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  1. Now here it get's interesting, because the model depicted was named after a British general who had a class of monitors named after him, but not this class. There is however a relationship (NPI) with some ships of the class of monitors build after the first mentioned class, as in that the guns that were used on some ships of that class came from a ship that didn't use the guns that were later used on the monitor that the model is going to depict. But the class itself was named after yet another British army bigwig affectionately called "Bobs". So Bob's your uncle.
  2. Whot? The Pannier?? I mean, during the war maintenance was substandard, but trees?
  3. I've got the Hobbyboss Karl itself, but I would like to see the sprues of the railway carrier. Then I can compare them to my Hasegawa model. For the all important question: Should I upgrade or not?
  4. Na, the artwork on the "Karl"is much nicer. And besides that, it's railway related.
  5. I have the 2009 edition. Do you still want appendix 13? If so, I will scan it.
  6. Cruel, very cruel. Rub it in... I had to cancel my planned Dartmoor holiday. No ale for me!
  7. Well, they did postwar: 8F pulling warwells loaded with Sextons. ( https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/119214-oxford-rail-announces-warwells/&do=findComment&comment=2831406 )
  8. Hijacking this thread for a moment... State of play so far: Added various details, as for example an driving axle & exhaust system, rebuilt the running gear, thinned down all the armour plates. Still more to add to the interior. Currently the carrier is on hold, as I'm waiting for the new tracks to arrive. (the tracks in the photograph were temporally taken from another kit in my stash).
  9. Ooops... Very nice model, well build, great work, love the weathering, interesting vehicle, etcetera. Good enough?
  10. Technically speaking it can't be a M26 Pershing because the tank wasn't officially accepted by the US military until March 1945, when it got it's designation as M26 and was named after General Pershing. Until then, it was know under its prototype number, T26E3. And why then can't the above tank be a Pershing? Because the model, as build, represents Fireball, a tank that got knocked out on it's second day in service, in February 1945. So it never made it to being a M26... Enough nitpicking for today!
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