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  1. Sounds very interesting. Unsure about rawl bolts, when we needed beams to cross a 10 m barn a strucural engineer told me to excavate the wall, place beam, pack it level and fill with lime mortar. We also painted the ends of the beams that would be inside the wall with bitumen. It's not moved yet. Velux windows can be had with an electrical control which is excellent. One control can open/close any or all windows to whatever you want. They also close automatically if it rains. You can add coloured blackout blinds, also electrical and on the same system, and even metal external roller shutters against hail. An excellent product all round, but I must stress: GET THEM FITTED BY SOMEONE WITH EXPERIENCE. Have you thought of a window? My wife and I put one in a metre thick wall using a ready made uPVC window with integral roller shutter grom the local BricoDepot. Window was 350 euros, cement etc and a couple of Acrow props plus shuttering, another 100 euros.
  2. I do hope all the people responsible for building over cemeteries have seen the film "Poltergeist"?
  3. Been checking on a regular basis if you've done anything during the summer, and I log on to find you've only gone and injured yourself. Hope you are ok. Sandals are the devil's invention. I tripped on a kerb wearing some and dropped my Chinese takeaway. Luckily the bag was plastic, so it arrived home ready mixed. My skinned knees weren't so lucky. Do take care. Wear trainers. We're none of us getting any younger.
  4. Or make the blue pullman sound like an early Black and Decker drill?
  5. even the rosebay willowherb looks real. Whose is the turntable?
  6. But you know what happens to many East coast cliffs? Check out Hornsea
  7. Do those coil trains still run? What powers them if they do?
  8. Now that IS weird. Just after posting my question this morning, I said to my wife that I'd really miss this thread when it was all done and dusted.
  9. Reminds me of many of the photos in my Observer's Book of Railway Locomotives: a black and white photo of a steam loco I'd have little chance of ever seeing, resting on a shed I'd have no chance of visiting, on a lovely sunny day that rarely seemed to happen.
  10. But only if ticket prices are the same, surely?
  11. I don't post often on these types of threads as i freely admit to having neither the knowledge nor the background to question those in the know. However...as discussion of the eastern leg progresses, I would like to know why the same reasons for building it as are applied to the Birmingham leg, are not being applied? I was under the impression that the main driving force is capacity, not decreasing journey times. Yet journey times seem the main driver for the eastern leg?
  12. A mate keeps insisting France has run out of money. Maybe this is evidence?
  13. Reminds me of a conversation I had with a Frenchman who was mocking the idea of feet and inches. I simply asked him what size the wheels were on his car, and on his mountain bike.
  14. I have to admit to looking at that last photo and thinking back to the dawn of dcc, when it was described as "two wire control".
  15. In the second photo posted by montyburns 56 it looks like a third bogie sheeted over on the well wagon?
  16. We got cabrides along the northernmost platform at York when I last saw St Mungo in steam, circa 1965. It was standby loco. 60151 was withdrawn on shed with two V2's. Sad days.
  17. There were A1's there in the last days of steam. He cut them up and preserved ANOTHER black 5.
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