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  1. 2 hours ago, bluedepot said:

    maybe they should check them thoroughly in china before shipping them half way around the world... 




    DJ Models were the only one I know of where it was claimed that stuff was checked individually - and that was done in China after assembly and before boxing, thus failing to catch packaging errors and things shaken apart in transit.  The cost of getting Dave out to China and back for this to happen no doubt helped DJM's insolvency to increase.......


    Just a thought



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  2. 20211001_142805.jpg.a27e47c2be9e9106474875305c790ab2.jpg


    Last train tested on Monday and into the box ready.  The J39 is spare engine for most things.  The J25 alternates with the other J25 or the J26 on the Richmond and Catterick Camp coal train - hence the brake van next to the tender as it has to reverse when it gets to Catterick Bridge.




    Tony has been round this morning and the car is now loaded to go off to Aldershot for Farnham MRC's show this weekend.






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  3. On 04/10/2021 at 12:43, The Stationmaster said:

    'Sold extremely well'  can mean many different things.   It certainly looks as if the GT3 first batch sold out so in that respect it clearly sold extremely well and was obviously profitable for them but we don't know how many were made.  Going back a good few decades a Hornby model was regarded as 'selling well' if it sold in excess of 10,000 examples but nowadays many models of locos in particular rarely exceed a couple of thousand and Hornby's first hi-fi Southern electric unit definitely 'sold out' but only 750 were made for the first release.




    In N-gauge Dapol's A3s had a first production run of 300 per identity.  I still have my copy of the production spreadsheet sent by the then "Dapol Dave" for double checking of the identities .....  (and my annoyance with myself for failing to spot one had the wrong dome...)



  4. On a layout with perhaps four years life before it retires (Croft Spa) can I justify the outlay for a nine coach Tees-Tyne Pullman rake?


    Especially as a year after Hawthorn Dene was retired and sold on the three Hunslet shunters I ordered for it many moons ago still haven't arrived........




  5. The layout has been set up on its trestles ready for Farnham show in 16 days time.


    Quite a few large spiders evicted and a lot of cobwebs cleared out BUT everything works- and worked first time of asking.  It does help that the electrics are shared with the other two layouts...


    Trains are being assembled and run, and all stock marked with track, position in train, and an arrow pointing forwards- at least the passenger stock.  I'll simplify it for the goods stock.


    Both Deltics, four A4s, two A1s, one each A2 and A3 and both Ivatt 2MTs serviced so far and all run their assigned trains without a hint of a derailment.  Mr Simon is bringing his 4-car class 108 so that will mean one other train fewer to sort.  I've ditched the oil train as too problematical and will run the limestone empties as a replacement, probably a J39 or WD but maybe the crab.  The Sonic 56xx will make an occasional Northbound light engine appearance.  




    Picture mostly to remind me what it looks like....


    Newsflash.  Our new show manager mark wants it for South Notts Show next April.



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  6. On 20/09/2021 at 10:18, The Stationmaster said:

    OT of course but if Yeoman had gone ahead with their early idea to purchase a fleet of refurbished1000s/Class 52s from BR they could imaginatively have ended up in a livery rather like that.  




    and RMWebbers would have called it wrong in droves......



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  7. Pictures from an exhibition....


    Don't you just love a classical misquote when feeling bilious.


    It was Coalville show this weekend.  Nice venue, friendly people, new show.  Their first show and it went quite well.  Attendance in line with South Notts show 2 weeks earlier, and they covered their costs.  Very many thanks to Jason and Laura for the invitation and hospitality.




    The layout as set up in a room they seem to mainly use for yoga and similar.




    More bits are appearing in the widget factory yard and elsewhere.  Note the dog watering the ladder.




    112 257 climbs up the front and crosses the girder bridge




    ... then has to wait for signals at the top..




    before continuing its journey East passing under the girder bridge.


    Knackered- early bath and bed tonight.




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  8. On 16/09/2021 at 13:33, Bishdurham said:

    How do you know it was easily accessible to someone else?  Would they not have looked there and got their answer if it was?  From the comments on this thread it appears some are more interested in nit picking than helping a fellow human enjoy the hobby.


    One click from the question five or six posts back in the same topic is the glaring example that shouts out every time I see this argument thrown back......



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  9. It is at this point in the availability cycle that I am extremely grateful that with one of my two exhibition roundy-roundies (Hawthorn Dene) sold, and the club roundy-roundy (Rise Park) that I supplied my remaining analogue locos to also sold I have quite a substantial overstock of N-gauge and don't really need to buy any more- do I still need 5 each of J39 and WD for instance?


    I will replace a couple of Mark 1s or Gresleys with Thompsons when they finally appear in the appropriate livery (assuming I've not tired of Croft Spa by then and sold it on).  My 3 NGS Hunslets on order are too late for Hawthorn Dene but 2 will run as a light engines  plus brake pair on Croft Spa (the prototypes were delivered to NCB Springwell under their own power) while the third will be Werklok 5 on Bregenbach im Schwarzwald.  I have no more  UK N gauge stock planned, though I might just be tempted by a Sonic J50.


