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  1. @Dreadnought05 thank you very much. I am exactly at this stage with wood cut to length (4') for the legs, 38x38mm (I love mixing imperial and Napoleons although). Another method to ponder, cheers I was going to build a lightweight baseboard frame from said material with folding legs using these chaps I already had in stock. I'm not sure if they would be a stable enough method though. I shall experiment over the festering period and see. Cheers Dubs
  2. One of those was the very first kits I made upon returning. Langley supplied the elephants (I think you had a choice to build them African or Indian). I don't have a circus... I work in one though
  3. I got they. I didn't plan my sick days effectively and I'm sat at home whilst my order for train set building toys is sat at work. I shall, however, build a mock-up of a LSWR type 1 goods shed from toast.
  4. My nipples explode with delight!* *I blame that on the side effects of me covid booster and the steamy train
  5. Oh I don't do anything at 'work'... well, to tell the truth, I do mainly say "FFS" under my breath at teachers and drink coffee.
  6. Are you the bearded face of fish, Captain Birdseye?
  7. Look what you basterds have done to me! Only bought for the picture of the "Widcombe Expressway" in Bath, aka Rossiter Road.
  8. Yes, the Woodworking UK Facebook group mention them often but of course I didn't listen. I think the steel isn't as good as your dad's set was these days, folks seam to love Narex but them's not for (I was going to say bodgers) wood murders.
  9. Ah, "proper" steel. That'll outlive us all and still be sharp.
  10. We've moved on to 75" interactive TV's now. Please can we go back to white or blackboards... I can't take the stupidity of some of our educators.
  11. I bought a honing guide and stone a while back to sharpen some chisels I got in Wickes years ago. Pointless exercise, as it turns out they were made of cheese and can't keep an edge at all (does steel go off?). I think I paid about £95 for that set from Axminster Tools. We'll see if I can use them later.
  12. Yep, these are from Axminster and need 'final honing', although I wouldn't want to get near the business ends now as it is. Cheers
  13. I don't normally post these sort of things to social media in the daytime, let alone sober but... I have wood! Oh and some sharp pointy hard things to stick in stuff! Which cost twice as much as said wood, so I'd better behave. That is all, you may go back to standing by to stand by
  14. One of two Madge albums I have, the other being "Music", both produced by William Orbit. Worth searching out for his own music, particularly the "Strange Cargo" albums.
  15. Look, even I've got two panniers on my (soon to be) ex LSWR BLT. That's because a Pannier never offends. Don't tell the SW Circle!
  16. Spotted on Facebook: "DRC 22 leaving Stratford upon Avon with the 6.50 pm. to Leamington Spa. As it was cattle market day it was delivering the livestock! 2/06/1957."
  17. Our local station when we retreat to our Somerset Rivera holiday complex... OK, the brother in-laws chalet at Dunster Beach. "Edge of Beyond*", the best one right next to the golf course. *or "Edge of Reason", after a trip to Dunster Village Deli for Rich's Cider.
  18. I know, I live in one, Queens Drive, Foxhill - even the cats are hard! Many a drop of blood has been spilt between us and Odd Down over who owns the pedestrian crossing outside the new Sainsbury's!
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