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  1. 1501 seems to have more purpose about it. Shorter wheelbase- can go where 94xx would fall off the track. Was there anything a 94xx could do that a 57xx couldn't (apart from annoy drivers who weren't big enough to hold the regulator and lean out of the cab at the same time?) Les
  2. I'd been thinking of pulling out of OO when NO PLACE reaches the end of its exhibition life span. However an NCB 15xx renumbered to one of those that didn't reach preservation, plus a 16" Hunslet in the next couple of years has set me thinking again...... Les It will take another year before Bregenbach gets anywhere near finished so I've plenty of time to think..
  3. What else would be the purpose of Rule 1?
  4. A lot of time today spent sorting out books and magazines from the clubroom to list a few on eBay. However I did get on with the brewery yard, and did a little more in the widget factory area. In the brewery yard the two tanks have been repainted, and the compressors stuck to the floor. Pipe runs have begun, but I only ordered one pack of right-angle bends, so the remaining two pipes- into the tank and the ground somewhere to the right of the light brown building- will have to wait until I get another order off to DMToys. That needs the PayPal to recover
  5. Dapol are working through a backlog of over 2000 orders from the end of the Dapol club. I received my N-gauge A4 today after a wait of 2 weeks. I still have a Terrier outstanding from the same day- and presumably fewer staff than normal are in due to Covid issues (though to be fair I don't know that for a fact). Les
  6. In general works grey portraits survived until the C.M.E. (or the appropriate assistant) was satisfied that the film being used for the portrait was good enough to capture the required detail on an engine painted in livery. This was different from railway to railway, and there were reversions during World war 2 as photographic film became more difficult to obtain. There were also overlaps where the same engine had works grey then the photograph was repeated in livery - and occasionally more than once if someone spotted a livery error. Not that the GWR would ever have admitted to such a thin
  7. A lot of bits done but nothing constructional to photograph - yet.. The latest toy has arrived- reflecting a favourite from Furtwangen Ost. Yes- a Glaskastern. I'm not sure yet what this will pull up the hill, but there is a pair of old four wheelers and a beer van to test it with. At the moment it is still working its new lubrication into places needed so it is a bit iffy- the chip is also set to an incredible length of coasting, which I'm going to have to reduce to almost zero. Just for a change, a couple of views of the business side. I'm
  8. Yes, our models are more simply made and with a lot fewer features to keep the price down- then we bellyache incessantly they aren't good enough. Some quote about cake? Les
  9. There were three with GPCS. The RMWeb Yellow peril No.65 Black NCB Backworth No.4 Weathered maroon NCB Peckfield unnumbered. Hope this helps. Les
  10. More trees done, though you would be hard put to work out where. I've got a parcel apparently arriving tomorrow afternoon from DMToys with a lot of small industrial bits to add in around the brewery- pipe runs to the tanks will let me make up my mind where to site them. There will be more of the concrete wall panels, though I'm not sure if I'll need a third pack. Two container wagons arrived at the weekend, and there should be another one in the DMToys shipment tomorrow. I've sorted out some mechanical problems with the container wagon at the
  11. Encouraging to know they are still throwing shipping containers around even during the pandemic.....
  12. Some of the latest trees have manifested themselves on the bank at the front of the layout. Still a lot to do here. Friday 13th continued into Saturday 14th with niggling technical issues shortening the productive day. However the OBB Taurus is now in service and some more container flats have arrived together with a pack of forest animals to hide among the trees while I can still reach the spots I want them... The OBB Taurus before its pantograph has been sorted and the front coupling changed for a buckeye. All for now.
  13. Friday the Thirteenth... Yes, those are Christmas lights.... A tube failure in the workshop has left one end quite dark. Is there a replacement fluorescent tube to be had in Newark? No, and nobody has any idea when they might be back in stock. As a trial I connected up one half of the lighting rig for Croft Spa, and that gave a half-decent illumination. Temporary solution, a string of Christmas lights- 1000 of them. Collectively not at all bright. Still, they'll have to do until fluorescent tubes are back in stock and I can get someone tall enough to
  14. That is more recent than my conversation with Andy. Hopefully they might go on to do a G5 if the wheels remain small. Les
  15. They were undersize. However I can quote directly from Andy that he was looking to get correct sized wheels in as far as possible, and also that he was definitely going for a full retool. While the wheel size might well be less than prototypical when the model appears- plastic or metal splashers will still be a long way thicker than scale- the new model will be completely retooled. That was the reason for spending so much time on design and CAD...... I don't think those parameters will have changed since my chat with him at Chirk in October 2019. Les
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