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  1. Forgot about the Shebas !! Really cool,,,,, Gerry
  2. Sounds like a job for you..... Gerry
  3. These do look superb. As would a Bulleid 4 Sub like the one in the Hornby building! Just saying........ Gerry
  4. Not exclusively Southeastern but the Bulleid 4 Subs did run on the Easter Section and one is now at Margate ,,,,,,,,, Gerry
  5. Ah, 'Leading Lighting and Electrical' in Chapel Market and the Aladdin's Cave in the back cupboard and me persuading Bernie's parents to allow me in to find a magazine if Bernie wasn't there! Eventually an area upstairs was opened and then the move to Pentonville Road. All my family and friends knew of me trying to visit Victors on a 73 late most Friday nights desperate to get there after work before closing to see if any US mags were in. I couldn't afford anything else and was known as 'The magazine chap' . Bernie was interested in the SP then and might remember my great interest in diesels. Please let Bernie know that I remember him and Paul with great affection albeit they might not remember me! Those were the days and I do treasure the memories! Gerry Baldwin
  6. Thanks. Almost as tiresome as Brexit!
  7. Is it me or is this getting tiresome?
  8. Thanks keefer. Really interesting. Gerry
  9. Hi I am looking for any of the BR(SR) leaflets/pamphlets promoting the electrification and new services introduced upon electrification, Phase 1 and 2. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Gerry
  10. I am hoping that the 00 emu luggage van and 2EPB are shrunk and possibly the 2H dmu too. Gerry
  11. What I am hoping for are some new 009 locos and stock. Especially a diesel...... Gerry
  12. A car ferry might be useful! Gerry
  13. Bullied 4 Sub.... Gerry
  14. I'll second the Fife shunter and the DMU please! Gerry
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