Car body resin is the only really permanent solution I have used outside (on parts of the garden railway) but it is stupidly expensive to use over a large area.
  12. It will just be platform 1 that will be bi-di. That is why there are feathers entering from the north end, but not the south.
  13. Lowestoft Central, before the roof came down. It had everything once, including the overwhelming smell of fish....
  14. I completely agree with Pete - the compressor sound is the main feature of Mark 1 EMU's, and is done very well on the few sound cards available. But also the braking sounds and flange squeal are pretty good, which are also key features in my memory of them. The motor noise is barely discernible, which is a pity, as the high pitched whine during acceleration was also a feature, but maybe more inside the train than out.
  15. Thanks for sight of this. It gives a good impression of where matters lie, and that is very definitely not for a mid-May completion. The (re-)construction of the platform sidewall and placement of copers is the major and most critical piece of work (once drainage, utilities and groundworks are sorted) due to gauging and slope. (I know - I project managed dozens and dozens of similar works, for NR, for the ODA and for the 2012 Olympics). Backfill is then pretty straightforward, if corresponding access to egress and rooms in buildings is compliant. But, by now, if mid-May was the ta
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