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  1. Jesus Noel give it a rest man Its like Christmas, everyone knows its coming but we just have to wait As we speak the first tooling is in progress with a pre production sample by the end of April, all going well Worst case scenario is the October 3 day show with our friends in the SDMRC but quite possibly beforehand Might ask him to launch it at the Bray gig, take the wind out of a few of the big boys!!! RELAX
  2. Great news Charlie I have spread the word in the MRSI and they are saving their pension money for you! One guy asked if you took Green Shield Stamps
  3. Cheers Ernie Anyone who has seen them, particularly the O Gauge lads in the MRSI, have been knocked out by their quality They were particularly impressed by the level of detail on both locos Both ran faultlessly at their first time of asking Just waiting now for "Hazlewood" plates from Des Sullivan at Studio Scale Models
  4. Andy Some Irish O Gauge pics from the show at Bangor, Co. Down last weekend
  5. Scroll down here Marty Some pics of an O gauge one http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/66836-irish-o-gauge/
  6. The Irish Narrow Gauge, Vol 1 & 2 by Tom Ferris The West Clare Railway by Patrick Taylor The Cavan & Leitrim Railway by Patrick J Flanagan The Dingle Train by David Rowlands
  7. Its a Bandon Tank Marty, built by Beyer Peacock around the turn of the last century Couple of pics here http://transportsofdelight.smugmug.com/RAILWAYS/IRISH-RAILWAYS/CORK-BANDON/19886487_bdGbCm#!i=1508583127&k=VcwB4kp
  8. SLNC Railcar B From the Fry collection before it was kidnapped
  9. Dont think its a Typo, check out his other items for sale Computers should have breathalysers attached!
  10. Couple of GNR beauts built back in the day by Harry Connaughton
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