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  1. Les1952


    The rest of the long embankment I'm running out of suitable bits of sprue to use as a frame, but any undulations in the final plaster can always be disguised with bits of rock and trees. Balsa at the end for when the boards are separated. More glaciation. I thought that as the rocks in the Hollental just to the South are very dark I'd try a couple of bits of charcoal to make sticking-out rock faces. They are a little too black and a bit flaky so I'll seal them with matt varnish laced with a tiny amount of grey-brown paint to get them more of a slate colour. They do have the advantage of being lighter than the surrounding plaster. Base green on. As all of this lot will be under the static grass I'm not all that bothered about it being too dark a shade of green. Area in front of the track also painted, and lots of plaster drips to get rid of when I ballast and weather the rails. At the other end I've started the panels for the fascia. I'll do these in A4 length pieces largely as each one is different at the top to the ones either side of it. The next one along will be the hardest to cut. Static grassing next, then a long spasm of ballasting and rail painting to make Fleischmann track look completely unlike Fleischmann track (if possible). Les
  2. Les1952


    A couple of details Wires under the girder bridge, showing that a lot of rusty paint is needed together with ballast, but also showing the rocks by the bridge pier- if you need smallish rocks in N-gauge what better to use than actual stone? These are perhaps a little on the light side, so this type of stone will remain confined to this area. I've found an area where the field path has had ex-demolition hardcore dropped onto it to fill in muddy potholes. There are small slate and marble pieces at the surface to be foraged.... A precaution after a coach ended up on the floor. It had become detached from a train and remained out of sight until I bumped the layout. Both ends now have plastic angle added. Eventually the ends will be screened but there is a lot of work to do first. All for tonight. The grassy bank along the front is done, pics in the next post or two... Les
  3. Les1952


    As promised, pictures of the Einstein Taurus. Not yet given a spin round the layout as the track has been covered with firstly plaster splatters, then paint splatters, then static grass escapements. In the same way as most newer special liveries it is different on the two sides. Slightly more of a concern is that the replacement chip (a Zimo direct fit) arrived this morning, went into the BR141, programmed satisfactorily then failed to get the motor to spin. The oversized chip I tried in got the thing to move so I think I just need a higher current (ie Fleischmann original) chip, which are manufactured for them by Zimo. It can wait for the next order to Modellbahn Union, who have them in stock. Les
  4. Les1952


    As threatened, the 14 second video of the first train under the wires with the pantograph touching. pantograph does run clear at one point as the class 141 has less travel than some of the other locos. The 141 has since gone out of service as its chip has given up - an internal short means it is on full quasi- DC and the programming track just says it is a short. Replacement chip on the way from Digitrains. Given the 1 in 25 gradient the 141 won't be in charge of three coaches in service... Meanwhile the Einstein Taurus has arrived, photos later. Les
  5. Les1952


    Very many thanks, gents. The signal still won't show those aspects as it requires another switch or two to make it happen - and I can't imagine that many punters even noticing it let alone asking what it means. If the experience on Furtwangen Ost is anything to go by I can remember only one punter in 16 shows asking what the signal was in the station (a distant). Only one update tonight- the overhead has marched under the girder bridge and reached the tunnel mouth at the front. There is a video of the 141 on test but I've not got round to putting it on YouTube yet. Link later if I actually remember to load it... The zig-zag path missed the masts.... Les
  6. Les1952


    SIGNALS DONE I wired up the panel on the workbench, leaving a goodly length of white wire for each signal aspect. Then I discovered two things about the home with distant. 1. the home can display an amber aspect with the green, indicating pass at low speed (the same as the ones at the other end)- this meant adding another switch. 2. The prototype of the distant can not only display two ambers (next signal at red), and two greens (next signal at green) but one of each- which is "fahrt mit Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung enwarten", which is beyond my technical German. I ignored this aspect and grouped the lamps to show in pairs only. The eight leads coming down from the signal - the one on the left (green to two wires via a diode) is the common return, one wire to each signal head. Note the three each of green and amber- which are identical- a little amount of playing was needed to sort out which is which - the paired ones are the distant signal. One possible set of aspects for these. The loop shows red while the main shows green and the distant also shows green- the pair. The yellow andf black wasp stripes are the back of the ground signal for the factory. The ground signal showing red. The white aspects are at 45 degrees. Next job is to finish the overhead in the valley and get the tunnel mouth installed. More later. Arrivals are a pair of Tauruses (Tauri?) In 2008 when Austria was hosting the European Cup the OBB painted (or more likely vinyled) a Taurus in a special livery for each of the participating teams, plus one for the competition. The two I have are both analogue only- they will become frankenmonsters in due course as I get hold of DCC chassis for them and sell the older chassis with newer bodies. There is an Einstein Taurus also due- the Bregentalbahn has obviously been hiring in some unusual motive power recently. Les
  7. Les1952


