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  1. Lots of catching up to do on RMweb. #longabsence

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      Welcome back Jack! ;-)

    2. Jack00
  2. Thanks Lash and joejab95. I hope to add some more pictures soon.
  3. Thanks Tom. Should have another update soon. Jack
  4. Those 504's were always covered in graffiti, especially when they were in the later orange/brown GMPTE livery. Thanks lilchris, should have some updates coming up soon. Jack.
  5. Ranger, there's some pretty big changes going on there at the minute. I look at YouTube uploads of the station to get ideas for the layout. Matthew, thanks. I did toy with the idea but I wanted something very modern, especially with new releases in RTR northern rail, such as the class 150 / 144 and Metrolink trams. I plan to have some DRS class 47/8's for the shopex workings. Jack.
  6. Manchester Victoria North end terminus has been redeveloped over the years, since 1992 the Manchester - Bury line was changed to a light rail tram system, from a side pick-up 3rd rail line using class 504 EMU's. These days M5000 bombardier trams are used with T68a trams, serving the streets of Greater Manchester, Piccadilly, Manchester airport etc. The model: My attempt at recreating the prototype is almost complete, the scenic section itself is a single baseboard of 4ft x 2ft and a same size fiddle yard. The layout uses DCC, EM gauge SMP track with no turnouts. 4 platforms and a road
  7. Good evening Mike. Very nice St.Agnes your building. As Stu has said captured the atmosphere very well. i will be sure to pop into the museum and have a look at the layout, during the spring. progress on my version of st.Agnes is not as rapid im afraid, but slowly getting there bit by bit. Also, glad to see you have started your own thread on RMweb, and will look forward to seeing some progress. all the best, Jack. NB: look at the cornwall railway society's website for lots of brilliant photographs of the branchline.
  8. Glad she is on the mend Bill. all the best Jack
  9. Hope the show went well mate! Its good fun. yes never enough time for modelling, maybe a shelf (shelves) to store the new additions? Now a senior Health Care Assistant. Which means i get a set rota so thursdays are normally my man cave day lol!
  10. Hi Jeremy. Cheers mate, will drop by your Par thread drekley to have a look to see what you been upto. Jack.
  11. Well Paul, ive been to Florida for 2 weeks. And also got promoted at work. so its been a very hectic last few months. also been working on some EM gauge stuff for future exhibitions, grotty DMU's etc. What about you, mate? Hows foster street coming along? jack
  12. Thanks Mickey and Paul. Need to get a move on with the layout. Jack
  13. Not posted for a very long time! Well its modelling season again, been working on a few bits and bobs in the dark cold evenings. So watch this space. Jack
  14. just bought the latest BRM mag. but have to wait until saturday to read it on the journey to Gatwick!

  15. Evening Jeremy. Really lovely photos you posted, layout progress is great too! Have you been on the Cornwall Railway Society recently? The homepage has a great photograph of 37196 Tre, Pol & Pen. All the best Jack.
  16. Hi jeremy and Paul im happy with the goods shed so worth the pain haha! Jack
  17. Well, your in luck Paul! Ive made a new goods shed for StAgnes based on the one that once stood in the yard at st.Agnes. Then made a few details to place around the layout, but had to stop due to slicing off the end of my thumb...which, by the way, hurt alot!! After nearly fainting at the sight of blood, i'm now browsing RMweb. I'll attatch some photos very soon Jack.
  18. Thanks Paul and Reece! Its good to be back you know... Jack
  19. lovely progress Jeremy. really good stuff and good news on the St.Blazey venture. looks like you will need a few yellow LDV vans judging by the above photo. all the best Jack
  20. Ok, Ok! you've all twisted my arm...St.Agnes is ready for some more work. the road bridge has been built up with faom board, the next stage is building the road and surrounding area. once the track is down on board 1 I can build the platform. then its just some more bits and bobs to keep me quiet. cheers for now Jack.
  21. Nothing to report Jeremy, unfortunately! On a go slow with the layout. But I am missing my time in the railway room. All the best Jack
  22. Paul.... Really lovely photo's especially the canal progress. Keep it up mate! Jack
  23. Marsh Mills has changed a little...well alot! Into a midland(ish) industrial railway set in the 70's. The track-plan reduced to just an internal route into the factory and a re-fueling road for small diesel shunters and coal/water for steam loco's. So lots of industrial grime and rust. The hard standing is currently drying now, made from a pourable mix of filler and paint. The buildings are all scratch built using plasticard and thick card skeletons. More to post tomorrow as its a bit dark in the railway room now. The baseboard has a removable lid which eventually will hav
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