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  1. I wonder if it's a 4 Sub emu as there's one there? Probably unlikely......
  2. Does anyone produce any tenement buildings for an urban layout? Possibly a low relief back and front. I realise that there were different styles across the country but wonder if there could be a 'generic' style that could pass. Gerry
  3. Hi Richard There are two new books re Southern Electric due to be published soon from Strathwood, Volume II covering post war builds. Perhaps there might be some info/pictures in that, if so I will let you know as I have both on order! Regards Gerry
  4. Hi Richard There is a colour picture of 7106 in all blue with small yellow panel leaving Whitstable on page 57 of 'Slam doors on the Southern' by Michael Welch. There are black and white pictures of 7182 in the same colours on page 59 of 'The Southern Electric Story' by Michael C Baker and a 'peep' of the front of 7119 with full yellow ends on page 26 of 'Southern Electric Multiple Units' by Colin J Marsden. Hope this might help you Regards Gerry
  5. A Bulleid 4 Sub as displayed at Margate will do me. Gerry
  6. Has anyone news of the N scale high window Maunsell coaches? Thanks Gerry
  7. And please don't forget the 3rd rail Class 508s on Mersey routes and Southeastern ........ :0))) Gerry
  8. Hi Ben Thanks for replying. It is a pity as I too think the carmine and cream is attractive. It also ran coupled to Scotrail units. Two sales!... Regards Gerry
  9. Good news Ben, especially about the possibility of Strathclyde PTE colours. But which colours, orange and black or carmine and cream? Regards Gerry
  10. Thanks for your reply. I'm hoping for 3 car sets in any BR(SR) colours. Pull/Push sets with a new 3rd open would be marketable too! Gerry
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