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  1. With shipping being in crisis worldwide I doubt if Oxford have much of a clue where their locos are once they leave the factory, and if they know when they leave port there are delays at the UK port of anything up to a month before the contents of any given container are released. One would hope Oxford would get more than 24 hours notice their shipment has arrived in the UK but with Covid and Brexit disrupting ports there is no guarantee . We'll just have to wait to be told Oxford have got them at their distribution centre ready to send to dealers. At that point I'll
  2. Standard no.17 or 18 Kadees. Just one hint. Sometimes the tail of the coupler doesn't want to come out of the box. This means the triangular tab can snap off as the weakest link before the coupler comes out (guess who found that out the hard way....) Solution is to put your fingernail firmly onto the lip of the box to hold it back and pull the coupler out gently using a cocktail stick through the loop. If the coupler head doesn't want to shift the cocktail stick should now snap before the coupler mount does. Les
  3. I've finally started on the lift-out section. The bare lift-out board with flagpole to grab it by. The two additions already decided on - the goods shed and the tree that hides the backscene join. First stage of ground cover- the last of the grey roadway and some leftover grass matting from NO PLACE. I'll give it a couple of days to settle and then do something to make the front edge of the matting look like the edge of long grass. Meanwhile work on NO PLACE continues as a change, and I'm still upgrading Ri
  4. hello all. NOW CONFIRMED AS SEPTEMBER 4TH AND 5TH Poster updated. More to follow. All the very best Les
  5. Given how far under the radar some departmental stock was, even if nobody has a pic that doesn't guarantee that nothing departmental looked like either of these coaches... Les
  6. These are only samples and not guaranteed to be the same as the final version. Hattons Dave will have picked up on the comment.... Les
  7. Yet sufficient people disagreed with you to make them profitable enough to a) keep the company afloat and b) make it worthwhile expanding the range...... Just a thought Les
  8. I sent my Class P away earlier this week to Digitrains for sound fitting. Second rather silly clip (poor quality- with phone) but it has something else inside as well as sound... All the very best Les
  9. NO PLACE now has an E1 with sound and a stay alive fitted by Digitrains. It will nicely run into the siding that defeats so many other engines, and back out again. Only downside is I bought it for the preservation side of the layout. It could displace others from the colliery yard. I'll have to get one of the Hornby WD saddletanks away for similar... Les
  10. BR swapped a pair of engineers between Swindon and Doncaster, often seen as a way of getting Crewe to look good. The Swindon man at Doncaster introduced Swindon's method of frame alignment and valve examination, improving the performance of locos with Conjugated valve gear at a stroke, and the Doncaster man introduced LNER-style draughting to Swindon boilers, and fitted Kings and castles with double chimneys, improving their performance at a stroke. In both cases it wasn't thought to be the effect BR heirarchy thought they would get... The A2/1 was a V2 wi
  11. NO PLACE has now tripled its coaching stock with a GNR four wheeler and an LNER 6 wheel brake. As they pass onto the layout under a bridge and run behind the engine shed, behind a grounded van body and behind the station fence before reaching the platform nobody is going to see any shortcomings below the solebars. To test the track sensitivity I shunted the six wheeler over the most difficult part of the track into the colliery screens. It ran perfectly- not exactly where a coach should be shunted but I'm impressed that a 6 wheeler ran where coal wagons fa
  12. Les1952

    Dapol 142

    They didn't on the earlier ones but enough people decided either they could live with it or just didn't care to make it viable..... Les
  13. Les1952

    Dapol 142

    [email protected] used to get him, probably still does.... Les
  14. Les1952

    Dapol 142

    If they are then someone needs to email Joel to let him know his website isn't working so he can ask his provider to do something about it. Les
  15. In a word- cost. Fewer tools equals less tooling to pay for. Just a thought. Les
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