    I spent some time yesterday evening watching a drivers-eye video of the Hollentalbahn on YouTube. Very interesting. Some points struck me - 1. the rocks around the area are largely darker than I've collected stones so far- the next foraging for stones will need to be for darker ones. 2. The trees are a bigger variety than I've got so far- including the dreaded bog-brush firs. The colour is a little lighter than the Woodland scenics pines, about the same as the cheapo Chinese ones I got. 3. There is a lot of vegetation very close to the track, and in 2011 a lot in places growing ON the track- perhaps some static grass in places as in Furtwangen's tramway of Hawthorn Dene's colliery line- useful to know. Grass might be better than ballast at hiding splodges of stray plaster. 4. for a 2011 video the train engine (or at least the one on the front) is a turquoise & beige class 139. The two trains passed were both topped and tailed by class 143 in Ruhr area livery- two 4000hp locos on a 4-coach train. That is useful to know as it does allow me to have 2 coach trains as prototypical- now if I can just get topping and tailing to work reliably.... Definitely things to think about. The Hollentalbahn is a bit steeper than my Bregtalbahn (1 in 16 against 1 in 25) but the principles are fairly similar as it is the next major valley to the South.. SOME PROGRESS With railway club restarting, weekly shopping and getting a haircut (an hours wait but worth it) not a lot done. One interesting (to me therefore boring to anyone else) aside is that last time I went to the barber just before lockdown I'd drawn cash and paid him with the first note out of the wallet. Today I paid him with the next note out of the wallet - 14 weeks on.... The overhead is now advancing down the valley with rigorous testing using classes 110.3, 104, 141, 142, 193 and the Kaiser Taurus to check functionality and alignment- the 141 first as it is the most forgiving. Static grass on the bank and both sides of the line on the incline. Not yet vacuumed up as the vacuum cleaner needs its battery charging and is refusing to play until it has decided it has been given a full charge. Now the wires are in and pantographs are following them I've put in the view blocker for the back of the valley. Plenty of trees needed here to try to darken the approach. Punter's eye view from the front looking over the vioaduct. the "how I did it" pic- 3mm ply glued to the back of the riser and a piece of timber at this end with a printout of part of the Black Forest Pritt-stuck to it. More later- next instalment should be the signals at the factory end of the station. Les
  8. Les1952


    MORE GLACIATION ... and I've run out of plaster bandage, a shopping task for the weekly shop- call in at Access Models to see if Steve has any, or if not pay through the nose at Hill's art shop. the whole section to the baseboard join plastered. I'll not paint right to the end just yet so that I can go across the join with the colour once the other side is done- and that won't be until after I've wired in the rest of the signals. Looking the other way- the last roll I had in stock was a bit coarser than the others- this one is a Hobbycraft roll, the others unbranded ones off eBay bought when our local shops were all locked down. I've gone onto the front panel a little- there will be a plywood facing applied once all the messy stuff is done. At the end of the embankment by the bridge abutments I've embedded some real stone, which when foilaged, should actually look like stone outcrops (he says hopefully) There didn't seem a lot of point in painting the girder bridge while I could still get white splodges on it, Latest arrivals from China are some smaller tag strips - remarkably quick to come as they claimed a delivery in September for them... Also some cheapo pine trees. When straightened and planted they will look all right mixed in the woodland in the background. I'm still thinking of ways of getting the Woodland Scenics trees to look better. MORE COLOUR Looks better than white - just- now ready for some static grass to be applied. All for now. Les
  9. Les1952


    I tested it before gluing it in place- everything passes with a millimetre or so to spare. That "shunting head" is a distant signal. It shows two greens for next ahead clear, or two ambers for next ahead not clear. As I discovered this one having each lamp wired separately the top can show amber plus green and the distant below can show one green and one amber, which the book says is "Fahrt mit Geschwindigkeitesbegrenzung erwarten" So there! It has eight connections to wire up, deep joy to come.... I have also discovered that the amber on the stop signal is for the display Hp2, or pass at 30km/h, ie a shunting signal. So green + amber at the bridge end will allow me to use the viaduct as a headshunt provided I ignore that there should then be two more lights on the viaduct itself for the return movement. In the mean time, now I don't need to wire behind it, the sub-frame for the next area of plaster has been stuck into place, together with some real stones around the ends of the girder bridge. Short progress tonight- the next batch of pics need resizing and a little cropping so will go up later.. Les
  10. Les1952


