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  1. I finally caved and ordered Lucknow and will have to build a small end to end for it to run on. One thought it did have in terms of a layout theme was somewhere near the Chance &Hunt factory in the Black Country as I’ve a number of wagons. Dad’s from Tipton took but am I safe to assume these would have run in the area? G
  2. Out of interest does anyone know the reasoning behind the Individual naming of the class? A quick glance at the list seems to show there was no consistency in theme, some being named after historical figures, others after places in the Empire and some mythical beasts thrown in too! Looks a lovely model though! G
  3. The Kirow rail crane is heading there this morning so looks like recovery will be in part via this method vice road. G
  4. I’ve always had a soft spot for Waterloo. When I worked in London on the big railway back in 2010 as a route freight manager I was based out of the offices within the station which had all sorts of interesting artefacts and nooks and crannies to explore. Around the station was also interesting to explore especially finding what was the Necropolis railway building. Ive also always had a soft spot for the ‘Merchant Navy’s’ in both original and rebuilt form which seem synonymous with 60’s Waterloo and live in eternal hope that ACE will eventually make them. Greg
  5. Afternoon all, Out of interest, is the SDJR livery authentic and if so what kind of timeframes are we talking for it’s existence? Did it exist post-grouping for example? I’m always a bit unclear how joint railways are covered livery wise! thanks in advance. G
  6. Was this their only announcement as I recall reading they were making three today (unless all three are minks!). The minks are lovely models though. G
  7. I had wondered about the size of the tram and whether it was too big. In the pic below lined up against a Hornby Peckett and B’man oo9 loco it doesn’t look to bad but I’ve got no point of reference as to whether it looks out of scale so welcome thoughts. The tram is a Corgi Dick Kerr Brum tram. The other potential would be to purchase one of the motorised HOe continental offerings on eBay in the style of the Lisbon tram and try and anglicise it. thanks for all the suggestions so far, much to look into. G EDIT; when compared to my OO Rapido Brum bus the tram
  8. Afternoon all, I’ve planned for some time to build a small oo9 table top layout but with a tram interface (likely motorising a corgi offering). My thoughts were that the tram would run to a rural ‘end of the line’ destination as a means to transporting workers to the narrow gauge railway. My question is, are there any examples where this actually happened? To be clear I’m not talking about narrow gauge tramways I’m talking about historic trams that were once a part of most cities running to a tram stop or interchange linked to a narrow gauge railway. Being f
  9. On the theme of O gauge clockwork I picked up an excellent book by Jack Ray titled ‘A lifetime with O Gauge; Crewchester and others’. It’s a joy to read and is very informative. As others have said the key to successful clockwork operation appears to be much trial and error, influenced by different loads, to understand the sweet spot for number of turns. G
  10. Love the black terrier, I have one too and it’s a very well made model. I just wish WJ Vintage/ETS put isolating switches on their locos as it makes operating ‘Old Albion’ a challenge if using them and other locos. Speaking of WJV, and apologies if slightly OT, did anyone else notice the newsletter article featuring a delightful ETS made prototype of the narrow gauge ‘Dolgoch’ of TR fame? I’ve expressed an interest as it would make a lovely set with the coaches and provide something different coarse scale wise (appreciating it was shown to run on standard 3 rail track).
  11. Indeed the scale seems to be slightly off but as you say it’s nice because it’s got a rather generic style and the colours aren’t too showy. that being said the pic below shows it next to an old Hornby offering with figures which rather highlights the scale issue! greg
  12. Hi all, By chance a few weeks back I purchased the below tinplate station from a well known eBay site for what I considered a reasonable price (£30) given it seems to be in great condition. The listing didn’t have much info only to say that it was stamped ‘made in the US zone, Germany’. it’s a lovely item that fits nicely on my tinplate shunting layout but I’d love to know more about it. Any help appreciated. greg
  13. Hello, I’m looking for a Graham Farish N Gauge ‘FNA’ nuclear flask wagon (wagons if more than one available). Happy for either variant produced. Greg
  14. Afternoon all, Apologies if this has been asked however will these go round R1 curves? Lovely looking model especially the GWR green one. G
  15. Thanks both, and you’re correct, a brief trawl of the internet makes reference to various types of council work undertaken but little in the way of picture evidence. I’d particularly been hoping for picture evidence of one of the Devon council’s ‘Wrens’ (Lorna Doon, Peter Pan et al) at work but have lucked out this far. G
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