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  1. The Crane on my layout Newgate
  2. Hi Does anyone know if the bag drop facility will be available this year? I found it very handy last year to go shopping unhindered and then pack up for the flight home. Cheers Jack
  3. Hi Thanks yes on the DTC it's easy as the inside end of the coupling is visible. Not so on the DMBSO. Cheers Jack
  4. Hi anyone taken off the tension lock coupling from the DMBSO? Cheers Jack
  5. Had a brief chat with Dave at Warley. He said two updates had been sent out though I have only received one. Has anyone else received the second one? He did say things were going OK. Jack
  6. Interested in getting a rake of these.Just wondering about the 'Analogue Compatible' bit. Does that mean the lights will work on DC? Presumably the chip will have to be removed. Cheers Jack
  7. Why? I have reserved my copy through my newsagent since issue No 1. and have never missed an issue. I pay €6.95 for my copy and I look forward to the DVD every month. No mention of this in the Editorial either. Bad business. Jack
  8. Just purchased a Blue one today at Model Rail Scotland. With the controller turned up to max it is still slower than the Heljan class 128 at 50% power. My layout is DC. Anyone else had this issue? Jack
  9. Jack Cregan

    Dapol Class 22

    Thanks for the very good instructions. I had a dodgy pick up and couldn't figure out how to remove the keeper plate thinking it came away separately.Thanks again. Jack
  10. I asked for my order number on the 15th of January and got the following reply: Hello John Thank you for your email The way the certificates are being issued has changed since we first announced the models so unfortunately at the moment I cannot say what the numbers will be. If I can help with anything else please let me know Cheers Sandra
  11. One coming to Navan Co Meath Ireland. Can't wait! Jack
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