    FIRST SIGNALS WIRED IN The two starter signals at the bridge end of the station are now wired in- and working. The loop signal wired up first- this took the whole day as the complete gubbins had to be figured out and wired back to the 18V ac input to the layout - nothing sophisticated like using DCC or computers to do it - I had enough of programming teaching electronics then computer studies and finally ICT for 37 years- not to mention 37 years of teaching physics.... The first signal at stop and at go. These are wired to a centre-off DPDT switch so I can switch it out when playing or test running. However, using a second switch there is an amber aspect on the signal. The signal at this position should only show red or green. In the position I've put the signals here they shouldn't be able to show amber. It is an on-off lamp and It will remain off most of the time. I MAY be tempted to use it as a signal to draw forward onto the bridge to reverse onto the other track and hope nobody notices...... The second lamp has been planted ready for wiring in. This one controls the main line- the other the loop. German signals are situated to the right of the line. Again it is a start signal but has an amber aspect it should not display in this position - a consequence of buying two of the wrong signal and only finding what I SHOULD have bought when I opened the free book on German N-gauge trains DM Toys sent in the parcel with the signals. The pair together- a train is signalled to leave the main line and head down the valley while the loop is held at red. Wiring in the second signal took about an hour as the switch feed and common return from the signals had already been wired in. Lastly, the first signal for the other end is now wired in. This will control the exit from the main station line for trains going down the hill past the brewery. Note it is two signals on one post. The lower one is a distant. Wiring this one in can wait until after the next scenic bash while I make the switch panel for this board and get a set of control wires and a common power feed wired to the back of them, this time BEFORE I fasten it down so all I have to do at this end is pass wired through the board top and connect them at the far end- which will be a lot quicker - he says hopefully. All of the wiring on the viaduct board is now done so I can get on with the embankment at the front. Next instalment- more icebergs........ Les
  11. That K1 with the bashed cab looks interesting... Les
  12. Getting the 4MT to run without locking up every time it comes within half a mile of a speck of dust is going to be fun. Farish reckoned they didn't have lockup problems with tender drives- which presumably is why they moved to putting the motor in the engine.......
  13. Les1952


    I've just looked back at the date the boards arrived - MAY 18th. That means all this lot has been done in six weeks. ...... no wonder some of it looks scruffy. By comparison Furtwangen Ost took me a bit over six months to build, Hawthorn Dene and NO PLACE about eighteen months apiece, and Croft Spa nearly two years. Just for the sake of completeness, the other Frankenmonster. Chassis a Hobbytrain E110.3 originally red. Body off an earlier, analogue only E110.3. The red body on the analogue chassis sold very quickly on eBay. The Red 141 on an analogue chassis also got a bid quickly. So why I can't I get a bidder for a brand new Minitrix 139 in green that is DCC compatable but not compliant? Les
  14. Les1952


    TREES AND GRASS The trees here and the start of grassing round the big house have the advantage of hiding creases in the backscene (smoke and mirrors but green) and making a start on sorting out ground levels. More grass done and a zig-zag path is starting to appear leading up to the house- it will need an occupation crossing (or the German equivalent) at the bottom of the hill, though sod's law says that a mast will appear in the middle of the path.... Some more grass of the loose static and the clumpy static varieties going in around the bottom of the viaduct, though there is still a lot of work needed to get it looking good. Some more white to remove around and under the arch. BREWERY SURFACE The two trees on the right have been stuck down while the single one on the left is a trial fit- there is still some ground work to do at that end before the buildings and trees are stuck down. The ballast is stuck down and is level. Next here is to put an end on the wall and extend the line of it with security fencing- I have some left over from Furtwangen Ost, though it might not be enough. ANOTHER NEW ARRIVAL I bought an ocean blue and beige 141 secondhand on eBay. Although listed as DCC I got it a price that screamed "Analogue" at me- and the catalogue number was that of an analogue one. On arrival it is analogue. I already have a red one, but never saw red 141s in service. Plans A and B were best described as follows- A- swap the bodies and sell an analogue chassis with a newer red body (already done with a Hobbytrain 110.3) B- keep both On arrival it is analogue, so Plan A it is. So here is Frankenmonster II. It just needs me to get round to replacing the red crests with blue ones. Next job is to get the first two signals wired in. Les
  15. Les1952


    A LAYER OF COLOUR Not the best colour but a decent bed for the static grass and for the house to sit on. THE BESPOKE TREE This is a bespoke pine that I got for the front of the woodland. It looks OK but at £7 per tree I'm not sure there will be any more. I'll just add more detail to the Woodland Scenics ones ath the front- some variation in trunk colour and a little lightening towards the top. VISITOR WD 90098 of the Croft Spa fleet was on the work bench for a minor service (lubricating the valve gear and wheel cleaning) so I thought I'd give it a trial round the layout. With three beer vans in tow it managed the clockwise circuit without derailing but struggled with the 1 in 25 on a curve. Anticlockwise (the opposite way to the pic) it derailed on the three-way point and couldn't pull its train round the bend by the brewery - that bit is 1 in 25 on a radius 1 bend at one point. Just as well most of the fleet are heavy Bo-Bo electrics with traction tyres... MORE NEW ARRIVALS A pair of Arnold centre-entrance coaches, though there are two of the blue and beige composites. These arrived with a Bm234 by Fleischmann in green, a Roco parcels van and another pair of wagons. The turquoise and beige coaches at the head of a rake hauled by a turquoise and beige Class 110. Unfortunately they don't like staying coupled to it..... I feel some modifications coming on. The view of the viaduct is improving, though the station area is still waiting for me to find suitable buildings. The post this morning brought the tag strips I've been after, so the signals can now be wired in.. But first some grass to do by the big house. Les
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