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  1. Further to this, see: https://www.onlondon.co.uk/sadiq-khan-says-boris-johnson-lied-about-tfl-finances-in-commons-and-rebukes-pms-transport-adviser/ Read especially the penultimate paragraph. Whilst demand was already dropping pre-Covid, reducing income, operating costs were being reduced at a rapid rate, and commercial income was rising fast. The Underground actually still makes a profit (as of last year) and the Overground only a small loss. It is the buses and roads income which is dragging down the budget, along with the huge cost increases and lost income from the Elizabet
  2. I agree that the Shapeways charges have become a little ridiculous Simon, so if you can find a way of selling and shipping them direct (or through another, cheaper third party), then that would be most excellent. I, for one, would be seriously interested in some of the above, particularly the impedance bonds (old style), point motors, point clip enclosures and point heaters, but that depends on overall price! (I bought a few of your previous items, but was deterred from buying any more by the price.)
  3. Thanks - I am obvs out of date with this. But it is still strange to lay only one switch per possession.
  4. It is strange that they are going to lay the S&C units on the joint line on different weekends. It would have been more normal in my day, to get the pain over with in one go, especially with levelling necessary for the crossover, if that is still the plan?
  5. Indeed, good luck with your move, and very best wishes. Looking forward to hearing from you again in the not too distant!
  6. St Jean is the Donglies, in correct Franglais......!! There are some large grain silos just south of St Jean d'Angely, towards Saintes, which at the right time of year, expels at least one train a day. There is quite a large complex there, but it is only used for a few months of each year. You can just see it from the autoroute, southbound. I would suspect the train routing you have spotted, includes a pick-up at these silos, but, from observation, there are usually more than enough wagons being loaded, to form a single trip on its own, at the peak of harvesting.
  7. Thanks Bob - watering and feeding is not the issue, despite regular 30 degree plus temps here!! I do it regularly. It is the ravenous weeds that sprout almost everywhere, that seem not to need any water, feed or any other form of sustenance, especially a small leaved, ravenous bind weed, that is almost impossible to get rid of. I have adopted the need to concrete/cement over almost every part of the existing layout so far, except where I want plants to grow, but the weeds find any tiny crevice in which to blossom, and take over. They are known for their aggressiveness here! But I n
  8. 100mph would be nice. The trains east of Ashford towards Canterbury/Ramsgate rarely make it above 75mph now!
  9. Thanks Bob - that's useful to know. I thought I had missed something by having to trim all foliage, so often, but obviously not!!
  10. All works done to date have been "enabling", as described by the the contracts under which they have been let. The contracts for actual construction are largely separate (even if with the same contractors), and have been enacted now. In reality, the division between the two is hard to divine.
  11. Yet again, Gareth has explained, in a nutshell, what so many politicos and HS2 professionals have, so far, been unable.
  12. Sorry for the delay in replying, but our internet has been spasmodic lately. Housing - I agree, but the stats don't lie. Most sales are for terraced housing, not the "Exec" homes often headlined. I had to sell my mother-in-law's, two bedroomed, linked-detached, 1980's house, with a huge garden and garage, in a reasonably posh part of Ramsgate a few years ago. It did not make anywhere near what the agents thought it would. I do not think price-inflation is a major issue in Thanet for a while yet. Faversham has always had a different market, for various reasons, but mainly due to its
  13. I think those comparative costs will have changed somewhat since the advent of the widespread OuiGo system? Of the 10 daily TGV journeys to Paris from my local station, 6 are now OuiGo only. (There used to be only 7 daily, direct trains before OuiGo started - there was, before Covid, likely to be an 11th).
  14. Outstanding CME!! Many thanks. I never thought of looking on Cambrian's website!!
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