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  1. Afternoon all, Have just stumbled across these having been impressed with previous iron mink purchases. These look fantastic and eye catching in equal measure. out of interest does anyone know why they carried a yellow livery? G
  2. Evening all, having enjoyed travelling on the Schynige Platte numerous times I wondered if anyone knew of anyone who manufactured the name/badge that adorns most of the locos such as the attached pics? Whilst not prototypical I’m looking for something to add onto an LGB G scale HGe 2/2. thanks G
  3. Evening all, I’ve been looking into the latter years of the Tyneside DC system and would be interested to know whether the introduction of the Eastleigh built pioneer MLV or 2EPBs ever received any formal publicity? Presumably there must have been a formal introduction but fascinated to know more. g
  4. Afternoon all, hopefully a quick one to answer. Will the J70 operate round 1st radius curves (either Bachman or Hornby)? thanks in advance. G
  5. Evening all, I’ve somewhat assumed that most of vintage tinplate clockwork offerings from the likes of Bing, Bassett-Lowke and Hornby will negotiate relatively tight curves but thought I’d check just how tight for the medium (say a Bing George V) to a larger (Say Hornby Lord Nelson or Castle) could go? I’m in the process of building a 6 x 4 ‘train table’ predominately to run US stock (electrically) but with the ability to switch ‘time and place’ to run some of my smaller British outline coarse scale stuff too (also electric). The curves will roughly be what in the US are classed as 0-36, 0-31/0-27. It would be great if I could also run vintage British outline clockwork too as a change of pace! welcome folks thoughts. greg
  6. Agreed about Bassett Lowke branding, just bizarre and slightly smacks of someone who doesn’t know the history picking it (although presumably Simon K signed it off). Whilst great to see tinplate O make a return to the Hornby catalogue I think the price point is way out for what the model is. I’d of considered one had it been half that price. I suppose any publicity is good for coarse scale O but hopefully it encourages folk to check out the modern repro’s too to keep them going. In some respects it’s a shame they didn’t reincarnate one of their famous clockwork locos either as a stand-alone item or as part of a small train set with repro buildings etc. Greg
  7. Interesting to see they’ve gone down the tinplate route which is fantastic in one sense (as someone who runs and collects ‘Coarse’ scale tinplate O’ ) however their price point for those models seems way off compared with the original and modern repro models that are more detailed from the likes of ACE, ETS and so forth. Still, well done to them for doing something a bit different that honours their past too. g
  8. Hi all, so my wife kindly purchased the Lionel Union Pacific Flyer Lionchief set for Christmas which has duly arrived. I’d purchased the 500w step down transformer highlighted above which is due to imminently arrive. What I’m slightly confused about is that the power pack that came with the set is DC (the control is remote and the loco can also be controlled via phone). So, do I still need to plug the power back Into the step down unit or just buy a US-UK adaptor plug? The manual states that the loco can run on AC (and states most US locos do so). any help greatly appreciated. greg
  9. Afternoon all, hopefully this is the right part of the forum to ask this. I’ve been keen for some time to purchase a US O gauge (scale) starter set of the type Lionel produce with a view to creating a small (think 5 x 3 or 6 x 4) layout (think Christmas style layouts). They don’t look prototypical given the small space and large locos round tight curves but there’s something about them that’s appealing! What would I need to purchase in order to be able to run this set in the UK? I’m guessing the loco is AC so I’d need some kind of converter o DC and an adapter for the US plug? Any help greatly appreciated. Greg
  10. Hello, I’ve seen a few US YouTube reviewers (notably Eric’s Trains) review Menards O scale box cars which are more coarse scale than anything but exactly what I’m interested in. They also seem great value. Does anyone know whether Menards (they seem to be some kind of department store) ship to the UK or anyone in the UK who imports them? It’s an ever growing frustration that there seems to be no one in the UK who imports MTH/Lionel etc especially the modern replica pieces akin to our British coarse scale tin plate. eBay has some offerings but the shipping costs often seem vague and expensive! Any leads welcome. gregory
  11. What a fantastic picture that evokes so much about the era. It was alas well before my time but I wish I’d been able to see it in person. It’s sad in many ways that I never got to see they heyday of the big department stores; most of those left when I was growing up in the late 80’s/early 90’s were a shadow of their former self. My dad did manage to purchase the entire G scale stock of the old department store in Solihull though! There was a fascinating article in the US magazine ‘Classic Toy Trains’ recently about the big layout in one of New York’s department stores. Fantastic stuff!
  12. Evening all, is anyone one aware or a manufacturer who produces RTR Swiss railcars or ‘triebwagons’ such as the De 4/4’s that operated on the Montreux - Oberland - Bernois railway or the Abe 4/4’s? At this stage I’d be interested in any kind of railcar available so welcome any tips. thanks G
  13. Evening all, Does anyone have any images or maps that show the layout of the rail sidings at Chance & Hunts old Oldbury works? I believe there might have been something similar at Wednesdbury too. Thanks in advance. G
  14. Thanks Graham, I’m hoping that means they’d also be at ok on first radius curves? I’m trying to fit the smallest roundy roundy I can get with a siding. They look right at home on your stunning layout! Greg
  15. What’s the minimum radius for these delightful little locos? Greg
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