    My next project is back to OO, provisionally an 8X2 Gumstump.  Maybe by the time that one is finished (2 more years) there may be some new N gauge to get sufficiently excited about to trigger another N gauge layout.....





  10. 10 hours ago, Bishdurham said:

    I thought this website was a conduit to inform and exchange views.  If somebody asks a question and somebody else knows the answer, why can't they just write a reply?


    On quite a few occasions when writing a reply to a question I've had to look up the answer in a location that was very well signposted and easily accessible to the person who asked the question.



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  11. 39 minutes ago, Colin_McLeod said:


    But some non-users of Facebook on RMweb (not necessarily your good self) go on to complain that they are missing some information and expect Facebook users to inform them of the details they can't be bothered finding out for themselves by checking said Facebook page   (signing in if necessary).


    I'm not a Twitter user but my local bus company is.  It uses Twitter to give up to the minute news about serious traffic issues delaying the service.  As my phone doesn't handle well the bus tracker app they also use (due to display issues) I have bookmarked the Twitter feed so if the bus home is late appearing I can see if there is a reason.  Twice I've been able to go for a cuppa having discovered the bus I've expected has been involved in an accident and that as a result there won't be a bus until the next hour.   The operator's garage is  near the home end of the route about 50 mins away from the far end.


    No different in principle to bookmarking a manufacturer's Facebook page to get the updates by periodically looking at it.  You don't have to be a Facebook user or have a Facebook account to do that.


    As an aside, why do people insist in driving their cars into the nearside of a bus I'm intending to catch on its next journey?   That has happened to me twice.....




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  12. 15 hours ago, Ficksberglion said:

    A couple of pics of the real 65817 looking rather less than "out of the box". Getting away from a signal check at Hartlepool.




    WEST Hartlepool.  The towns of Hartlepool and West Hartlepool amalgamated on 1st April 1967, about a month before 65817 was withdrawn from Sunderland shed, so it is much more likely the towns were still separate at the time of the photo.  


    This is West Hartlepool station (swampy territory).   Hartlepool (the monkey hangers) had a separate station on the headland.  West Hartlepool was built on reclaimed marshland- sailing ships had to travel in ballast if they had no cargo to stop them being blown over.  If a returning collier from London the ballast was Thames clay.  When the railway first reached Hartlepool the land to the South was marshy.  When empty colliers arrived at the docks to take away the coal (newly delivered by train) Ralph Ward Jackson and other directors of the railway used to offer to take away the ballast for a fee, and tipped it into the marshes.  Once this had settled the town of West Hartlepool was built on it- hence the natives being referred to as swampies.


    At the time I lived there (1973-1979) supporters of the two rugby clubs, and I suspect a lot of others besides, used the two nicknames freely.




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  13. I picked up my sound-fitted 65817 at South Notts Show from Sherwood Models on Saturday.  Neil said he had not had time to look at mine but all of the non-sound locos of this number he had opened had pickups rubbing the back of the spokes on one side.  He told me how to adjust them - I think he had been doing the ones they were selling through the shop though I may be wrong.


    However when I opened the box all pickups bar one were correctly aligned, and the one that was off was only a millimetre out- I adjusted it anyway.  Sounds good on the short test track.  I'll take it to the club on Thursday night to give it a longer run.


    As threatened here is a pic with my earlier 65817 perched on the tender...




    This one will be weathered and get lamps and a crew in due course.  probably not long before NO PLACE goes out again.


    All the very best





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    View from behind the layout- we were up on the balcony.



    the layout set up with Geoff Warren in blue and Gary Tabener in green as main operators- I was "Mr Fix It" for the weekend- as newly retired show manager I was thought to be the only one who knew what needed doing and how to do it or who to ask..


    In the background can just be seen Tony Wright  on the stand next door.


    Colin Head of Merg was on the stand just behind Tony and he brought round his little video truck. It does show one or two places where unfinished bits need a bit of work, but over all the layout survives.  The bumping is die to the camera being on a long wheelbase 4-wheel truck being propelled by a loco- I think there are only two with couplings on the front......




    The other news- we won the Favourite Layout trophy as voted on by the paying public.  No pic on the layout as it was presented with 2 mins to go before the show closed.  I'll try to get a pic of it on my bookcase.


    No repairs to do, just one loco to reprogram.  I can leave the layout boxed up and put the N gauge test oval on the top to get Croft Spa's locos ready for Farnham's show in Oct.  This one goes out in 2 weeks to Coalville and there isn't room to erect Croft Spa until after that.



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  15. 1 hour ago, andyram said:

    Definitely a nice show with a good range of layouts. Bacon cobs were welcome and delicious. Definitely well looked after as a trader today. Looking forward to tomorrow. 


    We do our best-


    Could do with a few more punters, though....




    View from the balcony - shows the one-way arrows  A2B Models centre right with back to Starlight Models.  Newton Folly is the biggest layout there.




    Winner of the Trevor Webster Trophy ( best layout)  was Gareth Harbottle's Hazleby Ballast loader




    Bregenbach im Schwarzwald with Geoff Warren in blue and Gary Taberner in green.  I actually got to play with my own trains for about 20 minutes at one point...



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