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  1. Thanks Graham, I’m hoping that means they’d also be at ok on first radius curves? I’m trying to fit the smallest roundy roundy I can get with a siding. They look right at home on your stunning layout! Greg
  2. What’s the minimum radius for these delightful little locos? Greg
  3. Great thread! The Blackstone models look and sound incredible albeit I’d hope so for the asking price. Will they operate on Peco 009 track? (Or Kato n scale if required). Do you know what the minimum radius is for them? Does anyone sell them in the UK? Out of interest, does any other manufacturer sell HON3 models such as these that are a bit more basic/easier on the wallet? I hadn’t realised fruit growing was prevalent in Colorado! Greg
  4. The KFAs had been for tyre turning. G
  5. Think it’s either a route learner or positioning move for later in the week. G
  6. Afternoon all, hopefully a simple question to resolve. Bachmann are adding a couple of variations to their ex WD wagons in oo9 and the ones that principally caught my eye were the ‘express dairy’ van and ICI wagon. Are these liveries based on a historical prototype or are they a flight of historical fancy? Greg
  7. Thanks for the info Colin. Is there any info on why the Baldwin’s weren’t a success at the Penrhyn? Greg
  8. I think I’m going to go down the Kato route in the short term as I have a lot of it. Has anyone tried running the Manning Wardles through Kato points? greg
  9. These look stunning. If I was wavering whether to move properly into OO9 and build a proper layout I’m not wavering anymore! Will these look out of place/scale (I’m not a purist so it’s not essential) if run with the Bachmann WD Baldwin’s? I’m guessing we’re looking at 2020 though before they appear in the shops? Greg
  10. Morning all, I’d been watching some YouTube footage of the Swiss RhB Allegra units (they look attractive imho) and there were some clips of a unit in its 3 car formation hauling a number of freight wagons. Is this a regular occurance and if so what’s the reasoning behind it as opposed to running a dedicated freight service? Or is it more about limited freight volumes? Either way these EMUs seem to be very flexible as I’ve seen footage of them hauling coaching stock too. Thanks in advance. Greg
  11. Evening all, I’ve only just noticed (for want of ever looking properly or realising that they produced them) that Bachmann produced a range of HO scale trams based on the Hong Kong prototype. Sadly it seems I’m well and truly late to the party on these as they seem rather rare with even eBay seemingly not having any. Is anyone aware of any retailers who might have one in stock or another source? As a side, were the models any good? Greg
  12. Thanks for the info, as always I bow to your railway knowledge; very impressive! The more I’ve looked up about the Eaton Hall railway the more interesting it sounds in that it appears to have been commissioned to provide a real service to the estate, I.e. the linking of the mainline railway station to the estate, the movement of goods and stores to the estate and so forth in addition to providing a pleasant means to view the gardens. I saw ‘Berger Hall’ at Warley recently and loved what the owner had done wth it and how the railway looked perfect within the landscape, particularly the section with the small engine shed. The layout was minimal size too which is always attractive to the space starved modeller. Greg
  13. Thanks Kevin, I’d read the Lincolnshire Potatoe Railway book preciously which made an interesting read. Out of interest, with regards to Heywood’s 15inch Railways, were they a hobby or served a formal purpose, ie used to move gardening materials around the estate and so forth? Greg
  14. Hi all, I’m after some advice on the best books out there centred on estate Railways. My interest would tend to be towards the miniature Gauge stuff (think Heywood and 15inch) Railways and their stock, layout, pictures etc but am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance. Greg
  15. Thanks for the detailed reply; you’ve given me the confidence to have a go! Greg
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